Carnival Cruise Spa Tour and Review (2019)

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A Carnival Cruise Cloud 9 spa tour of the thermal suite on Carnival Breeze. This review will show you exactly what you get if you purchase the VIP exclusive thermal suite pass.

Even though all the spa and thermal suite packages may vary, they are the same in one way or another. For instance, the thalassotherapy pool on Carnival Breeze has it’s own room. On Carnival Horizon, it is nothing more than a giant hot tub located in the tepidarium where the hot tubs are.

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Prices are the same across the board, though. a daily pass to the spa will cost you $40, while a pass for an individual on a 4-day cruise is $79 or a 7-day cruise is $139.

If your stateroom partner wants a pass too, you could also save a few bucks and purchase a couple’s pass, which runs $220 for a 7-day cruise, so you’re saving about $30 each there.

If you book a cloud 9 spa stateroom, you already receive the exclusive access with your room and don’t need to purchase a pass. These rooms often run a little higher in price than the equivalents in their categories.

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