Casper vs Puffy Mattress (Full Comparison)

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This is our full comparison of Casper vs Puffy mattress. We discuss both bed in a box mattresses and why you might purchase one or the other. We touch on everything from design and comfort to price and value. As a spoiler alert: both Casper mattress and Puffy have a lot in common. They feel similar and offer basically the same firmness range to sleepers.

Casper Mattress: If this is not the original online mattress brand, then we don’t know what is. Casper has basically defined the bed in box mattress space for years and they sell perhaps the most popular foam bed out there. But, it’s not just the Original Casper mattress that people care about. The Casper Essential and Casper Wave are both really popular as well. So, what sets Casper apart? Well, for one thing, they make comfy beds for people that don’t want to do a ton of research of in-store shopping. It’s actually a similar value proposition to what Puffy is offering. In any case, the Casper Wave and Original feature a zoned support design to offer more back support in the middle and more pressure relief at the top and bottom—for side sleepers mostly.

Puffy Mattress: Like Casper, Puffy doesn’t just sell one bed, though, that one bed is their most popular. They also make Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. In any case, the Original Puffy mattress is about 10″ thick and uses three layers of foam, including a gel memory foam on top. It’s about a medium on firmness scale (i.e. 4-6), but perhaps a tinge firmer of a mattress than Casper. That’s a subtle difference. Also, you get a little more of a memory foam feel with Puffy. One differentiator for the Puffy team is that they offer a washable cover. Now, it’s not as easy to remove as the one on the Casper bed, but it’s machine washable nonetheless, which means it should be helpful for people with dust mite allergies, or anyone that’s just interested in deep cleaning their bed.

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