Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

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Purple: (get free sheets with any mattress purchase by clicking this link)

How can you decide between two great mattresses? Well, it isn’t easy. Luckily, we’re here to make sure you may the right choice between the Casper mattress and the Purple mattress.

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If you’re deciding between the Casper vs. Purple, it is first important to see how they are similar. First, the Casper and the Purple and similar in height. Also, the Purple mattress price and Casper mattress price are very close.

Really, they are more different than alike. They have very different designs and, for me, the Casper mattress is softer overall.

The Casper has a breathable latex foam in the top layer. The Purple mattress has a unique hyper-elastic polymer grid in its top layer.

Because of this, they have very different feels as well. The Casper has a balanced foam feel, and the Casper has a balanced foam feel.

The Casper and Purple mattresses are both a good match for back sleepers. The Purple collapses under my butt, but keeps the rest of the mattress flat and supportive. The Casper uses zoned support to keep my hips from sinking in too far.

While both the Casper and the Purple feel good when I am on my side, the softer Casper is better with pressure relief. I think the Casper is a better mattress for side sleepers.

On my stomach, the Purple is more supportive than the Casper. I believe the Purple is a better mattress for stomach sleepers.

Do you sleep with a partner? If you do, you want to think about motion isolation. You want to ask if you are going to feel your partner moving around at night?

The Casper is going to be better with motion isolation because of its top layers of memory foam. The Casper should be the best mattress for couples.

If you are a side sleeper and you like a balanced foam feel, the Casper is going to be your best bet. If you are a back or stomach sleeper and you want to a unique feel, I would consider the Purple.

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