Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress | TOP 5 Beds For Comfort (UPDATED 2022)

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Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress | TOP 5 Beds For Comfort (UPDATED 2022). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers our list of the best soft memory foam beds on the market. Typically, it’s side sleepers who like soft beds since they need more pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. As such, if you fall into this category, hopefully you’ll find this video helpful. In this video, Wes discusses our top five beds, including Layla mattress, Nectar Premier, DreamCloud Premier Rest, Puffy Lux mattress, and Amerisleep AS5. Topics covered include the construction of each bed in a box, what they feel like and where exactly they fall along the soft to firm scale. Thanks for watching this memory foam mattress reviews video. Hopefully it helps you select the right one for your preferences!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – General Mattress Policies
2:09 – Layla Mattress
3:45 – Nectar Premier
5:05 – DreamCloud Premier Rest
6:28 – Amerisleep AS5
8:08 – Puffy Lux Hybrid
9:19 – Conclusion

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So if you're looking for a bed with more Of a memory foam feel but you also want Something that's softer that might be Hard to find because in general we Usually see that a lot of memory foam Beds are firmer in general but lucky for You we're compiling this list of the Best soft memory foam beds so you can Find the ultimate mattress for your Bedroom hi I'm Wes with the Slumber yard And if you didn't know about the Slumber Yard we basically review all things Online beds we've tried out over 200 Mattresses and we've tried soft beds We've tried memory foam beds and for This list we're talking about the best Soft memory foam mattresses now if you Need any more information about any of The picks on this list you can always go Down below in that description box we'll Have tons more content including more Videos more comparisons and even some Written reviews for you and if you Happen to enjoy this video along the way Hit the thumbs up button or subscribe to The channel for more but let's talk About the best Merry foam beds that are Going to be soft [Music] For you [Music] Alrighty so before I go into this list And start talking about some really soft Beds that have a memory foam Feel That

You're Gonna Love I do want to preface This all by saying that all the mattress Brands on this list did send us these Beds for free to review and tell you Guys about them but we obviously Compiled this list ourselves now if you Do want to go the route of any of these Beds I'm going to start by talking about The policies what are you going to get With each mattress if you do decide to Order them online well it's going to be At least free shipping these are all bed In a box mattresses that'll ship to you In a big old box you just drag in your House and rip off all the packaging and The bed will start to expand in front of Your eyes and with each mattress you're Going to get at least a 100 night trial Period to basically sleep on the bed in The comfort of your own home and Formulate any kind of opinions that you Have and decide whether or not you want To keep it for the foreseeable future Now if you decide that any of the beds Aren't right for you within that trial Period you do have a return option but Hopefully you do enjoy these mattresses And if so they're all going to be back By at least a 10 year warranty and if You need any more information about Those warranty or those policies check Down below in the description we'll have Some helpful links for you down there But let's get into this list with our

First pick which is the Layla mattress And something cool about this bed is That it's actually flippable so you get Two different firmnesses in one bed now The Layla memory foam mattress is their Flagship bed and it is also an awful Mattress but I did mention that it's Flippable and no matter which side you Go with it's going to have more of a Fluffy Airy memory foam feel we pretty Much compare the feel of a Layla is a Balance between something like a Traditional memory foam feel and more of A soft neutral foam feel it's going to Be pretty darn responsive pretty Airy And ultimately more fluffy than Something like a nectar or a Tempur-Pedic now with some of those Mattresses when you do change between Sleeping positions at night it's almost Like the bed is changing slightly behind You since it is so dense and viscous but With something like a layla it's going To be a lot quicker when you do change So it might be good for any combination Sleepers out there now since this bed is Flippable you're gonna get two different Firmnesses in one mattress the soft side Is right around a medium soft on our Firmness scale making it a pretty good Choice for this list in general but if You do want something slightly firmer You can always flip the bed over and That firm side will be right around a

Medium to a medium firm on our scale now Either one of those options could work For all sleeper types but having a wider Range of firmness is always something Nice to have and having that medium soft Means it's definitely going to make this Soft memory foam list this bed retails For around the eleven thousand dollar Range but you should be able to pick it Up for closer to the 950 range for a Queen size and we might also have a Discount with Layla Down Below in the Description so check that out if you do Want to save some money with that Mattress but let's move on to the next One and that would be the nectar Premier Mattress and that is basically the Upgraded version of the nectar mattress That's going to be slightly softer so Nectar as a brand pretty much makes beds With more of a dense viscous memory foam Feel when you push down on it it'll be Really slow to respond and it'll almost Create a kind of cocoon for you to sleep In at night this connector Premiere will Be no exception it also has a dense Viscous memory foam feel but whereas the Original nectar mattress is right around A medium firm this one will be slightly Softer closer to around a medium on our Firmness scale so it should work for all Sleeper types back stomach side and Combination but it does provide that Dense viscous memory foam feel that is

