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5:35 Memory Feel
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6:52 Motion Isolation
7:52 Temperature
10:20 Edge Support
11:30 Ease of Repositioning
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11:53 Natural Materials & Certifications
13:11 Adjustable Base Compatibility
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Hi I'm Mike founder of today We're going to be doing an in-depth Review of the Brooklyn signature Mattress we've got the medium version Here this is undoubtedly one of the most Popular mattresses that Brooklyn Bedding Makes we're excited to give you our take On this mattress stick around now in Case you've never seen one of our videos Before or been to our website the number one thing that You need to know about shopping for a Mattress is that mattresses are highly Personal this means that a mattress That's great for me can be truly awful For you and vice versa so the things That you need to focus on when shopping For a mattress are what we call the Three F's fit feel and features fit is About finding a mattress that matches Your body in terms of your shape your Weight and your preferred sleep position Feel is about the characteristics of a Mattress that can neither be better nor Worse on a universal basis they could Only be better or worse for your Personal preferences and features are Those things about a mattress that Actually can be better or worse but may Or may not be a priority for you Personally so let's start with fit since That is the most important of the 3fs Since it's what determines to what Degree you're going to get the two

Things that everybody has to get from Their mattress which is proper spinal Alignment and adequate pressure relief Now in terms of the Brooklyn signature As I mentioned we're testing the medium Version but I'll speak to the Alternatives you have in both the firm And the soft as well because fit is Really does have a lot to do with Picking the right model within this Lineup let's start with back sleepers in General I think the medium version is Going to provide very good spine Alignment for most back sleepers but if You weigh let's say if you weigh more Than I do I weigh just about 200 pounds I'd probably suggest that you go with The firm version of the Brooklyn Signature rather than the medium Likewise for stomach sleepers I think Again lighter stomach sleepers will Probably be okay on this but even if You're 150 to 200 pounds and you're Principally a stomach sleeper you might Want to think about the firm version of The Brooklyn signature as a opposed to The medium certainly if you're heavier Than me or in that over 250 pounds You're definitely going to want to look At something a little bit firmer than This because we don't want to see your Midsection sinking into the mattress When you're sleeping on your stomach That's that's going to overarch your

Back and be a recipe for back pain Overall I'd say the signature of the Medium version is best suited for side Sleepers I found it to be both good from A spinal alignment standpoint which if You think about it when you're on your Side that's going to look you're going To want your spine to look something Like this And also really good pressure relief Because side sleeping is really the only Position that you really have to worry About pressure relief that's the Position where your body's weight is Distributed over the smallest surface Area so if you don't have adequate Pressure relief you're going to feel it In your shoulders and your hips or You're going to have numbness in your Arm or leg so overall I found the Pressure relief here to be very good if Not excellent and I think that would be The case for certainly for Lighter Side Sleepers but also for heavier side Sleeper offers as well so now let's move On to the second of the three F's which Is feel and again these are the Characteristics of a mattress that Cannot be better or worse on a universal Basis they are only better or worse for Your personal preferences the first of These is softness and in the case of the Brooklyn signature medium this is an Interesting one because if you watched

Any of our coverage before of past Versions or maybe you've read consumer Reviews of past versions of the Brooklyn Signature mattress which has been around For maybe four years or more This has changed quite substantially Since the last version that we tested We've tested the previous versions maybe Three years ago and we characterized it As a medium firm on our softness Spectrum this one is more is a medium Soft so we've got medium firm medium and Medium soft so two classifications Different than the last version we Tested uh and that's that's a pretty big Difference from from version to version So we want to just point that out again If you're putting historical context Around any reviews that you may have Seen for this product that maybe are a Little bit older so the big difference Here is not so much in what's on top of The mattress that feels pretty similar But it's more the coils the coils are a Lot softer than the previous versions Than we've tested more conformance a Little bit more sinkage so they just are Offering a little bit uh different Characteristics again these are not Necessarily things that are better or Worse they're just about a match for Your personal preferences so overall we Would classify the current version of The Brooklyn signature medium model as a

