Brooklyn Bedding Titan vs. Big Fig – Which Is The More Supportive Mattress?

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Are you on the larger side? You might have trouble finding the right mattress for you.

If you need a mattress for heavy people, we’ve got two mattresses you should take a look at. The Brooklyn Bedding Titan and Big Fig are both mattresses made for heavy people.

Which one is right for you?

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The Titan and Big Fig are both hybrid mattresses that feature coils and softer comfort layers. They are also durable mattresses and breathable mattresses.

At first glance, they appear quite similar. However, they are different in a few ways. The Big Fig is taller than the Titan, and the Big Fig is the softer mattress. Also, the Big Fig contains a layer of latex foam while the Titan does not.

Do you want a mattress for stomach sleeping? The Titan should be the way to go. It is the firmer mattress and should offer you better support when you are on your stomach. Your hips should not bow in when you are in this position.

Are you looking for a more affordable mattress? The Titan costs less than the Big Fig. If you think both mattresses could be a good fit, choosing the Titan could save you some money on your purchase.

Fans of innerspring mattresses will also like the Titan. The comfort layer is not too thick, so you mostly feel the coils when you are on this mattress. If you like the feeling of coils, the Titan should be a good pick.

Heavier back sleepers should consider the Big Fig mattress. It is a very supportive mattress that still allows your hips to sink in. You should feel a nice balance of comfort and support.

Also, those who want a more durable, luxury mattress should take a look at the Big Fig. It contains some more premium materials and appears to have a more durable construction overall.

Finally, if you like a balanced hybrid feel, the Big Fig should be a great pick. It has a thick comfort layer that is comprised of latex foam and high-density polyfoam. You get the comfort of foam as well as the support of coils.

So, which mattress sounds right for you?

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