My wife and I purchased a Novaform 14 inch Comfort Grande Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress on November 14 2016. Within a year it it started to become uncomfortable, it started to sag in the middle and we decided to exchange it for a Sleep Science 10 inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress. The reason why we went with the Sleep Science was, we had slept on one at a friends home and woke up the next morning without any aches and pains. It also felt like a more expensive Tempurpedic so the choice was easy.

Thanks to Costco’s generous return policy, we were able to return the Novaform and get the Sleep science. We have been sleeping on it a week and a half as of doing this post and both of us cannot be any happier.

UPDATE: Thanks to Hector’s comment it prompted me to return to my channel and update this. After a year this bed also started to sag. We are now using a Tempurpedic which we love. Thanks again to Costco’s generous return policy, we did not get stuck with another saggy mattress.

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