Slightly softer if that's something that You're looking for now nectar Premiere Also has a machine washable cover which Might be great if you're going to use This in a guest room or spill something On your mattress you can take the whole Thing off throw it in your washing Machine and then have a brand new clean Mattress cover after that now in terms Of price the nectar Premiere is around The 1200 mark for a queen size but Nectar is a brand usually offers Something like a free bundle or some Nice discounts so whatever is current With that promotion will be linked Down Below in the description so you can save Some money on the nectar Premiere I Should also mention that that bed comes With a forever warranty and a 365 night Trial period so you're getting some Boosted policies if you go the route of Nectar Premiere now speaking of Premiere I'm going to talk about another Premier Bed and that would be the dream Cloud Premiere rest mattress and this is the First bed that has pocketed coils or Some sort of hybrid construction so this Bed uses pocketed coils as its main Support layer and a general pocketed Coils are pretty much something that we Would recommend most people should go With if they're above the 200 or 250 Pound marker it'll pretty much just Provide a lot more durability some

Increased airflow and long-term support For those bigger body types aside from Those coils the bed's main Comfort foam Layer is something called its true Loft Pillow top which will pretty much add up To give the bed a more responsive memory Foam feel and this feel is balanced out Nice between that pillow top and those Coils so it's pretty much going to be Like a responsive memory foamy also with Some pillow top qualities as well now This bed is between a medium soft and a Medium on our firmness scale so it Should work for all sleeveer types but It might be slightly better for strict Side or combination sleepers since it is On that softer end of the spectrum and Dream Cloud as a brand does make other Mattresses you know if that firmness Doesn't sound exactly right to you you Can check out the dream Club premiere Bed or the dream Cloud mattress as well Those will be slightly firmer though now In terms of price the dream Cloud Premiere rest goes for around the 1800 Mark for the queen size and like the Nectar Premiere bed this mattress also Will bundle in stuff like free sheets or Pillows so check down below to see Whatever is bundled in with your Purchase if you do decide to go that way Now the next bit I have for you is from The brand amerisleep which makes a Couple of different mattresses but this

Would be their softest most luxurious or At least that's what they say on their Website and it's an all foam bed and That's the amerisleep as5 mattress now The version of the amerisleep as5 that I'm talking about is their all foam but They used to have a hybrid option as Well you might be able to find it on Their website you know check down below In the description but for this video I'm mainly going to be talking about the All foam version in terms of its feel Though it'll have a responsive memory Foam feel it's going to be something More similar to a Layla but maybe even a Little bit more responsive now when you Do go to push down on the amerisleep bed It'll have resistance that's similar to A memory foam when you release your Hands it'll respond almost instantly This might be a great bed for anyone Who's looking for a new age memory foam Feel something that's a lot quicker to Respond rather than something that's Really slow to respond now in terms of Firmness how the amerisleep lineup works Is that the higher in number you go the Softer the mattress gets so the as5 will Be a soft mattress we would probably Place it around a soft on our firm scale Maybe between a medium soft and a soft But this will be a pretty darn soft Mattress and this is probably going to Be one of the softest mattresses that we

Have on this list and it's definitely The softest bed from amerisleep so Definitely check it out if you are Looking for something that's soft in Terms of price as of when I'm recording This video after discount you should be Able to pick up the as5 for a queen size Around the 1700 Mark so that's a pretty Darn good deal for a soft bed with that Nice responsive memory foam feel and Check down below in the description to See that coupon codes so you can save The most amount of money with amerisleep But the last bit I have for you on this List is from the brand puffy and that Would be the puffy Luxe hybrid now like Some other beds on this list puffy Lux Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty so That's something cool you can definitely Read more up on that but it's another Bed that does have pocketed coils so it Should provide a lot of support for Those bigger body types as well now in Terms of feel puffylex hybrid has more Of a soft Airy memory foam feel it might Be somewhere in between a Layla and an Amerisleep as5 those beds I just talked About but in terms of firmness this bed Is going to be between a medium soft and A medium on our firmness scale so it Should work for all sleeveer types but Since it is on that softer end of the Spectrum and does use pocketed coils it Might be good for heavy individuals

Looking for a soft memory foam mattress Now in terms of price a queen size puffy Luxe hybrid retails for around the 22.50 Mark but they usually offer some pretty Nice discounts as when I'm recording This video you should be able to pick a Queen size up for around the 1500 Mark So you're definitely saving a lot of Money if you do use that promo code so If you need it it'll be linked Down Below in the description box and Something else that's fun to know about Puffy is that this bed is made in the United States so if you like supporting American-made products that might move The needle for you but that is basically The list when it comes to the best soft Memory foam mattresses hopefully you Enjoyed this video if so hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe to the channel For more and if you need any more Information about any of the beds I Talked about or any other soft memory Foam mattresses feel free to go to our Website or check down Below in that description box we'll have So much content and some coupon codes as Well and what did you guys think you Know did I get all the right mattresses On this list are there any that I missed Russ Down Below in those comments we Would love to hear from you but that's Going to do it for this one for the rest Of the Slumber yard team I'm Wes wishing

You a good night's sleep Foreign [Music]