Best Mattresses For Heavy People – Top 8 Supportive Beds! (UPDATED)

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Best Mattresses For Heavy People – Top 8 Supportive Beds! (UPDATED). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science covers his picks for the best beds for heavy people. JD covers each bed in detail though, including what each is made of, how firm/soft they are and what types of sleeping positions (side, back, stomach) each bed is best for. All of these bed in a box mattresses are great for overweight and obese sleepers in one way or another. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a heavy side sleeper or heavy back sleeper, there’s a mattress on this list to match almost everyone’s sleep preferences. Thanks for watching this heavy person mattress guide.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
1:41 – Helix Plus
2:50 – Big Fig
4:16 – Saatva HD
5:57 – WinkBed Plus
6:52 – Titan Plus Luxe
8:21 – Avocado Green
10:14 – Conclusion

Let's just face it bigger people require Bigger mattresses if you're a heavier Person like myself say in the range of Like 200 pounds and up you're probably Going to want a really durable and Supportive hybrid bed to offer you a lot Of support on a nightly basis and lucky For you guys we have tested a lot of These types of mattresses out over here At the slumber yard we've reviewed a Bunch of them just so you guys don't Have to buy one for yourself and figure It out and today we're coming at you With our list of the best beds for heavy People for the year of 2022. hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard and if you Enjoy this list that I'm about to go Over you know like this video if it Helps you out towards your online Mattress search subscribe to the channel For a bunch more and if you need any More information about the beds that I'm About to cover head on down to our Description where there will be a ton More helpful links to help you out with Your online mattress search but without Further Ado let's talk about some great Beds for heavier people [Music] To find the right bed for you Save your money Alrighty so right up top I do want to Mention the bare minimum policies that Should apply to all of the picks that

I'm about to go over and for the record We did receive all of them for free from Their respective Brands to review and Tell you guys about them but they should All get to you with completely free Shipping the methods in which they get To you may vary from bed to bed but it Shouldn't cost you anything extra now Once they're in your possession you also Get at least 100 nights to try them out For yourself before you're stuck with Them you get a return option within that Time frame all but one should come with Completely free returns but on the other Hand if you do decide to keep them They're all backed by at least a Standard 10-year warranty many go above And beyond that range so if you need any More information about the policies the More specific details on them check down Below in the description box first up we Have a really sturdy and supportive Option from the brand Helix sleep this Is their plus mattress this guy's Sitting right behind me and this is a Bed that's designed to support a Substantial amount of weight on a Nightly basis it features an extra thick Layer of coils on the bottom for support And they're even more reinforced along The perimeter to provide some really Great Edge support for the mattress and Combined with the various Comfort Foams It uses it all just adds up to give the

Helix plus more of a neutral foam feel It just feels like a really soft Accommodating coil bed and it should Feel generally comfortable to the Average sleeper out there now furnace Wise we would clock the Helix plus it Right at a proper medium on our scale it Probably will be that firmness for Heavier people for the average size Person you might feel it to be a little Bit firmer than that but we're kind of Basing the firmness of the Helix plus Based on the size of a heavier person Firmness is pretty subjective based on How much you weigh but we're kind of Thinking that the Helix plus is right Around a medium give or take now price Wise for a queen size as of when I'm Recording this video you can expect to Pay right around the 1450 range after Discount but the queen says it usually Retails for right around 17.50 but Helix Is pretty good with the discounts and Promotions that they usually run and Around major holidays you can really Scoop up one for even cheaper so see What's current in the description box Next up we have a really good option for Heavier back or stomach sleepers this is A really firm supportive mattress called The big fig otherwise known as the bed Design for a bigger figure it uses Durable coils and dense foam for support In tandem with various Comfort Foams

Including latex foam to give the bed Lots of pushback and resistance the Design of this mattress adds up to give It a really firm neutral foam feel it Should feel really springy and Responsive due to its construction and Provide a lot of support for you now Firmness wise it's right in between a Medium firm and a proper firm on our Scale so it's probably going to work out Best for strict back and stomach Sleepers but again if you're a bit Heavier you're probably going to sink Into the mattress a bit more and Perceive it to be softer than it Actually is to the average sized Individual so keep that in mind it could Be right around a medium firm for you if You're heavy the big fig mattress also Features a phase change material within Its cover so it'll probably be a great Option for hot sleepers looking for a Bit of a cooling advantage in their bed And price wise you can pick one up for Right around the 1800 Mark for the queen Size in the retail value but after Discount which you should be able to Locate Down Below in the description box Right now you can pick it up for closer To 1400 as well again keep in mind that I'm filming this around a major holidays So pricing and promotions within the Online space change often especially Around these times so check in the

Description to see whatever is current With the big figs pricing but this is a Pretty good time to buy and if you use The discounts that are in our Description boxes of our videos it Actually helps to support our Channel Which we really appreciate now next up On the list we have a heavy duty option From the Brand satva This is their Saatva HD and this is a great bed for a Bigger dog out there anyone out there Remember big dogs the brand those T-shirts with the cool designs and the Saint Bernard on them write us down Below in the comments if you do please Don't send us a cease and desist we love You guys Big dogs big dogs Use that this bed incorporates lots of Construction elements to support the Bigger person it uses thicker gauge Coils for support memory foam neutral Foam and latex foam for comfort and even An organic cotton cover to round Everything out these Design Elements add Up to give the Saba HD more of a Supportive neutral foam feel even though It does use various types of Foams Everything just balances everything else Out to make it feel more neutral to us At least so it should just feel familiar And generally comfortable to pretty much Anyone out there it's right around a Medium on our scale at least for the

