Casper Mattress 2021-2022 Collection EXPLAINED by

GoodBed’s ‘plain English’ explanation of the 2021-2022 collection of Casper mattresses…

There are six models in the current collection, in addition to the basic Casper Element. In addition to this overview, GoodBed has also performed in-depth testing on the all-foam version of the Casper Original:

We have also tested the Casper Element, formerly called the Essential:

And we have tested the all-foam version of the Casper Wave, which now has limited availability:

To learn more about the differences between these models, see our written overview on the series:

Does a Casper mattress meet your personal needs and preferences? Take our Mattress Match Quiz to find out how they stack up:

To see unbiased owner reviews of Casper mattresses, or to check for discounts (both online and in your nearby stores), click here:

The 6 mattresses in this collection differ in softness level, mattress height, cooling features, memory feel, and price. Two of the mattresses feature “Snow” technology, a suite a feature to improve airflow and heat transfer.

Skip to the sections of this video that interest you most by clicking on the times in the chapter headings below.

Time Chapter
0:00 Shared Features
4:52 Casper Original (foam and hybrid)
9:09 Casper Nova
13:00 Casper Wave
19:07 Snow technology (Nova Snow and Wave Snow)

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Note: This video is not a review. It is simply intended to provide a clear and independent overview of the available mattresses in the Casper collection.

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