Carnival Miracle Mexican Riviera Cruise Vlog Day 6 – Sea Day

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Check out easy cruise search here: Hey Cruisers, It’s day 6 onboard the Carnival Miracle as we cruise the Mexican Riviera. Today is a sea day, and we are excited to explore the ship, and take you around with us. Of course, the first stop is Sea Day brunch. We love Sea Day brunch on Carnival, and it lived up to our expectations again. We spent a lot of time just walking around the ship and exploring. It was a lovely day, so took a breezy walk around the deck. The fresh salt air was invigorating! We buzzed by the shops that were surprisingly deserted. Then we stopped by the Phantom main show theatre and checked out preparations for the Honoring Veterans event. One of our favorite places on the Carnival Miracle is Gatzby’s Garden. We strolled the garden, and found our way to Wizard’s Arcade much to my son’s delight. After than we had a stroke of lucky and came across an empty Circle C. Normally Circle C is teaming with activity, but today it was empty. We also stopped by the Red Frog pub just to have a look around, and be silly. And speaking of silly, it doesn’t get any sillier than Frankenstein’s Lab. We drop in on Frank and get a bit of a surprise. Then we are off for a quick peek at The Bacchus Dinning Room. Next is “drink of the day” time. Its formal night, so we head back to our aft balcony cabin early so I have time to get ready. Then we are off for a night of food and fun!

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