Caring for Teeth and Gums

Caring for Teeth and Gums

Good teeth and gum care is an important part of maintaining overall health. Poor oral health is significantly associated with major chronic diseases, can cause disability, and contribute to low self-esteem.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About caring for your teeth and guns Food teeth and gum care is an important Part of maintaining overall health Poor oral health is significant Significantly associated with major Chronic diseases Can cause disability and contribute to Low self-esteem Proper teeth and gum care does not Require excessive time or expensive oral Hygiene instruments avoiding simple Sugars and implementing daily gentle Tooth brushing and flossing is the basic Foundation Additionally not smoking drinking plenty Of water and getting regular dental Cleanings and checkups are needed to Keep gums healthy and teeth cavity free Best facts on tooth and gum care A tooth is primarily composed of Minerals Plaque is a sticky colorless film of Bacteria that sticks to your teeth When bacteria consume sugar they produce Acids which eat away at the tooth’s Animal tobacco use is one of the most Significant risk factors associated with The development of gum disease Brushing teeth with fluorided toothpaste Is the best method of producing plaque The american dental hygienist Association recommends brushing for two

Minutes twice daily Proper brushing technique cleans teeth And gums effectively keep the following Tips in mind so use a soft bristled Toothbrush to prevent damage to the Animal only a soft bristled toothbrush Brush at a 45 degree angle the angle of The brush is important the toothbrush Should be placed against the teeth at a 45 degree angle to the gum line Motion correctly Using short gentle back fourth and small Circular motions all tooth surfaces will Be great gently brushed avoiding a Sewing or scrubbing motion Brush the tongue Use your toothbrush to do a light Brushing of the tongue keep the mouth Clean after brushing and avoid eating For 30 minutes after brushing But before we proceed with our topic Please don’t forget to like and Subscribe thanks and let’s go ahead Flossing Daily flossing is necessary for removing Plaque and food particles that your Toothbrush cannot reach The area the area just beneath the gum Line and the tight spaces between teeth Are vulnerable areas where plaque can Build up and turn to tartar If you do not floss regularly the Buildup of a plaque and tartar can lead To cavities as well as gum disease

Foods and drinks to avoid Sugar and candy intake should be limited This is because the bacteria in the Mouth need sugar to produce the acids That weaken animal and damaged teeth Each time teeth are exposed to sugar That the mineralization process begins And it can take up to an hour for the Mouth to return to normal Non-acidic ph conditions Consuming a variety of foods rich in Nutrients and avoiding those that Contain sugar and starches is important For keeping teeth and gums healthy Dental decay affects people of all ages But the severity of the disease Increases with age Dental decay is comprised primarily Primarily of cavities These are permanently damaged areas in The hard surface of the teeth that Develop into tiny openings or holes Cavities are also called tooth decay or Carries Tooth decay this requires exposure to Sugar but also depends on the Susceptibility of the tooth The bacterial profile of the mouth the Quantity and quality of the saliva and The amount of time the tooth is exposed To sugars Dental visits Brushing and flossing help get rid of Most plaque but some plaque is more

Difficult to remove and will harden and Form tartare Only cleaning by a dental professional Can remove tartar Unremoved plaque and carter will not Only cause decay but also work its way Under the gums and lead to serious gum Disease Eventually the disease process could Become so advanced the only treatment is This extraction of tooth Proper care of the teeth and gums Requires minimal time commitment a Healthy diet a consistent oral home Hygiene program and regular professional Cleanings and checkups will keep teeth And gums in excellent shape and leave You with a beautiful healthy smile That’s all for today keep smiling see You on to the next one