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Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders

Aside from insomnia, there are still some other common sleep disorders that exist such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy. Below are the brief explanations of each types of common sleep disorders:

Get Relief From Sleep Hyperhidrosis

Before you panic about those damp sheets and sleepless nights, consider the more likely and more innocent causes of your night sweats. Sweating at night is one of the most common concerns heard by primary care doctors, and in a vast majority of cases, the issues aren’t as serious as the patient fears.

Effectively Treat Your Sleep Apnea Positively

Treating sleep apnea doesn’t have to be a burden. There are many different sleep machines available on the market today with masks tailored to all kinds of sleeping problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea

Many people experience some occasional difficulty sleeping and/or daytime fatigue. But how does a person know if he or she has a temporary sleep problem that can be remedied with some simple behavioral changes, or if it is a legitimate disorder such as sleep apnea that should be diagnosed and treated properly? Here are some “frequently asked questions” about sleep apnea to help you decide.

ZQuiet Anti Snore Mouthpiece Device – Made in USA and FDA Approved

Millions of us snore the night away. And the rest of us are plugging our ears every night because we sleep with someone that sounds like a broken chainsaw & I happen to be the one that was sawing logs in our house.

Sleep Apnea – A General Overview

Let’s start with trying to understand what sleep apnea is. This is basically an illness, a sleeping disorder. A person suffering from sleep apnea has breathing problems whilst sleeping and cannot breathe consistently, having pauses between intervals of breathing.

High Blood Pressure Linked to Bad Sleeping Habits

One of the deeper stages of sleep which is often referred to as SWS is characterized by non-rapid eye movement from which it is hard to awaken. It is represented by significantly slow, synchronized brain waves that are referred to as delta activity on an electroencephalogram.

Why Heavy Foods At Bedtime Should Be Avoided If You Want to Fall Asleep Fast

There are many factors that influence how fast we fall asleep, and how deep our sleep will be. One of them is our eating habits, and binging on heavy food before bedtime is one of the most detrimental habits to getting a good night’s rest.

Fall Asleep Fast By Avoiding These Foods At Night

Getting that elusive good night’s sleep is very difficult, but with the right planning it’s totally possible. Just remember to avoid certain foods, and you’ll be alright.

Sleep Loss – Cause and Effect

Even a small amount of sleep loss may play a role in many common ailments that seem to affect our society. Loss of sleep, even for a few short hours during the night, can weaken your immune system, increasing your chance of becoming sick.

Exploring Hypnagogic Hallucinations and Other Sleep Related Issues

Sleep disruption issues like exploding head syndrome, hallucinations, and bed bug bites end up victimizing many people. Read on to know their signs, and the steps to take to remedy the problem.

Can Alternative Medicine Treat or Cure Sleep Apnea?

It’s true – the cure for sleep apnea may indeed exist in some obscure alternative medical treatment. Many scientific discoveries originate outside the conventional establishment. If a sure cure for sleep apnea exists today, the medical community hasn’t heard about it, much less had a chance to test it scientifically.

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