Best Natural & Organic Mattress | Top 6 Beds (UPDATED 2022)

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Best Natural & Organic Mattress | Top 6 Beds (UPDATED 2022). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his picks for the best natural and organic mattresses within the online space. Lots of people are eco-conscious shoppers who are looking for a sustainably sourced option, and this list is comprised of those types of beds. JD talks about online bed in a box policies, including shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties. He then talks about each of these online bed in a box mattresses in detail. JD talks about what each bed is made of, what they feel like and how much support each bed provides. He also talks about the firmness of each bed and what type of sleepers (side, back, stomach) each mattress is best for. Thanks for watching this best natural and organic mattress reviews video. Hopefully it helps you select the best ethically sourced mattress for your situation.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – General Mattress Policies
1:45 – Avocado Green
3:48 – Natural Escape by MyGreenMattress
5:30 – Zenhaven by Saatva
7:10 – Awara Natural Hybrid
8:27 – Brentwood Home Oceano
9:58 – EcoSleep Luxe
11:19 – Conclusion

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So lots of folks out there these days Are eco-conscious Shoppers and when it Comes to the world of online beds there Is certainly no exception here lots of Beds come with natural and organic Materials and have tons of Certifications to prove it but when it Comes down to it what are the best ones Within the online mattress space well That's exactly what we're going to try To go over today hi I'm JD I'm with the Slumber yard and over here we review all Things online beds so if you've maybe Been checking out an online mattress for A while or you're just in the market for A new one check down below in the Description box to see a ton more Helpful content we should have some Helpful links down there to help guide You in the right direction in your Online mattress Journey if you like this Video show us some love by hitting the Thumbs up button and subscribing to the Channel for more but without further Ado Let's talk about the best natural Inorganic beds of 2022. [Music] More I work real hard to find the right bed For you [Music] Alrighty So within this video I do have Six different beds to discuss with you Today so I'm gonna try to cover a lot of

Information rather quickly so check in The description box again for the more In-depth reviews that we've done about Each individual bed on this channel but That being said I do want to discuss the Bare minimum policy stuff that should Apply to each and every one of these Picks now just for the record we did Receive all of them for free from their Respective Brands to review and tell you Guys about them but in terms of policy Stuff to start you should be getting Completely free shipping with them all At least a 100 night trial period to Test them out at home before you're Stuck with them free returns within that Time frame actually all but one come With completely free returns so you do Have a return option and all should come With at least a standard 10-year Warranty and if you need any more Information regarding the specific Policy stuff again check the description Box for so much more but now with the General policy stuff out of the way Let's Dive Right into this list and it Wouldn't be the best natural inorganic Beds list of 2022. if we didn't shout Out first the avocado green mattress This guy's sitting right behind me this Bed constantly makes our best natural And organic lists over and over again For a reason this is a very ethically Sourced bed that's entirely comprised of

Sustainable materials it uses recycled Steel coils in addition to organic Cotton and wool and latex foam and it Just adds up to give the avocado green a Really comfortable latex foam feel so a Lot of these beds on this list are going To feature primarily a latex foam feel For the record and ostensibly what it is Is the opposite of something like a Memory foam so with a memory foam feel You're going to get a lot of a pressure Relieving sink in quality whereas with a Latex it's going to spring back into its Original shape once you relieve pressure From it and it's going to be really Springy and spongy for lack of a better Term but even though it is really Springy and responsive it is generally Comfortable and a lot of people should Find it to be really accommodating now In terms of firmness you do have two Different options with the avocado green Mattress it's available with and without A pillow top we usually recommend that Most folks looking at getting the pillow Top version as it does soften the bed up From a firm to a medium firm so that is Pretty firm for most folks out there but Should be applicable to pretty much any Sleeper type out there now avocado as a Brand also has a number of other models For you to choose from besides the green They have the Eco Organic mattress for Instance and even a mattress that's