Medium soft on our softness Spectrum the Next feel characteristic I want to talk About is what we call cushioning depth Which is kind of the difference between Whether you're sleeping in the mattress Or sleeping awning getting that hugged Or cradled sensation versus that Floating above it kind of sensation in The case of this uh Brooklyn signature Medium I would say it veers a little bit More towards the former of those two a Little bit more cushioning depth a Little more sinkage than average a Little bit more conformance than average Which ties into what I was saying Earlier about this being a good match For side sleepers from a spinal Alignment standpoint because you're Going to need that conformance in order To get the spinal alignment as a side Sleeper and then again uh the only other Characteristic that we sometimes Consider when we're talking about Cushioning depth is how closely does it Hug your body in that aspect I would say It's not actually super high on the hug Factor so that kind of mitigates the Other two a little bit but the net Effect is still that you're going to get A little bit more of that sleeping in Your mattress sensation than you will The floating above it The next feel characteristic is memory Feel which is really about the amount of

That slow melting or delayed Responsiveness that memory foam is known For now the company does use the term Memory foam on their website when Referring to this product but as we'll Show you later in the video the Foams at The top of this mattress really don't Have that signature delayed Responsiveness or delayed recovery that That we're talking about when we talk About memory feel so you do get the Teensiest bit of memory feel but overall This is not a mattress that has a Significant amount of memory feel to Speak of the last field characteristic I'm going to talk about is the amount of Bounce in the mattress and we think About this at a few different levels of The mattress because you can have bounce Kind of at the surface that you feel When you just sort of drop your arms Down on the mattress you can have deep Bounce that you feel when you plop your Whole body weight down on the mattress And then you can have kind of in between Mid-level bounce we test it three Different ways and really this is a Mattress that no matter where you test It it's going to have a fair bit of Bounce particularly the deeper bounce Coming coming from the spring unit Obviously but even the top layers of Foam have a little bit of Bounce to them So in general this is going to be a

Mattress that's a little bit better for People who want their mattress to have a Little bit of Bounce a little bit of Responsiveness and not feel dead the way Some mattresses might All right so now we're going to move on To the third and final of the three UPS Which are the features and again these Are the characteristics of a mattress That actually can be assessed as better Or worse but may or may not be a Priority for you personally the first of These is motion isolation which you may Know refers to the degree to which Someone on one side of the mattress will Be aware of or disturbed by what's Happening on the other side of the Mattress we test this a few different Ways with kind of different levels of Disturbance dropping a bowling ball and Then me dropping my full body weight Into bed and we TR we assess how much Motion is transferred across the Mattress and overall in both tests this Brooklyn signature mattress did quite Well we would say this had very good Motion isolation and I want to point out That some people do get confused that a Mattress that has bounce can't have good Motion isolation this is a good example Of how a mattress can have both and That's on account of the pocketed coil Support unit those coils move Independently on one side from the other

Side so that's how this mattress does Have very good motion isolation The next feature we're going to talk About is temperature which for many People is really just about the degree To which your mattress is going to keep You from overheating during the night Now for many of you this is not even Going to be a factor you really need to Worry about if you don't have a tendency To overheat then you probably don't need To focus too much on this type of Consideration but if this is an issue For you then you're going to want to Find a mattress that does have the Ability to keep you cool during the Night this is not a mattress that has a Lot of cooling features per se but what It does have is some things going for it That prevent it from really needing all That many cooling features uh namely Eight of the 11 and a half inches of This mattress are coils coils are 99 air Air flow is the 100 most important uh Thing when you're considering the Overall temperature and proclivity of a Mattress to overheat or to trap heat Because air is the most efficient way For heat to dissipate so that is a huge Factor overall when you're looking at This mattress you do have three and a Half inches of foam above those coils so That's the only thing that can really Trap any heat here now so from that

