CHOKTAW WAXED JUTE ROPE TINDER STICKS Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

CHOKTAW WAXED JUTE ROPE TINDER STICKS Review | Titan Survival Product Review

CHOKTAW Rope is the ultimate tinder solution for any emergency where warmth is critical to your survival! Made from the same waxed jute fiber found in SurvivorCord parachute cord, CHOKTAW Rope is wind-resistant, waterproof, and ignites easily even in inclement weather.

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Hi guys and welcome back to the video so On our fifth item for the combat Combustion category is the shock to wax Root rope tinder sticks so this is what It looks like So the price is 27.98 So it says here it is um individually Wrapped in the rope sticks can be shaved On wound or frayed waterproof wind Resistant and easy to use So the weight is one ounce each so That’s 28 grams dimensions is 0.75 by 4 Inches So it is reliable and easy to use made From 100 all-natural paraffin wax jute Rope Waterproof wind resistant and long Lasting burn So it can be used in multiple ways um Fade into a bird’s nest that starts Easily and burns fast and it’s hot Shaved into a pile also starts easily Burns fast and hot So if it’s in wound or lit like a candle It starts easily and Burns longer and it’s also hot so it’s a Reliable flame for up to up to 15 Minutes used depending on the usage So for the fire starting instructions Collect a pile of small dry twigs and Sticks and set to the side for For after the fire is going Create a small tinder pile of bird’s Nest of flammable wax shoot material to

Ignite Um use your survivors to ferro rod or Flint and still to ignite the tinder Pile Um once the flame is going and starting With the smallest twigs you previously Collected add them slowly to to the fire As it grows and as the flame grow in Size and intensity you can begin to add Successively larger sticks until Your campfire is self-sustaining This is also designed to go perfectly With your favorite emergency fire kit Which is the emergency fire kit for From titan survival And So yes So the product specification It’s individually wrapped uh choctaw Rope sticks Five uh five to five five of those so The package rate is four point eight Ounce or 136 grams Package dimensions it’s 4.25 by 4.25 by One inches And rote weight is 0.9 Ounce or 20 grams rope dimensions point 75 by 4 by 4.5 So it says your note uh the length of The choctaw rope can shrink slightly After packaging and this shrinkage can Occur during the drying process for the Wax impregnated jute but does not affect

The performance in any way And it says here it the the Choctaw rope burns for one to two Minutes greatly enhancing your fire Building Rates so There you go and we’ll see based on the Seven reviews 100 says it’s a fire it’s A five star it says here prep jude way To carry texas park classic flame Fire starter i have at least one each in My In Any of my day bags bobs jb ghbs or inch Bags And it says here first Are Five pieces from an ordinary household Bowl of twine or jute rope this stuff Burns forever next dip them into wax Which makes them into waterproof wicks That burn forever and then wrap wrap Them into five water resistant plastic Containers so they don’t unravel Excellent emergency backup tinder when You don’t have any i recommend it It says there’s great stuff works well In damp environments love it Excellent very dependable quick shopping Always a good experience shopping with Titan I’ve bought many many items from them so Yeah a great review for Uh thailand survival for their chocolate

Wax shoot rope tender sticks again this Is 27.98 And i hope to see you on to the next Video thanks