Canvas Bushcraft Bag for Paracord Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

Canvas Bushcraft Bag for Paracord Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

One of our favorite camping accessories, this waxed canvas bag features a MOLLE strap on the back side that allows you to easily attach it to the outside of your favorite camping gear or hiking gear, and the leather tag helps to keep this piece of gear easily identifiable and organized.

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Hi guys and welcome back To This another video for our channel So again this is sam or anna martinez And um i’ll be giving you a review For titan survival I’m sorry i was not able to upload um Uh videos on the past week as you can Hear from my voice i just Got a flu a couple of days ago so i’m Still recovering but i am i’m great Right now I am much better So yeah we’ll continue with the Um Reviewing for titan survival so for this One i will be We will be talking about Under the container category And here It is whether you’re looking for Containers for your water food or gear Um you’ll find it here if we have it if They have it and organize around five Seats a container can be a backpack A bottle or really anything you can use To hold your supplies and tighten Survival makes some of the best Containers for the survival market All right so let’s start first with the Canvas brush Craft bag for paracord and if i click on That one you will see here this is Um

A bag for the paracord And there is actually one two three four Five colors we have black Coyote brown Olive drab Charcoal gray and safety Orange so They have five colors which is great um Personally i like black or this one Yeah but It’s a great um it’s a great color uh Palette So here Um so what is a canvas brush craft bag For paracord Uh it says here it’s easily it will Easily store 100 feet off your favorite Survivor cord in your bug out bag or Vehicle with their new Wax canvas brushcraft bag for paracord And it helps keep your gear organized And easily identifiable So um Especially if you have like that one Here Uh again it says here organization is The key which is Correct if you are organized with your Things it’s easier it’s easier for you To be able to Get the things um in a snap like if if You really need it immediately you know Where it is you don’t need to You know pull out everything from your

Bag so that you can get The things that you really wanted in That situation So you have so having this is um Is Is i think is a must if you have a power Cord with you Which i already discussed before that Power cord is one of the items that it Must be with your survival bag pack or Survival kit all right So Um it says here this is a rugged durable Water resistant Moly pouch that helps protect your Cordage from the elements so can be used For other purposes such as gathering Bird’s nest materials Foraging for food organizing tent sticks And guidelines or even use it as a dump Pouch So that is great so this is not just for Paracord yeah i think this is also great For In survival mode you can use this to Gather food Or To gather sticks or to gather Anything that is that they can put that You can put in there and So that you have enough space and you Have enough Um Yeah i think yeah enough space and you

Have like um a bag with you that can Easily Be carried with you anytime So the quality brushcraft gear is this Is extremely well made wax canvas pouch It design is designed to hold 100 feet Of your favorite parachute cord in a Waterproof bag that can keep inside your Favorite bug out bag backpack or vehicle So this is also integrated molly Attachments so one of Their favorite camping accessories This waxed canvas bag features a mold Strap On the back side that allows you to Easily attach it to the outside of your Favorite camping gear or hiking gear the Leather tag helps to keep this piece of Gear easily identifiable and organized So this is a multi-purpose use although This waterproof pouch is primarily Designed for a power cord storage as Part of your backpacking gear It can also be easily attached to belts And used as a foraging pouch or foraging Bag so additionally the bright orange Nylon lining can be cut out and used as A signaling device in an emergency What is that Okay The perfect gift so if you’re looking For a great gift idea this wax canvas Paracord bag is the perfect piece of Survival gear or tactical gear to match

And attach to modern rugged backpacking Gear and it is purposely purposefully Manufactured from the date from the same Wax canvas material as our tacoma Emergency fire kit we will be which will Be discussed Later so the titan survival promise We are an american veteran-owned Business operating out of california and All of our products come with a lifetime Guarantee so you you know we’ve always Got your back a great customer Experience every single time is our Number one Goal which is great Now for the product specs they have the Outer material which is waxed canvas Inner material is nylon Weight is 2.2 ounces or 60 grams size is 10.5 which is the height and 4.5 inches in diameter Opening diameters four inches And mole straps uh Just one Okay and for the for the compatible Products original survivor for survival Cord which is 100 foot hangs we’ll open That and survivor cord xt which is 100 Foot Hangs So there you go and for the customer Reviews um based on 16 reviews it is 100 5

Star review which is great really great And i’ll just review some of the reviews It says the perfect size for storing Your cord all the pieces contained in One bag instead of all over Which is true and this is the perfect Way to store and transport your cord With a compatible Molded attachment to free up other Compartments that is great Uh nice bag my power cord fits well Inside The canvas bag for power cord works well To make it easier to locate my power Cord in the pack Um it says a Good gift idea picked up a few gif A few for gifts kept one for myself as i Found it to be a moderately weatherproof Bag to have readily available on my pack For miscellaneous Items which is great so Do not limit yourself when buying this Paracord bag to just putting a paracord Um or any cordage here so anything that You can put it In this bag Is Okay which is great and it just it will Just keep your Bag organized if you have one of these So i’ll show you The survivor cord which is this one so This is the survivor cord so if you buy

This from titan survival If you buy this and if you wanted to put It in a more in a bag or in a backpack And you want it to be organized uh it’s Also nice if you buy this one as well Because it will keep your Power cord in place and not and it will Keep your Bag Tidy Again organization is the key which is Correct and also this is the survival Cord xt Spool so they said here that this is Also um This is also compatible to The paracord um brushcraft bag All right so that is for the uh Canvas brushcraft bag for Paragord so thank you so much for Watching this video and i’ll see you on The next one thank you