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What a nice Cool Club review! Huge thanks for that!

We believe there’s no need to try and trick people into thinking that your service is worth something. All you need to do is put effort into making it the best, and people will show their appreciation.
That’s what happened here. And with each new Cool.Club review, we’re reassured that we’re on the right path.

We’ve been working since 2005. During this time, we’ve managed to grow a large and loyal client base. Our writers have written more than 2.6 million pages in orders and earned over 10 million dollars.
It’s up to each writer to decide how much they want to work. As well as what orders to pick. For instance, our top three writers made over $100,000 each. All without any pressure, working with a flexible schedule that suits them. Our clients know how to be grateful, and if the job is done with excellence and on time—it’s very likely that they’ll leave a tip for the writer.

And we encourage that kind of attitude, too. That’s why every freelance writer that wants to work for us passes a short test. Test results give us an idea of how skilled a writer is, and whether or not they will be able to deliver high-quality work.

Once you’re on our team—you won’t regret joining. Cool.Club reviews from other writers prove it. You can head over to our Facebook page ( to check them out!

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