Compass Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Compass – This may seem old school, but when your phone or GPS batteries die, a compass is the best way to determine your direction.

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Hi guys and welcome to this video and we Will we will be talking about our ninth Item for our 11 vital items to include In your survival pack so the ninth item That we are going to talk about is Compass so This may seem old school But when your phone or gps batteries die A compass is the best way to determine Your direction so i guess it’s a one of The most Must have Um With you in your survival Kit especially if you’re taking Um If you’re in a camping or hiking this is Really really important so Again i’ll be showing you five um Websites where you can actually buy good Compasses for your survival kit all Right first up is santo or sunto They have here Different types of compasses here It’s really great it’s really handy Again we are talking about This List Of 11 Vital items for your survival kit is Most of them are handy so i’m showing You most of most of the items here are Handy so So it’s easier for you to put it in your

Um Bag or in your purse to be exact So Yeah this is a this is a must All right so i’m showing you handy Compasses here well mostly of the Compasses are handy so yeah this is Great they have different kinds of um Compasses here they have the santo sk8 M9 Uh velco strap this is good it’s like if You strap it like As a watch so it’s just great Um this one is The g mirror compass Nh mirror compass So If you click on that one Here So you want to compare this to this Just click on Compare Here and then click compare Over there To see and compare the two products Um highlight differences or show only The differences for example i just want To know about you know Show only the differences so here Are the differences so this is 75 grams This is 74 grams But in weight Um balance for nor northern hemisphere This is compass and doesn’t show

Anything here Needle sun sub global needle this is a High grade steel Globally balanced check this is not Checked compass accuracy this is 2 Degrees this is 2.5 degrees So You will know That that is already the Difference Between the two so that’s what i like About cento you can actually compare Items here Or products For example we click on that one So you can see here if you scroll down There will be there is a key features And specifications Product highlights here there you go Compatible products reviews and support There you go If you want to see it in different Angles This is what it looks like so just go Ahead and click buy now if you want to Buy it So there you go that is next Up we have compass store this is made in The usa um there is also like prices Included here Msrp is 76 our price 69.95 So What i like about this is it’s very Versatile compasses

Uh different types of compasses as well It you have like a necklace compass here Stylish but you know it’s already a Compass how How do you know that it’s a compass just Click on that one This is 27.95 This is perfect for um if we want to be Stylish at the same time you have A compass at the back of your necklace So this is what it looks like There This is the front And this is the back So yeah again it depends on you how Lightweight how easy to wear Also it gives you different kinds of Different Kinds of designs of the necklaces here Which is great if you wanted this one Just buy this one this is 25 27 and 95 Cents as well Um Uh what else they have Uh military tried to Compass gift boxed so if you want to Give this as a present good Then static compass Military Most of them are like military compass But what i like about um the combat Store here is they also provide you a Wrist Compass which is it

You can wear it in your wrist like um Like a watch so you don’t need to carry Them you have you can actually wear the Compass just like The necklace All right So again you will see the prices there Click The item here If you want to see The details of the product so this is Currently not available Okay let’s go back If you want to see This one If you want to see the The product description it’s already Here And There Necklaces provide the adjustable knotted Leather cord and stainless steel ball Chain Which is great So yeah this is the compass store All right next up we have They have here The 8010 echo compass this is a Traditional scouting compass made almost Entirely from recycled and reclaimed Acrylic so what i like about this one is They are using recycled and reclaimed Acrylic so we are recycling Which is great and you can see here

The geometry sizes here This is what it looks like It also has the lanyard so you can Actually put it or hang it um In your bag Or you can put it in your wrist if You’re like If you wanted to do that that can also Do You can also do that here Um Geometry sizes below And the product description here Features Base plate made from recycled and Reclaimed acrylic [Music] 2 degree resolution azimuth ring Provides accurate readings Inch and millimeter scales for accurate And effective map work Mac Map magnifier helps with the smaller Details on any map just click on this One if you want to watch The video There you go So That is So this is the magnifier here this one Magnifying glass So again this is the 8010 echo compass From broughton All right next up is we have dip and

Dive dot com this is actually Um they have a lot of items as well here Different kinds of compass Um This is a liquid compass having a moving Magnetized needle or card immersed in Fluid the use of the liquid helps to Lessen excessive swing and improve Readability so this is perfect for oh There you go card com compasses are Often used on ships or boats as they Include a fixed needle and a rotating Compass card mounted in fluid the moving Card absorbs much of the boat’s motion Motion and makes it easier to read so This is pretty much uh Um what this is This is best used for um Water like if you’re in a boat again if You’re in a boat or in a ship so this is Great great great there you go See So they have A 59 59 and 40 cents for the silva expedition Global compass if you click on that one You will see The product details Here So this is like a card you can actually Um This is this one is for the use this is For the map use use yeah like you can Actually

Scale or Read the distance from the map And Yeah so this is the Um description So again this is 59 and 40 cents And there’s a lot of different types of Compasses here again it depends on What use And what type of compass that you want To use All right next up we have silva so for Silva it’s almost pretty much the same They have Um Uh they call this they also have This card Um Compasses here with lanyard which is Great Um they have like for example this one Is traditional baseplate compass mirror Siding and scale Lanyard This is unmatched On match needle stability removable Thumb grip And two thumb bands included There you go So This one is silva there will be a lot of Compasses here just search through it And You know buy the

Buy the compass that best suits you So again this is for the compass Uh we have silva and thessanto Or So thank you so much for watching and Please Watch The 10th Item on our 11th uh 11 vital items to Pack in your survival kit thank you so Much for watching