Entirely vegan if that's something You're into and all of their beds are Also backed by a ton of different Ecological certifications to basically Prove how sustainable and ethically Sourced they are all of the beds are Green guard gold certified they meet the Global organic latex and textile Standards and there's a ton more stuff That we'll try to link Down Below in the Description box if you're interested in Checking it out we'll link those other Options from avocado Down Below in the Description for you to check out but Price wise for the green mattress The Standard Version in a queen size should Cost you around two thousand dollars After discount it'll be considerably More for the pillow top version but you Might just want to spend up for that Extra comfort factor again all their Current pricing and promotions should be Linked Down Below in the description box For you now another noteworthy natural Inorganic option that definitely does Make the cut as well for this list is The natural Escape mattress from my Green mattress the brand and this is Another ethically sore sourced mattress That's also naturally hypoallergenic and The founder of this brand actually made This bed to accommodate his daughter who Suffered from chronic allergies and Asthma so that's definitely nice to know

If you're someone like myself who does Suffer from those kind of health Conditions you know you want your Mattress to accommodate those as best as Possible so that's always good to have This bed also features a straightforward Latex foam feel where it's going to feel Really responsive and springy and latex Foam is a material believe it or not is Actually derived from the sap of a Rubber tree so it's also one of the only Naturally derived types of Foams that's Still used within beds in terms of Firmness like the avocado green mattress With a pillow top it's right around a Medium firm but that's by default so you Can rest assured knowing that it's going To accommodate all sleeper types but Since it is on the firmer end of the Spectrum it might be best to suit the Needs of back and stomach sleepers the Natural Escape bed also features a Zone Support feature where the head and foot Sections of the mattress are slightly Softer than the middle one which is in Turn a bit firmer and this type of Design is basically there to help keep Your back more neutrally aligned at Night so if you're someone who suffers From chronic back pain and would like Some sort of a natural inorganic option To maybe help alleviate it this could be An option worth looking into and price Wise for the natural Escape bed you're

Looking at around fifteen hundred Dollars for the queen size which is Certainly more affordable than avocado Again check the description box for Whatever we can find and whatever's most Current I should also mention that the Natural Escape is green guard gold Certified as well and it also meets a Bunch of other ecological certifications That we will have linked Down Below in The description box for you but next up On the list is a all latex foam option That is also double-sided so you have Two different furnace levels in one bed And this is going to be the Zen Haven Mattress By savva so both sides of the Zenhaven mattress are designed to be Slept on which is pretty nice it's kind Of like you're getting two mattresses in One so you can kind of play around with That firmness level until it's right for You however both sides are on the much Firmer end of the firmness Spectrum so I Can realistically only recommend this Bed for back and stomach sleepers but Behavior side sleeper or a combination Sleeper who prefers a firmer bed maybe Also look into it in terms of feel both Sides also feature more of a predominant Latex foam feel so it's going to be Really responsive spongy and bouncy and It also comes with complementary White Glove delivery so instead of standard Bed in a box shipping this bed is going

To be delivered to you full size and They'll set it up for you and in a lot Of cases they'll even remove your old Mattress for free but since satva the Brand that owns zenhaven provides the Service for the ZET Haven Bed returns With it aren't exactly going to be free They'll probably charge you a small fee If you do want to send it back but we Highly doubt a lot of sleepers out there Are going to be doing that anytime soon But before you send it back you also do Have an entire year to try it out in the Comfort of your home risk-free so that's Kind of nice to know as well now price Wise it is kind of in the range of that Avocado green pricing I think the queen Size zenhaven currently retails right Around 2 500 and that pricing is after Discount which we probably should have For you down below in the description Box something to help save you some Money on the Zen Haven and you might be Wondering to yourself maybe that pricing Is a bit out of my range with all the Beds on this list you're just spending Up for that ethical quality that are Found within you know premium natural And organic offerings just like this Next one which is the award mattress This is a latex hybrid mattress which Means it uses coils on the bottom for Support alongside natural latex foam Wool and cotton for comfort and these

