Cordage Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

Like a knife, cordage is handy to have in a number of situations. It can be used to climb something steep, hang clothes, tie down shelter, make fishing line, trap triggers, and more. Some cordage, like Paracord, can bare up to 550 pounds, making it useful for an emergency rappel.

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Hi guys welcome back to this video um so I’m on Our seventh Item to add to the wilderness survival Kit so the seventh item will be cordage So like a knife cordage is handy to have In a number of situations um it can be Used uh to climb something steep Hang clothes Tie down shelter Make 59 strap triggers and more so some Cordage like a paracord can be can bear Up to 550 pounds making it useful for any Emergency repel So i’m gonna show you five Um Websites where you can actually buy a Paracord or a cordage so we have here You can see here the cordage here It’s called survivor cord It’s called survival cord so there are Different types of Survival cord here Also what i like about it is you can Actually Choose the design of the cord if that Still matters For you so just go ahead and click and See which one you like so this one is Nine 42.99 Eight cents this one’s 34.98 And the rest are like the same price

34.98 They have um This is for 500 foot um this is 134.98 And so there’s a lot of um Choices here different types of chords Here Or cordage and just have to read it like For example if you click on this one Okay Uh here This is 100 foot and it says i’m Disappointed at times when i receive a Product not this time shipment arrived Quickly and just as Advertised which is great so this is 40 To 98 Different types of colors and design All right And Uh it says you’re the ultimate survival Tool which is correct Um So There’s a lot of details here and if you Just want just read about it And there are like product features here Like Uh patented next-gen paracord Uh 110-pound kevlar utility line Waxed uh Tinder braided fishing line And the product specs are here as well Like the length The total weight

The fishing line strength Core diameter like that So you can also compare chords like that See And if you have any questions just click This one as well Shipping it’s Free domestic shipping Valid on us retail orders only And international shipping We have carriers We use the following cars to deliver our Orders usps ups fedex You can also track your orders if you Ordered one Um Back orders if an item goes back Goes on back order we will ship you the Part of your order that is in stock so You have to read this just in case There is also a return policy you offer They offer 100 satisfaction guarantee or Your money back there you go I’ll reserve the right to cancel and Refund any order at any time for any Reason okay So there’s like customer claims and Return packages okay The warranty here it’s a lifetime Guarantee and Just register a product here All right and the customer reviews it’s Five Star reviews based on 102 reviews which

Is great I used this Kevlar Thread to To fix A brake on a tent pole and i worked Again Good survival power cord a bit stiffer Than usual power cores but strong and Functional besides it is an actual Survival kit in itself So that is a good one So yeah if you want to search more about Their products About the power cord or the cordage Um Just Look in here So many Items available All right next we have um samson rope Um As you can see here there’s like The construction the product and fiber So if you’re more into those details Just Look in here and if you’re like familiar With it then just go ahead and search um I i tried this to put buy now so i can See the price a while ago but it doesn’t Include the price so yeah i just want You to just go ahead and Um search more a little bit about Samsung but if you’re more into the the

The details like is it a double braid is It an eight strand is it a twelve strand This is the the page that you wanna look Into Okay Solid free double braid nylon polyester And so on so this is a great one if You’re really Nitty gritty about the details all right That is samsung rope Next up we have the And this is their survival cord They have the battle court here it’s Twelve dollars between twelve Dollars to twenty dollars So there’s a lot of um Choices here Okay Monocolor that it’s free shipping so if You click on that one There you go it is it has a five star Review Um for like six reviews here Okay it’s still loading all right so This is the best chord battle cord is The toughest cord we offers with a Uh Tensile strength of 2650 pounds So here are the details this is a seven Strand core collar will not run or bleed Made in usa 350 pounds per core And testosterone strength is two

Thousand six hundred fifty pounds or one Thousand 1202 Kilograms and it’s um 5.6 millimeters Diameter So the reviews here says i love the rope Many ways to use to use the rope over And over camping this is a great power Cord it is sturdy and shipping arrived Well as well since we are in lockdown as Well i would recommend this product to Anyone Asked to subscribe very happy thank you For the fast service so it’s a they have A good review which is great uh so this Is um again depends on the length If you want 50 feet or 100 feet so That’s 12 59 220 99 Again that is paracord Planet All right next up we have they have also um power Cords here Um it’s like seven millimeters double Braid accessory cord And so on so there’s a lot of um There’s a lot of types of ropes here i’m Not familiar with it but just for An example just click on that and you Can see the price It says here it’s uh the weight is three Pounds Diameter is seven millimeters strength Is two thousand three hundred seventy

Seventy pounds construction is double Braid copper is polyester and the core Is also polyester so you can actually um Buy A different types of size Uh depends on your needs so it’s 100 Feet 200 feet and 500 feet so again it Depends on the the length and the price Range is 36.99 to 115.99 So you can see the details here It should There you go So yep that’s what it looks like and if You want Red orange yellow blue black quantity And add to cart and you’re good to go so That is the pelican rope there’s a lot Of different types of ropes here again Just shop depend depending on your needs Or your specifications All right next but not the least we have The survival gear Dot u s um they have different types of Cords here as well you can see here the Fire cord is for 100 feet the color is Black red it’s 37.99 so this is all sold out So again there’s a lot of different Types of ropes here and you can just go Ahead and click on next if you want to Search for more More handy if you want There you go

There’s a lot of sold out items here You can see that So for example uh we want the power cord 325 million orange just click on that One and you will see Uh the details here it’s 7.95 And This is the description And the reviews so so far they have Nowhere to be set for this product but Yeah as you can see here You can contact them as well And That is for survival Gear all right so if ever we have like Shipping return policies Uh Questions this you can click on this one And if you wanted some recommended gear Click on this one as well All right so again for the cordage we Have survival gear Dot u s we have pelican we have We have samsung Uh yeah about again this one is great Because it’s more uh detailed you can See the products here like is it for General cordage is it like for safety And rescue utility something like that So it depends on your needs And specifications and last but not Least here it is um so yeah thank you so Much for watching this video and i hope To see you on to the next one bye