Catheterizing On My Own – How To | Quadriplegic (C5,C6,C7)


When I was in the hospital, I was told that I would be able to catheterize myself but I was unable to when I left because I was not shown a catheter that I could use with my poor hand dexterity. I searched the internet to find a catheter that was quad-friendly and found the MTG-EZ Gripper catheter. Being able to self-catheterize myself was life-changing because of the independence that I gained. In this video, I show you how I catheterize myself with an MTG EZ-Gripper catheter. How do you catheterize yourself?

MTG EZ-Gripper Catheter –

Tips for Catheterizing with Limited Hand Function (ARTICLE) –

I have been a C5, C6, C7 Complete Quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs) with little tricep function since January 19, 2015. I hope this video helps you!

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