BEYOND™ Polus® Whitening Accelerator Instruction Video (B.O.A Video) – REF.751.4OG.1A

$10 OFF glowup.

Containing LightBridge™ technology, system produces zero UV light, allows the treating dentist to adjust the light intensity according to the tooth condition of the patient, includes the dual-wavelength curing light capable of curing any dental composite on the market today, adds 360° range of motion for perfect positioning within any treatment room, touch-user interface (TUI), remote control, motorized height adjustment, and optional low-level laser therapy device for the ultimate whitening system for any practice. The BEYOND™ Polus™ 30-minute chair-side treatment combines the Polus™ Accelerator with our unique H2O2 gel for predictable, long-lasting results in a single treatment for as little as $20 per patient.

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