Point what you need to think about is How much of your body's service area is Touching that foam this is going to be a Function of kind of how deep down in the Foam are you and how closely does it Conform to your body in this case maybe A little we talked about just a little Deeper than average a little more of That hugged or cradled sensation so That's working just a little bit against You here and then you want to think About any kind of ability like how is The heat does dissipating from your body How the heat that does get generated by Your body and has to go into the Mattress how is that moving through the Mattress this is where cooling features Might come in so in the case of this Mattress they do offer it with an Upgrade that you can buy a essentially a Higher density fiber used in the cover That gives it more of a coolness to the Touch and also helps kind of convey heat Away from your body a little bit better So that might be something you want to Consider just to add a little bit of Heat transfer to uh to this mattress but Overall even without that cover because The version that we tested here did not Have that extra high density yarn cover Which they do call glacial text by the Way but even without that for the four Mentioned reasons the ones I mentioned Earlier I would still say that the

Temperature rating on balance with this Mattress is still good the next feature I'm going to cover here is Edge support Which we test a couple of different ways Namely with me lying on the edge of the Mattress and me sitting on the edge of The mattress now one thing to note here While this mattress does have an edge Support feature specifically a couple Rows of stronger coils on the edge that Feature is present on the sides of the Mattress but not at the head and foot I'm sitting at the foot so you can't Actually see the benefit of that feature In the way I'm sitting now but when we Tested it we also looked at me sitting On the side of the mattress this was a Rare example of sitting on the side of The mattress tested a little bit better Than lying on the edge of the mattress Normally it's not uncommon where we have A mattress that tests really well lying On the edge but then when I go sit on it The edge just collapses in this case the Edge held up pretty well we would say Good Edge support with me sitting on it Again referring to me sitting on the Side but when I'm lying on the edge of The mattress I had a pretty pronounced Lean and just didn't quite feel stable And I think that had more to do with the Crown of the mattress created by the Quilting here than it did with the Strength of the edge coils but

Nonetheless overall we'd say the edge Support here was pretty good to good but It's probably not the best feature of This mattress The next feature I'm going to cover real Briefly which is just the ease of Repositioning on the mattress now for Most of you this is really a non-factor But for those of you who do have a Concern about how easy it is to move Around and change positions particularly On a mattress that has memory foam we Did test this and we found this is not Likely to be a mattress on which you're Going to have those types of issues The next feature is the use of natural Materials which for many people boils Down to a concern with the possibility Of harmful chemicals in their mattress And with regards to this mattress we're Really going to focus on the latter Rather than the former because this is Not a mattress that really contains Natural materials to speak of nor does The manufacturer make any claims in that Regard but as it relates to chemicals There are some things I think that you Can take some comfort from with this Mattress starting with the fact that of The 11 and a half inch height of this Mattress eight inches of that comes from Springs and springs are not a material That you're really going to have Concerns about in this regard they don't

Contain chemicals and they don't off gas So really you're left with just the Three and a half inches of foam on top And with regards to that what I can tell You is that that foam is all Serta pure Certified which is basically a standard That looks for both the presence and Off-gassing of various harmful materials And certifies that not neither of those Are present Beyond some minimally Acceptable threshold so that's certainly Something you could take some comfort From and if it's any additional comfort In this regard one of the things we Routinely do anytime we unbox a mattress Is check for any excessive amount of Off-gassing that we experience right When the mattress is first opened and That was not something that we Experienced in this case the last Feature I'm going to cover here is Something we get asked about more and More these days which is adjustable base Compatibility first at a high level yes This is a mattress that is compatible For use on an adjustable base meaning The manufacturer designed it to be used In an adjustable base it won't void your Warranty and it shouldn't damage the Mattress in any way to use it on an Adjustable base but beyond that there Are some degrees of compatibility that We assess for starters uh in terms of Its ability to conform to the curves of

