Best Place To Buy A Mattress

Time to buy a new mattress? If you’re not sure where to start, our guide will help find the best place to buy a mattress.

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0:35 Shopping In A Department Store
1:38 Shopping In A Mattress Store
2:36 Shopping Online
4:08 Who Should Buy A Mattress In-Store?
4:33 Who Should Buy A Mattress Online?
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You have a few options when shopping for a mattress. You can buy a mattress in a department store, mattress store, or online. So, really, you have two choices – in-store or online.

Buying in a store is nice because you can try the mattress out for yourself, and you have the help of a salesperson. However, the salespeople can be pushy, and you are still limited to what models they have in-store.

Buying online, you have many more mattresses to choose from. Also, online mattresses are generally more affordable than in-store mattresses. You don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople, but you also don’t get to try the mattresses before you buy.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity so it's time to buy a new Mattress and this is a big investment And decision where do you even start so Today I want to talk about the best Places to buy a mattress they're Pros They're cons and help you decide what is Right for you let's get started [Music] I do want to note that we received some Mattresses for free we may receive a Commission if you decide to purchase Them this helps keep this content free For you and helps fund our testing Operations [Music] So your first options are furniture and Department stores and the big upside of Furniture or department store is they're Everywhere so they're very convenient They also carry more than just Mattresses so if you're in a furniture Store you can also get your full bed Nightside table lamps your department Store you can get a whole lot more so if You rented a truck for the day you can Kind of do a One-Stop shop but there are Some downsides to shopping at a Furniture or department store namely a Lot of times they don't carry that many Mattresses if any mattresses at all also With their sales people they might not Have a specific knowledge of mattresses Themselves lastly if you're picking the

Mattress up yourself this can be Cumbersome and difficult they may offer Delivery so definitely keep that in mind As well so some tips to think about when Buying a mattress from a department Store or a furniture store is call ahead To make sure they have mattresses and to Figure out what brands they actually Offer and all for that do your research So you're prepared when you go in to Speak to a salesperson find exactly What's right for your situation You can also shop at a mattress store And these are great because you're going To have a wider selection of mattresses When compared to a department or a Furniture store so a lot of different Types of mattresses to try out for Yourself and that is a big upside of Mattress store you can try the Mattresses out for yourself roll around Try them out in different sleeping Positions find the right mattress for Your situation also these stores are Usually going to have some more Knowledgeable sales people to help you Along on your mattress buying Journey But therein lies one of the downsides as Well sales people can be quite pushy They often work on commission so they Might push you to buy a more expensive Mattress but some tips to think about When buying a mattress at a mattress Store first off do your research ahead

Of time you want to go in kind of Knowing what you're looking for in General you don't want to be caught Unawarised by a pushy salesperson and Also take your time you don't have to Buy a mattress that very minute make Sure it's the right mattress for your Situation Your last option is you can buy your Mattress online and over the last few Years online mattress companies have Absolutely been booming it's a great Time to buy a mattress online there are Literally hundreds of different types of Mattress Brands so a lot to choose from Compared to a mattress store or Department store or Furniture Store you Have a lot more options online than you Do over there they're also usually more Affordable than mattresses in store and Also they're more convenient you can Shop from the comfort of your own home On your computer the mattress is Delivered right to your door in a Cardboard box very easy to set up or you Can opt for White Glove delivery You also don't have to deal with a pushy Sales person so trying to push you into Buying something you don't want you Don't have to deal with that in your Home but it's also a downside as well You don't have a salesperson to help you On your mattress buying Journey that's Where mattress Clarity comes in though

We review all these mattresses for you To give you a good idea of what you Should find also you can't try the Mattresses out for yourself but that's Where we come in we try the mattresses Out for you give you some good reviews To help you choose the right mattress For your situation and the brands Themselves also offer good warranties And sleep trials some tips to think About though when buying online first Off take your time do your research Again we got some great research here on some great best Stuff lists and some great reviews as Well and also shop around holiday time So Black Friday Memorial Day a great Time to buy a mattress So basically you have two options when Shopping for a mattress you can buy a Mattress in a store or you can buy a Mattress online which is right for you First off speaking of buying a mattress In store it's a good option if you want The help of a salesperson you have Someone there to help you through the Entire decision making process this can Be very helpful it's also a better Option if you want to try the mattress Out for yourself you can roll around on That mattress try it out in different Sleeping positions now in terms of who Should buy a mattress online this is Better if you don't want to deal with a

Salesperson you don't want someone Pushing you into buying a mattress it's Not right for you it's also usually a More affordable option and it's much More convenient the mattress comes right To your house in a cardboard box well at This point you should know what's better For you buying a mattress in a store or Online but if you want some more help on Your mattress buying Journey we are here For you check out For full written reviews and some great Money saving coupons we'll see you next Time [Music] Foreign [Music]