Blanket Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Thermal blanket – The key to surviving at night is staying warm. Emergency thermal blankets or space blankets help to prevent heat loss from the body. Make sure you get a thermal blanket that is small, compact, and easy to pack. It is also extremely helpful if you get one that is reflective, as they can make for a great makeshift signaling device during the daytime.

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Hi guys and welcome back to the video um And we’ll we are on our fourth item Uh from our 11 vital items to include in Your survival pack so the fourth item on Our list is thermal blanket so the key To surviving at night is staying warm And emergency thermal blankets or space Blankets help to prevent heat loss from The body so make sure you get a thermal Blanket that is small Compact and easy to pack It is also extremely helpful if you get One that is reflective as they can make Uh for a great makeshift signaling Device during Daytime So i’ll be giving you or showing you Three websites Uh this the first one is public Lands So we have here the saul or sol Emergency bivvy Kit So this one is 16.99 So the highlights for this product is That advanced 90 Body head reflection With heat bouncing properties It is extremely lightweight at three and A half ounce for easy carrying over long Lengths of time and reduces In size to smaller than 12 ounce Soda can so it is also waterproof and Windproof with

Sealed seams So this is what it looks like Um And oh Yes so if you scroll down you will see The product Information so you can see the specs It’s The package rate is three and a half Ounce Uh design and details Okay so for the design and details here Again 90 90 Body reflection and heat balancing Properties Easy for carrying over Is for easy carrying over long lengths Of time Tinder cords offers fire starting Abilities Whistle signals for help in the crux of Danger Waterproofness covers dryness under rain Showering Windproof materials hold in warmth Seams seal out snow and wind for Protection against cold High visibility orange exterior allows Easy finding when rescuers rescuers come Double purposes A sleeping bag and blanket to ensure Warmth until help arrives And tear resistance Offers durable fabric eliminating risk

Of Punctures So the style is this one county of Origin important Imported brand sol So there’s no customer reviews yet but Yeah this is our Emergency Thermal blanket So yeah this is again 16 And 99 Cents so this is what it looks like all Right next on our list is So this is the emergency blankets for Survival extra large thermal space uh Four pack so this is what it looks like Here Let me As you can see here For packing for driving for camping for Bicycle Thing And Let’s click on that Tear resistant Tough and durable thickness Is 12 Something Here So we can actually choose a color like a Black green Navy blue And This one it’s just cute

This is like turquoise Yeah It’s an emergency black as you can see Here it’s like good for four packs Um Yeah So the price is 15.79 We have One two so this is not available Okay so we have one two three four five Colors we have lime We have black They have blue but it’s already sold out We have they have olive and sky blue There you go So Uh they have free shipping over only 35 No minimum shipping quantity required So this is the description Let’s click on that one all right so for A description keep warm and dry designed By nasa nasa the foil blanket is Waterproof and thermal insulation Reflecting up to 90 percent of body heat And when emergency situations hit the The blankets can see relief from Hypothermia so it’s extra large and Lightweight so our blankets are extra Large for full protection of the body With the size of seven by five feet um Even with the larger size larger size it Is still light and portable and easy to Put in your bag or pocket

You can take the whole set for family Trip or take an individual wrap blanket When hiking alone Tough and durable although the camping Blankets are designed primarily for Single use We put our effort into making the Product tougher and stronger for outdoor Use so the thickness of the blanket is Over 14 microns Making it tear resistant and durable Well packaged gift set so if you want to Give this as a christmas gift To those people who are more into Camping or Hiking this is good The blank the blanket set includes four Individually packaged blankets and one Nylon portable storage bag this is this Portable Bag And well-designed outer case also makes It a perfect kit for family and friends And multiple applications so never Expect accidents but always be prepared Which is correct This multi-purpose survival blanket is The perfect outdoor gear for camping Hiking outdoor sports Driving and travel to keep you safe and Sound moreover feel at ease when setting Off So there you go [Music]

Yeah there is [Music] So you could actually pay it They have the payment security here you Can use visa Jcb Apple pay Mastercard paypal yeah So it says here it’s also a 60 day money Back guarantee and they have a 360 Degree customer support Again free shipping over 35 So they have 4.5 Out of 5 stars and they have two reviews It says here the color is my type the Price is very nice so yeah Again this is um emergency blankets for Survival Uh this is otis ori stout Yeah artist out and this is So last but not least we have Here they have a solar Emergency survival blanket This is um on the cheaper side this is Four dollars and ninety-eight cents For one pack for four packs it’s 16.98 Cents For 10 packs we have 30 it is 36.98 So this is what it looks like here There you go There So again this is perfect for emergency

Kits mylar insulated material provides Emergency protection in all conditions Reflects 90 percent of body heat and Keeps the body warm during the emergency Large Size this is the size here So it’s 82 Inches in length and 51 inches in Width There you go So yeah Again this is the thermal Blanket So This is well and So thank you so much for watching and Stay tuned for our fifth video