Elements add up to produce more of a Responsive latex foam feel so again You're getting a really responsive bed That shouldn't have a lot of sink in Like something like a memory foam the Awara natural latex is also around a Medium firm on our scale so it should be A good option for all sleeper types with A slight support Advantage for back and Stomach sleepers and as we found over Here at the slumber yard side sleepers Like a lot of pressure relief within Their beds for sleeping on their side Whereas back in stomach sleepers just Prefer a lot more support under the Areas of their back to kind of like keep Them sturdy at night this bed also comes With an entire year trial period to test It out at home for yourself before You're stuck with it and you also get a Forever warranty if you do decide to Keep it now price wise the awara natural Latex mattress is currently going for Around the 1100 range after a discount For that queen size which is a pretty Dang good value that you're getting here For a quality ethically sourced option And they even have awara Premiere which Adds a bit of comfort levels to the Mattress and softens it up to around Like a medium so if you want that kind Of an option maybe look into that but Yeah that's the awara natural hybrid We'll link whatever is current with

Their pricing and promotions Down Below In the description box for you guys to Check out but next up on this list we Have the Brentwood home Oceano which is Another sustainably sourced bed that's Also super cozy our good buddy Theron Actually sleeps on this bed exclusively At home shout out there and we love that Guy over here but we can see why he Likes the Brentwood home Oceano as it's A super Burly and durable hybrid pillow Top bed that offers a lot of support With a lot of comfort it actually Features two separate layers of coils You have pocketed coils for the main Support system for the mattress and then A layer of micro coils above that for Even more targeted support so it should Be a really simple supportive and Durable option for heavier people this Is one of the only beds on this natural And organic best list that doesn't Feature a predominant latex foam feel We'd say the Brentwood home Oceano Features more of a standard pillow top Feel so you're going to get a lot of Cushion and pressure relief from that Pillow top layer it does feature some Latex foam within its construction but The other Comfort elements above it tend To balance it out and make it just feel More neutral and more like a pillow top Feel overall it's also mostly comprised Of ethically sourced materials I think

You have some natural New Zealand wool In there and some organic cotton and Natural latex foam of course and price Wise it's also pretty affordable Considering the level of overall quality You're getting with all the beds on this List it's right around 1800 bucks for The queen size maybe a little over that But again check for any savings that we Can find you linked Down Below in the Description box we should have something For each and every one of these picks Down there for you the Oceano mattress Is also right around a medium on our Scale give or take so it should be a Great accommodating option for back side Stomach and combination sleep and Rounding out this list we have a really Accommodating option for the natural Inorganic category in terms of feel Firmness and price and this is actually Going to go to the ecosleep Lux mattress From Brooklyn Bedding this is a sub Brand from Brooklyn Bedding an American-based mattress company that Makes quality and affordable options and The cool thing about ecosleep Luxe is That the top Comfort foam layer features A different firmness on each side so you Can actually remove it and flip it over To adjust the firmness of the bed as you See fit there's basically a soft and a Firm side to that latex foam layer so if You flip it to the firm side it's going

To be a little firmer than a medium the Softer side is obviously going to be Softer than a medium but it should work For any and all sleeper types regardless Of the side that you end up sleeping on For yourself it does have more of a Latex foam feel that's pretty Accommodating and nice because of that Firmness level at right around a medium On either side give or take it also Features some organic qualities like That Joma wool it uses and the natural Latex foam it has for Comfort it has a 100 20 night trial period so you can Test it out for four full months at home Before you have to either keep it or Send it back and price wise it's also Pretty reasonable for this category for The queen size you're looking at around 1500 bucks after discount and again all The current discounts and promotions That we have for all of the beds on this List should be linked Down Below in the Description box to help save you guys The most amount of money possible but That's pretty much going to sum it up For the best natural inorganic beds that The Slumber yard deems are worthy for The year of 2022. but what do you guys Think was there maybe a natural Inorganic bed out there that you think Should have made the cut for this list That didn't rise Down Below in the Comments we're always striving to

Produce the best content over here and Your suggestions are always really Appreciated again check down below in That description box if you guys need Any more information about any one of These beds at all we'll have full Written reviews of them all other Comparisons with them buyer guides and Of course those discounts to help save You some money if you enjoyed the video Give us a thumbs up you know subscribe To the channel if you'd like to but That's pretty much going to do it for This one again I'm JD with the Slumber Yard hopefully you're doing well out There and like always sleep right sleep Tight and we'll see you next time [Music]