CAMOUFLAGE ZIPPO LIGHTER GIFT SET Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

CAMOUFLAGE ZIPPO LIGHTER GIFT SET Review | Titan Survival Product Review

This new custom TITAN Survival Camouflage Zippo Gift Set comes packaged in a traditional Zippo ”One Box” gift box, with a classic Zippo sleeve featuring our patented SHROWD camouflage and the TITAN Survival logo, along with a Zippo Windproof Lighter insert and a Double-Torch Butane Lighter insert. For optimal performance fill with Zippo lighter fuels.

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Hi guys and welcome back to This video um this will be The last um item that we will be Reviewing under the combustion category So the last item will be the camouflage Zipper lighter gift set so this is 53 Dollars and 98 cents there you go so This is what it looks like Click on this one so the zippo Gift box set it features our patented Patented Shroud camouflage Classic zippo lighter sleeve Zippo windproof lighter insert And a zippo double butane lighter insert There you go So the it is an authentic zippo classic Lighter So brand is a pro material is brass Color shroud camouflage weight 2 ounces Or 57 grams Dimensions is 1.50 By 0.5 by 2.25 inches Packaging is zippo one Box All right so let’s click on this one so This is a classic authentic zippo Classic lighter So it’s a genuine zippo windproof Lighter with Distinctive zippo click So all metal construction windproof Design works virtually anywhere

Refillable for a lifetime of use For optimum performance we recommend Genuine Zippo fluid flints and wicks Made in usa lifetime guarantee that it Works or we fix it free So windproof lighter fuel zipper lighter Fuel sold separately So double butane insert included so Rugged durable and built to last Reusable for long lasting use Provides up to 60 Five second lights Per fill using a one inch by twenty two Point five centimeters flame height Um Backed by a two year zepo warranty All right So this one Again refillable with butane fuel 0.9 Grams fuel capacity Adjustable blue flame height heats up to 2 300 degrees fahrenheit Or 1260 degrees celsius Quick and easy easy Easy ignition And provides clean high precision flame So this is what it looks like underneath That that lighter All right so it says here note these Lighter inserts come unfilled please Fill with authentic zippo Fuels

So this is uh Uh Let’s see here so this Oh it says your add feel free to take Your zippo camping hunting or hiking Without fear of damaging it they’re Durable rugged and built to withstand The elements zippo lighters are made in The usa of high quality materials and as A result actually tend to appreciate in Value over time So wind proof lighter insert features Genuine zipper windproof ladder with This distinctive zippo click All metal construction windproof design Works virtually anywhere refillable for A lifetime of use for optimum Performance we recommend genuine zippo Fluid flints and wicks made in usa Lifetime guarantee that it works orbit Or we fix it free We improve lighter fuel zippo lighter Fuel sold separately For the built-in lighter insert features Genuine zippo double torch insert push Button P p zone ignition Um adjustable blue flame light heats up To 2 300 degrees fahrenheit or 1260 degrees celsius refillable with Mutant fuel 0.9 grams fuel capacity Insert retains the famous zipper click Sound provides a clean high precision

Flame quick and easy ignition Rugged durable and built to last Reusable for a long lasting use provides Up to 65 second lights perf per fill Using one by 2.5 centimeter flame height Backed by a two years april warranty and The fuel is a zippo premium butane fluid Which is sold separately So for the lighter specs brown is zippo Material brass color shroud camouflage Weight 2 ounces or 57 grams dimensions Is 1.50 By 0.5 by 2.25 inches packaging is zippo One box So uh shroud camouflage is protected by U.s patents And you can see Here a video if you want to watch to Watch the video just click on this one So this is how to use the pro button Lighter inserts there you go So based on Seven reviews 100 says it’s a five star So let me just go ahead and read that One for you It says here looks great i have added This to my zippo collection Next here is Top quality zippo lighter and it comes With the butane insert as well Very nice to have a back up remember two Is one and one is none if you fancy Zippo lighters i recommend this gift set Top quality and great price

Says your looks great works great nice Product don’t set it down outs don’t set It down outside So held off on a zippo until this came Along the dual fuel sold me classic Zippo with an upgrade perfect as always The ever satisfying click All right then So you can’t beat a zippo now add the Titan survival logo and you have the Best of both worlds still debating if i Am going to keep it in the box and buy Another one to use So very nice Reviews from our customers So yeah Again this is the camouflage Zippo lighter gift set for only 5 53 And 98 cents so thank you so much for Watching this category and i hope to see You on to the next one