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GoodBed’s original review of the Casper mattress… NOTE: A review of most recent (2019-2020) version of the Casper mattress can be seen here:

Also see our continuously-updated written report on the Casper mattress, which includes our GoodBed ratings for support and features:

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Time Chapter
0:05 Introduction
1:35 Materials & Construction
2:45 Back Support
6:06 Pressure Relief
7:36 Responsiveness
10:56 Cushioning Depth
12:49 Motion Isolation
14:36 Repositioning
15:14 Edge Support
16:27 Temperature
18:02 Return Policy
18:51 Price & Value
20:28 Summary
21:59 Final Thoughts

Update (Jan 17): The pricing for the Casper mattress has recently been increased relative to the price mentioned in the video. The queen size price has increased from $850 to $950. In addition, the layer of latex on top has been replaced with a “springy comfort foam.”

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