An adjustable base when you have both The head and the foot elevated at the Same time we found this to be very good In that regard the mattress Not only was Able to conform to those curves but it Was able to hold its shape even when I Got off the mattress uh and so that's That's a good sign for adjustable base Compatibility I'd say the one critique We had as it relates to this category is The side that you're not sitting on when You raise both the head and foot at the Same time creating kind of a valley in The seating area of the mattress uh this Will experience a little bit of bunching This quilt layer this one inch of foam That's sewn into the cover of the Mattress will Bunch up a little bit now You can get on that and sit on it and You won't feel it much but It's just a slightly less compatible Feature with an adjustable base usage But notwithstanding that and net of all That we would still say that overall This mattress has very good adjustable Base compatibility All right so now we're going to move on From the three F's and talk about three Things that are going to be important Anytime you're buying a mattress but Specifically particularly when you're Buying a mattress online and those are Delivery return policy and warranty in Terms of delivery Brooklyn Bedding

Offers free delivery to your doorstep From that point on you're going to be on The hook to get the mattress to your Bedroom and then also to unbox it we did All that with this one it takes really Less than five minutes to get this thing Out of the box it's a very typical Experience very similar to every other Mattress that we unboxed the one thing We would generally advise people is that The box is kind of heavy nearly 100 Pounds and somewhat awkward so you're Definitely going to want to have a Couple people to move that box around Particularly if you need to take it up a Set of stairs in terms of return policy The Brooklyn Bedding offers 120 night In-home trial the one thing that they Ask is that you keep the mattress for at Least 30 nights to give your body a Chance to adjust to it which is a an Increasingly common stipulation of all The mattress return policies that we Find totally reasonable since your body Does need some time to adjust to any new Mattress in terms of the warranty Brooklyn offers a 10-year warranty it's Non-prorated which is great it means That you'll be fully covered for the Duration of that 10 years but we always Tell people that the most important Thing you should focus on in any Mattress warranty isn't the length of Time but rather how deep of a body

Impression or sag do they consider to be A warranty issue and in the case of the Brooklyn warranty they Define that as One inch anything greater than one inch Is considered a defect covered by the Warranty that is a good number that is a Good number because this industry Standard particularly for a mattress With this type of construction is an Inch and a half so an inch is a better Than is better than that and shows some Confidence from the manufacturer in this Product All right now let's take a peek at What's actually inside one of these Brooklyn signature mattresses and what You see we've cut this open here at the Head and there's basically four key Layers of this mattress the first layer At the top is basically stitched uh into The the cover it's not basically it is It's a quilt layer uh stitched into the Cover it's actually stitched down along All four sides of the mattress as well As uh Tack and jump quilted directly Every time you see one of these little Stitching here it goes right through not Only the cover but also that first inch Of foam so that's a one inch layer of Relatively soft quilt foam uh the Various stitching does kind of quilt it Down a little bit which makes it feel a Little firmer than the foam ordinarily Would without the quilting that's just

Kind of the nature of quilting and then You have below that you have a one and a Half inch layer of what they call Titan Flex foam which is a three and a half Pound what we might call engineered foam That's a nice high density foam It's Relatively soft I would say kind of a Medium soft And and then you have one inch layer of What they call veriflex foam again a Three and a half pound density Engineered foam that one's a little bit Firmer this layer here so together with The quilt you have about three and a Half inches of comfort materials up at The top that are providing most of the Most of the Comfort most of the pressure Relief in the mattress and then below That what you have is an eight inch Pocketed coil unit And a couple things to note about the Pocketed coil unit number one total coil Count in a queen size is 852 coils That would be inclusive of the sides of The mattress which do have two rows of a Smaller like a narrower coil Which obviously makes it a higher coil Density going up those sides also those Coils have more working turns you can Feel probably six or seven working turns These ones maybe have three or four Working turns so basically what you have In those coils is between the higher Coil density and the more working turns

