Casper vs Layla Mattress Review – Which is the Better Bed?

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The Casper is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattress brands on the market, and the Layla is one of the most unique. Memory foam is an important aspect of both products, but each bed uses it slightly differently. Both companies update their product lines relatively often, and this comparison will keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest!

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First, I’ll go over the ways in which the Layla and the Casper resemble each other. If you want even more details on either bed, my full reviews on the Layla and the Casper are right here!

Memory foam – Both the Layla and the Casper feature memory foam for pressure relief and a classic feel of sinking into the mattress.

Diverse materials – The Layla and the Casper are both all-foam, but they utilize a wide variety of materials to achieve their unique feels (the Layla uses memory foam very close to the sleeper while the Casper separates the sleeper from memory foam with an open-cell foam).

Polyester cover – In both mattresses, a breathable thin polyester cover helps the mattress dissipate heat away from the sleeper. Memory foam tends to sleep hot, and the cover separates it from the sleeper without losing the comfortable sinkage and body contouring.

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