Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review – The Best Value Mattress?

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Are you looking for a hybrid mattress that won’t break the bank? You’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to talk about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress.

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0:00 Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Overview
1:01 Construction
1:39 Unboxing
2:03 Firmness and Feel
2:39 Sleeping Positions
3:11 Couples Test
4:01 Pricing
4:17 Who Should Get The Brooklyn Bedding Signature?
4:56 Who Shouldn’t Get The Brooklyn Bedding Signature?
5:25 Wrap-up

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of the best value mattresses on the market. If you’re on a tighter budget, this could be a great option. This mattress also offers a good balance of comfort and support for combination sleepers. And, if you like a bouncy mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature will be a good fit for you.

However, if you like a memory foam feel, you might want to look elsewhere. You don’t really get this feel with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature. It is also not a very deluxe mattress, so if you want something with more bells and whistles, take a look at one of Brooklyn Bedding’s more high-end models. Finally, it doesn’t offer the best motion isolation, and might not be the best choice for couples.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity if you're looking for a hybrid Mattress it's also a great value you Have come to the right place today we're Talking about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress we're going to Take a look at its construction my Experience with it who it's a good fit For and who it's not a good fit for Let's get started [Music] First off I'd like to note it receives Some of these mattresses for free from Brands we may earn a commission if you Decide to purchase them this helps keep This content free for you and helps fund Our testing operations So now let's talk about the major Details you need to know what the Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrid Mattress first off it comes with 120 Night sleep trial a 10-year warranty and Free shipping and returns it also comes In three firmness options a soft Model A Medium model and a firm model today We're taking a look at the medium model But taking a look at the construction of That mattress starting off on top a nice Soft breathable cover it is a quilted Cover quilted with body impression proof Foam very plush and comfortable as well Beneath that a layer of memory foam to Offer pressure relief to all types of Sleepers and beneath that you have

Veriflex foam and it's going to act as a Transition layer has a balance of Comfort and support keeps your sinking Too far into the mattress and all that Rests on a layer of individually wrapped Coils very supportive and breathable as Well and all that rests on a thin layer Of Base foam [Music] Bedding signature hybrid mattress is a Bed in a box mattress and that means It's going to come to your house in a Cardboard box in our experience it was Very easy to unbox this mattress I asked A friend for help brought it inside Still got the rolled up mattress and Place it on the frame unwrapped it gave It about 24 hours to completely off gas And expand it was good to go very Comfortable So now let's talk about firmness and Feel and in my experience with firmness Close to a six and a half out of ten About medium in terms of firmness a very Good balance of comfort and support with This mattress plush layers on top more Supportive layers beneath that a good Balance again of that comfort and that Supports we'll know again this is the Medium model the softer model will be Softer the firmer model will be firmer Now speaking of feel overall more of a Responsive bouncy hybrid feel with the Coils a lot of Bounce in this mattress

Responsive layers on top you shouldn't Be getting stuck in this mattress should Be easy to move around and to change Positions Now moving on to sleeping positions Starting off on my back this is a very Good match for me again this is the Medium model with the comfort and the Support my hips sink in just the right Amount feel some good lumbar support and Some contouring as well moving to my Side some decent pressure relief on my Shoulders and my hips but if you're just A side sleeper take a look at the softer Model moving to my stomach also not a Bad match for me even though it is just A medium firm mattress however if you Sleep just in your stomach take a look At the fur model [Music] If you sleep with a Partners a couple Extra things you want to think about Namely motion transfer and Edge support Now motion transfer means if you're Lying down on one side of the mattress And your part moves around on the other Side are you going to feel that motion Or not Edge support means if you're sitting or Lying down near the edge of a mattress Do you feel secure like you're going to Roll off and onto the floor so first off Speaking of motion transfer I tested This mattress out with a glass of water

Place it on the mattress pressed in the Area around that kind of trying to make A disturbance and I definitely saw that Disturbance in the water so not handling Motion transfer too well and also Speaking of edge support when I'm Sitting near the edge of the mattress it Does collapse under my weight I'm a Bigger guy so keep that in mind and also When I'm near the edge lying down not The most supportive so overall not the Best motion transfer or Edge support And now let's talk pricing and at full Price for a queen-size Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress around twelve Hundred fifty dollars but we do have Some great deals here at you'll find them on Our website and in the YouTube Description below And now the moment you've all been Waiting for who should get this mattress And who shouldn't get this mattress First off in terms of who should get This mattress definitely a good fit if You want a good value this comes from Brooklyn Bedding they actually own their Own Factory so they cut out the Middleman pass the savings on to you the Customer all their mattresses are a very Good value it's also a great option for Combination sleepers specifically the Medium model here you have comfort and Support for all three sleeping positions

And lastly speaking of Theo if you like Something bouncier and more responsive This is going to be a good fit for you That's a lot of good response makes it Very easy to move around and to change Positions But speaking of Khan's not the best Option I think for fans of a memory foam Feel this does feature memory foam in The construction but overall more of a Kind of bouncy responsive feel also Probably not the best choice if you want More of a deluxe mattress this is one of The more affordable mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding they definitely have Some more luxury items on their list and Last but not least not the best option I Think for couples the motion transferred Edge support definitely leaves something To be desired if you sleep with a Partner I might look elsewhere In the end I came to Brooklyn betting Signature hybrid is a great option for Combination sleepers fans of bouncy Mattresses and those who want a good Value but that's about it if you want Some more info on this mattress head Over to for the full Written review and some great money Saving coupons we'll see you next time Thank you [Music] Foreign