Complete Animation Workflow (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)


From writing a script to animating keyframes, this longform tutorial goes deep into every stage of the process for creating an animated “explainer” style video with a cartoon narrator character. So this is a behind the scenes look at how I created the recent “Game Subscriptions Are the Future” video ( ). We’ll record and edit the audio in Audition, build our character in Photoshop, rig and animate him in Character Animator, and finally composite everything together in After Effects.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Part 1: Writing & Recording the Script
12:26 Part 2: Creating Your Character
26:46 Part 3: Rigging for Animation
50:21 Part 4: Performance Recording & Editing
1:23:27 Part 5: Supplemental Asset Creation
1:27:08 Part 6: Compositing in After Effects
1:34:23 Part 7: Animating in After Effects
1:48:10 Part 8: Render & Review
1:53:25 Outro

Narrator Dave puppet:
Audio Library:
Arm IK Tutorial:
Advanced Rigging: Leeta:
The Noun Project:

Download Character Animator:
Get free puppets: (official adobe puppets) / (okay samurai puppet pack)
Check out the official forums:
Share your creations on social media with #CharacterAnimator!

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