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Curious About Rent To Own Homes In Fort Lauderdale Metro Area

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Curious About Rent To Own Homes In Fort Lauderdale Metro Area

954-275-4285 www.FloridaRentToOwnHomes.com Let us show you how we work and how rent to own will work for you

Some think Your only choice is to Rent or Own. We know there is a third option that is to rent to own your next home.
Florida Rent To Own Homes gives you the best of both worlds in Fort Lauderdale Florida Metro area.

When you rent a home, you are paying for a place to live. You are not in control of your home, your life. You landlord is in control.

When you become a homeowner, you are back in control.

These have advantages and disadvantages. Our solution is a place between renting and owning. A person who wants to become a homeowner but their credit doesn’t allow for it can decide to choose Florida Rent To Own Homes in the Fort Lauderdale Metro Area instead.

Here’s how it works…

First, you apply to get a home from

Next, we evaluate your credit and income, and in consultation, with our mortgage and credit professionals, we decide what price range you best fit in.

Thirdly we find you a house that matches your qualifications.

Fourth we come to an agreement with you for an agreed monthly rent, length of contract and a total purchase price upfront.

You pay the down payment and rental move in money, then you can move in the same day if you like.

Finally, within the period we agreed on you will exercise your option to purchase get your new mortgage and you are now a homeowner.

Log into FloridaRentToOwnHomes.com apply today

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