Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review | Soft vs Medium vs Firm (UPDATED 2022)

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review | Soft vs Medium vs Firm (UPDATED 2022). In this video Wes, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, discusses our updated review of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses and their firmness levels. The mattresses covered in today’s video are the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid, Spartan Mattress, Aurora Luxe and the Brooklyn Bedding Custom mattress. All of the beds have three types of firmness levels you can choose from which is the main talking point in this video. Wes touches on the mattress policies offered with the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattress, how it feels and its firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for this bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). Wes also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. Overall, the firmness levels offered by Brooklyn Bedding are great for all sleeper types. Thanks for watching this Brooklyn Bedding firmness levels mattress reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – General Mattress Policies
2:05 – Brooklyn Bedding Signature
3:32 – Brooklyn Bedding Firmness Options
4:37 – Spartan Mattress
5:50 – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe
6:53 – Brooklyn Bedding Custom Mattress
7:52 – Conclusion

Brooklyn Bedding as a brand offers nine Different mattresses to choose from but Within each mattress there are more Offerings like which size of bed you Want to go with king queen twin the Height profile you want to choose for Your bed you can get a basic or a lux Model and of course the firmness now if You do want to choose your firmness Brooklyn Bedding has three different Options you can go with their soft their Medium or their firm and that's exactly What we're going to be talking about in Today's video hi there I'm Wes I'm with The Slumber yard and over here we talk About all things online beds we review Them we compare them and sometimes we Just talk about their firmnesses so in This video I'm going to go over exactly That I'm going to talk about the Brooklyn bedding soft the medium and the Firm mattresses and touch on how they Differ and how they compare and Ultimately which one you should go with Now if you enjoy this video hit the Thumbs up button or subscribe to keep up With all things online beds but let's Get into this Brooklyn bedding soft Versus medium firm comparison [Music] To find the right bed for you [Music] All right so before I get into this Firmness Showdown I do want to say that

Brooklyn Bedding as a brand did send us These mattresses for free to review and Tell you guys about them and I'm also Going to go over some of the policies That you will be backed by if you decide To order any of these mattresses online And it all starts with completely free Shipping all the Brooklyn Bedding beds Are bed in a box mattresses that'll show Up to your house in a big old box that You basically drag in your home rip off All that packaging and then you have a Brand new bed that will expand in front Of your eyes now once one of your Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is in your Possession you get a 120 night sleep Trial that's basically your chance to Sleep on the bed test it out and Ultimately decide if you want to keep it For the foreseeable future and if you Don't want it within that trial period You can get free returns but hopefully You do enjoy your Brooklyn Bedding Mattress and if so they are backed by a 10-year warranty now if you need any More information about that warranty or Those policies check down below in the Description for more info now instead of Talking about all nine of the Brooklyn Bedding mattresses I'm only going to Focus on the ones we're where you can Choose your firmness level and those Would be the Aurora the Spartan the Signature mattress and the custom bed by

Brooklyn Bedding now let's start off by Talking about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress which is basically Their most popular it's the bed right Behind me and it's a bed that's Available in three different firmnesses Like all the ones I'm going to talk About this bed is a hybrid mattress Which means it uses pocketed cools for Support and comfort Foams for its main Comfort layers and in general we would Say that the Brooklyn Bedding signature Has more of a neutral foam feel overall The bed is responsive because of those Coils but the Foams on top will add up And make it pretty much have a soft Neutral foam feel something that's Really accommodating something that most People will probably find nice to sleep On now in terms of firmness you have Your choice of the three Brooklyn Bedding firmness options those being Soft medium and firm and based on our Tests over here at the slumber yard we Would pretty much say that their soft is Around a medium soft to a medium on our Firmness scale so it might work best for Side sleepers or some combination Sleepers their medium is right at a Medium on our firmness scale so it Should work for all sleeper types back Stomach side and combination you know Anyone who wants something that's right In the middle and they have their firm

Which we would place around a medium Firm on our scale but it still should be Pretty good for strict back and stomach Sleepers and work also for some Combination sleepers who want a little Bit of a firmer mattress now Brooklyn Bedding labels their firmnesses as soft Medium and firm but in terms of our Opinion we don't think that they're Going to be that soft or that firm They're pretty much closer to the middle Spectrum which is where most people like It you know you don't want a super duper Soft bed or a super duper firm bed if You do you might not be into the whole Brooklyn betting lineup in general what Brooklyn Bedding dubs there soft is Great for side sleepers and combination Sleepers the bed will almost hug you and It provides a lot of support and Pressure relief with the medium you're Probably going to be sleeping slightly On top of the bed you might sink in a Little bit if you are a much heavier Individual visual but in general it's Going to provide some contouring but Also a lot of support as well now if you Go the firm route you're probably going To be sleeping pretty much on top of the Mattress it will be slightly firmer Pretty much better for strict back or Stomach sleepers just because what we See is that most backer stomach sleepers Prefer firmer beds and it will provide a

