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Buying A Duplex | I Lied… What not to do

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Buying A Duplex | I Lied… What not to do

This video walks through the all of the numbers and details that helped Chandler decide to purchase this duplex. It also shows why you should not manage your own property and exposes one of Chandlers well kept secrets.

Chandler David Smith has been investing in real estate for the last 6+ years. He currently owns 103 doors of rental real estate and so he decided to start a series of videos showing each deal that he has done and how he got to the point of purchasing each property. In this video Chandler shows you all the numbers and details involved in a duplex that was his 14th deal purchased. In this video he explains how he found and negotiated the deal. He then shares what the numbers were and how he believed he could raise rents to increase the return after purchase. He also shares a mistake that he made by not having his property management company involved and how it cost him. This video was created to help new and old real estate investors find and close on good real estate deals while avoiding the same mistakes that Chandler made.
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Want to see the original video? I show some great tips on how Chandler finds his properties.

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