In those coils you have just a stronger Edge that's the purpose of those uh Those coils will be narrower than the Ones you can see here at the head of the Mattress so you only have those going up The two sides of the mattress not going Along the head and foot so uh that's why You don't see them in the section here That we've opened up for you uh and then Basically they say there's a quarter Inch of foam on the very bottom of the Mattress I don't really feel that per se But I guess it could just be kind of Smushed between uh two layers of fabric It it feels to me just like a really Thick fabric like a canvas almost that The coils are resting on but that that Obviously whether there's a quarter inch Of foam in there or not it's really just There to provide something for the coils To rest on anyways so that's basically Your your overall profile between the Eight inch coils and the three and a Half inches of Foams on top they do call This an 11.5 inch mattress with the Crown arver the one that we received is Even a little bit more than that Um I guess the only other thing I would Note this cover here is a cotton Polyester blend I did talk about the Tack and jump quilting which gives it a Little bit more of a traditional Mattress feel in a sense

Likewise some of the Aesthetics are also A little bit more aligned with what a Traditional mattress might look like This tape Edge for example this nice Blue side panel and then functionally There are four handles on this side Panel two on each of the sides of the Mattress which is a nice feature as well For moving your mattress around One thing that's important to just about Every mattress Shopper is valued when we Think about value we always think about How much does it cost what's in it and How long do we think it's going to last In terms of the cost this is a mattress That's going to be in that thousand to Fifteen hundred dollar price range in Terms of what you're getting for that You're getting an 11 and a half inch Mattress with two and a half inches of What we would consider to be premium Comfort materials which is specifically Those two engineered Foams that we Showed you earlier uh with a three and a Half pound density in terms of how long We think it's going to last typically What I like to do is look for what is The weakest link of this mattress in This case what I would say is I'm not Particularly worried about those higher Density Foams those engineered Foams and I'm not really particularly worried About the quilt layer either only Because there's just an inch of that I

Guess so if there is a weak link here it Would probably be the coil unit which is Just a little bit softer and therefore Could give a little bit more than some Other coil units over time but in General if you've seen other videos We've done I always feel pretty Confident in coil units because they are One of the most time tested mattress Components there are so in general I'm Not seeing a whole lot of weakness in Terms of the construction of this Mattress that's likely to give out and I Think the durability prospects for this Product are quite good in terms of the Uh over how that sums up into overall Value I'd say that this mattress is a Very good value all right so just to sum Up some of the things we've covered in This video the Brooklyn signature Mattress is an 11.5 inch hybrid mattress That we'd characterize as having sort of A engineered premium engineered foam Over pocketed coil construction we Talked about how this is a mattress that In general is a little bit better at Least in the medium version for lighter Sleepers than heavier sleepers a little Bit better for side sleepers than for Stomach and back sleepers we talked About how stomach sleepers are probably Going to be wanting to Veer towards the Firm version of the Brooklyn signature We talked about how also heavier back

Sleepers might also want to be looking At the firm version but for side Sleepers we talked about how really side Sleeper I think of a wide variety of Weights would be well served on this Mattress both from a spinal alignment And a pressure relief standpoint beyond That we talked about how this is a Mattress that has a little more softness Than average so if you're looking for That if you like a little bit of Softness but not too much this is Probably a good option for you in that Regard we talked about how if you like Just a little bit more of that hug or Cradled sensation on on a mattress you Can get that on this mattress as well at Least on the firm on the medium version That is you'll probably get a little Less of that on the firm version and a Little more of that on the soft version Likewise if you don't like a lot of Memory feel and you do want a little bit Of Bounce this is a good option for you In those areas as well and lastly we Talked about how this is a mattress that Has very good motion isolation very good Adjustable base compatibility as well as Very good value So if all of those characteristics that I just described sound like a good match For your personal needs preferences and Priorities then we definitely think that The Brooklyn signature mattress is one

That you should consider so there you Have it that is our take on the Brooklyn Signature mattress in specific the Medium version but I think we also Helped you understand maybe where you Might want to look at the firm and soft Versions as well we hope you found that Helpful and for more helpful information About how to choose the right mattress For you go to and while You're there make sure to take the good Bed mattress quiz this is by far the Most helpful objective and sophisticated Mattress matching quiz that you're going To find anywhere and we do think it is The best starting point for any mattress Shopper so definitely check that out When you have a chance in the meantime We thank you for watching and we really Hope you sleep well Foreign [Music]