Lot of support with less sink in now This firmness level should be the same No matter you go with the signature the Aurora the custom or the Spartan but Let's talk briefly about the Spartan Right now and this is probably going to Be the best option for anyone who's Leading an athletic lifestyle this is Another hybrid bed which means it uses Pocketed coals in combined with support Foam and pretty much is going to have a Neutral foam feel similar to the Brooklyn Bedding signature but one thing Cool about the Spartan mattress is that It has a special cover that's supposed To help increase blood flow increase Your energy and overall make you get Restful sleep so you can get out there And perform more a guy on our team Johnny G he used to sleep on the Spartan And I'll tell you what dude he was Putting up weight in the gym when he was Doing that let's go Johnny G Now obviously I've talked all about the Soft medium and firm firmness options And they're all choices that you can Make if you do decide to go the route of The Spartan mattress and again those Firmnesses will be right in line with What I talked about on the signature the Soft being around a medium to a medium Soft the medium being right at a medium And the firm being around a medium firm Now if you look under the hood of the

Spartan there's pretty much just one Layer that changes slightly and they're Pretty much just going to change its Thickness depending on which option you Do decide to go with so know that there Is something actually happening it's not Just a marketing thing they are changing The bed no matter you go with soft Medium or firm now the next bit I want To talk about is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress which might be a great Option for any hot sleepers out there Because it's a quality bed that has a Cooling cover by default and it is Available in those three different Firmness options in terms of the Aurora's construction it has a dense Layer of coils on the bottom then a Couple transition foam layers and then Some cover foam layers and on top a euro Top cover all wrapped up in a cooling Cover which is actually cool to the Touch you know a lot of mattress Brands Out there claim to have really cool Sleeping beds and this is one that we Actually kind of tend to agree with the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe also has a Neutral foam feel and it's always making Our best lists for some of the coolest Sleeping beds that we've tried so Definitely gonna move the needle if you Are a hot sleeper like I mentioned it Has those three firmest choices to Choose from and like the Spartan it will

Have some minor things going on in those Transition layers to change its overall Firmness so check out the Aurora Lux if You want a luxurious mattress that might Be great for any hot sleepers out there And the last bit I'm going to talk about Today is the Brooklyn Bedding custom and This is basically a Choose Your Own Adventure in terms of bed so you've got Pocketed clothes on the bottom but then You can decide on what kinds of Transition layers or Comfort foam layers Or even covers that you want to go with Your bed so if you wanted something with More of a latex foam feel but you wanted A cooling cover you could do that with The custom and obviously since it is Customizable you're still going to get Your choice of those firmness levels and They will be right along line of what I've been saying this whole time the Soft being between a medium soft and a Medium on our scale the medium being Right at that medium and the firm being Closer to that Medium firm end of the Spectrum something cool about the Brooklyn betting custom is that if there Were anything that I mentioned earlier In this video like the cooling cover From the Aurora or that recovery cover From the Spartan you could put it on Your bed you obviously can't have two of The exact same covers or two of the Exact same Comfort foam layers but

You'll have to make those harder choices Down the line if you do go the route of The custom but in general Brooklyn Betting as a brand has a ton of Different choices that you can make Between firmness between different Comfort layers and between basic Mattresses so what do you guys think do Any of these beds really pique your Interests or or any of these firmnesses Ones that you definitely want to try Maybe you're a softy or maybe you love Something that's pretty darn firm write Us down in those comments we would love To hear from you if you need any more Information about any of these Brooklyn Bedding beds check down below in the Description because we'll have a ton More information about all of them Including more reviews more comparisons And you can always check out our website for even more I know that This is a different kind of video than You're used to over here at the slumber Yard but what did you think about it you Know write us down below in those Comments or hit the Thumbs Up Button if You liked it and you want to see more And always remember to subscribe to the Sombre art if you want to keep up to all Things in the online betting space but For the rest of the Slumber yard team I'm Wes wishing you all a good night's Sleep

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