Boho Beautiful ‘RETREAT’ | A 7 Day Yoga Retreat In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

7 Day Prayer Miracle

Experience the world’s first virtual yoga retreat from the comfort of your own home- Available to stream and download in “Netflix style” web browser, and iOS & Android App!

2020 has been a strange year for everyone so far.
Start take back control of your year and join us on a journey through yoga.
Step on your mat and dive deeper into your own personal practice of mind-body connection.
Find the peace we all need now, and disconnect to reconnect. ☮

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Song: “I Release Control” by Alexa Sunshine Rose

Alexa Sunshine Rose is a singer-songwriter, mother and artist who has dedicated herself and her life’s work to being a clear channel for peace on earth. Alexa’s music sources from the peace and truth that shines quietly and eternally in the center of all things. Her songs bridge worlds; the inner and outer, the mind and heart, chaos and calm. Alexa plays in the tuning frequency of A 432 Hz to promote inner peace and deep sound absorption. Listeners worldwide utilize her music during pregnancy and birth, hospice, yoga and massage, community song circles, and inner-transformational journeys.

Alexa’s YouTube Topic channel-


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