Casper vs Purple Mattress Review – Which Bed Should You Buy?

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Casper and Purple are some of the biggest and boldest names in the bed-in-a-box game, and for good reason: they are two great, quality mattresses. They were also two of the first in this sub-industry, creating a lot of the “rules” around trial periods, warranty, and customer service expectations.

While Casper is an all-foam mattress that focuses on a balanced feel and pressure relief, Purple incorporates its proprietary, hyper-elastic polymer grid for a unique vibe with good bounce and cooling support. In sum, they feel quite different. Which begs us to ask, “Which one is better for me?”

To see how these companies fare when pitted against one another — and to figure out for yourself which one might be a better fit based on your sleep needs — continue reading. I’m going to walk you through a synopsis of each bed’s specific build and feel, but would also encourage you to read my full review of the Casper and Purple mattresses.

That’s it for now but if you’re interested in going deeper on either of these mattresses you can check out our full reviews:

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