Heavier sized person which is what we're Basing this furnace level around so it Should just work out great for any and All sleeper types backside stomach and Combination the Sava HD mattress also Incorporates a five zoned latex foam Layer to give it a bit of a Zone support Advantage I believe it even incorporates A lumbar support in the middle of the Bed so the bed will probably do a good Job at keeping your back more neutrally Aligned at night at least more than the Average bend a box mattress now price Wise since this is saava's most premium Offering it's naturally going to come With the biggest price tag as well after Discount you can usually pick up a queen Size for right around 27.50 at least as Of when we're recording this video and Again if you need to see any discounts That we've found with satva and you want To apply some check in the description To you know maybe save you some money With this option but the Sava HD really Supportive and great option for much Heavier people in addition to the next Bit I'm about to cover which is the Winkbed plus this bed is actually made In Wisconsin and is technically the Fourth firmness level offered with their Flagship bed it uses coils along with Dense foam to give it tons of support And since it has a nice pillow top Rounding everything out we'd say it just

Features more of a soft pillow top feel To us it just feels like a more premium Hotel bed something that a lot of folks Out there will probably find to be Really dang comfy in terms of firmness It's right at a medium firm on our scale So it should work out fine for all Sleeper types but probably give the Advantage for backer stomach sleepers in Terms of overall support you get from The bed but again if you're heavier it Might feel closer to a medium for you And work for all sleeper types in that Case now in terms of price you can Currently pay pick up a winkbed plus for Right around Seventeen hundred dollars After discount winkbiz as a brand is Really good with the discounts and Promotions that they run practically Year round so check down below in the Description box to see what's current With winkbed now say you want a really Supportive bed for heavier people but You also want one with a bit of a memory Foam feel maybe look into the Titan Lux Mattress this is another really Supportive hybrid pillow top mattress From a us-based brand Brooklyn Bedding And it uses extra thick gauge coils for Support and memory foam on top for Comfort and it gives the bed more of a Responsive memory foam feel in general So it does use that memory foam on top But you're not going to get an

Overwhelming sink in Sensation from the Bed or kind of a swaddling thing it's More so going to be balanced out by the Responsive nature of the coils Underneath you shouldn't really get a Stuck feeling from the Titan Lux since The bed is a lot more responsive than a More traditional style of memory foam Bed it's also right around a medium in Terms of firmness so again if you're a Heavier person you could find it to be Closer to a medium on the furnace scale But it should work out for all sleeper Types at the end of the day this is also A really good value in terms of a more Supportive hybrid mattress that you can Find online right now as of when I'm Doing this video you can pick up a queen Size for a little over the 1100 range After discount which again is a great Deal for a bed like this within the Online space and whatever is current With the Titan Lux in terms of discounts And promotions for this bed are going to Be located in the description box of This video I'm Gonna Leave This in Editor if I'm slurring my words in the Song cam my cat won't uh won't let me Sleep in the morning it wakes me up at Uh 2 30. so I have to uh shoe it away And then it comes back at 4 30 in the Morning and then you know I have to do That again Leave all this in

It would make for a gray video but Lastly we have another supportive hybrid Option for The Green Thumb or the more Eco-conscious online mattress buyer and This is the avocado green mattress so This bed is entirely comprised of Ethically sourced materials it uses Recycled steel coils on the bottom for Support natural latex foam for comfort And even some organic cotton for some Additional comfort and in the mattresses Cover now all these materials add up to Give the avocado green more of a Responsive latex foam feel the thing to Remember about this bed is that it kind Of resembles the opposite of a memory Foam mattress so instead of getting a More pressure relieving sink in Sensation you're going to be getting a Lot of responsiveness and push back from The bed with little to no sinking and While that may sound a little bit Off-putting at first we usually see that A lot of folks that try out latex foam Options really find them to be Comfortable but it will probably be a Little bit more responsive than your Average bed in a box mattress now the Avocado green is available in two Different firmness versions they have The standard model that doesn't use a Pillow top that is around a proper firm On our scale probably only going to work Out best for strict back and stomach

Sleepers looking for a lot of support But they also offer a version with a Pillow top which is the version that we Recommend it brings the firmness down to Around a medium firm so more applicable For all sleeper types it is going to Cost you extra to spend up for that Pillow top a lot extra than the standard Model but we think it's definitely worth It this bed also comes with a ton of Eco Certifications to back up just how Ethically sourced it is the whole bed is Green guard gold certified it meets the Global organic textile and latex foam Standards there's a bunch more stuff That this bed meets in terms of Eco Qualifications we'll try to link all That stuff in the description box for You but price wise the standard queen Size model of the avocado green retails For around the two thousand dollar Mark And as I mentioned you're gonna have to Spend up a bit more for the pillow top Version but we think it's definitely Worth it especially if you're more Eco-conscious and you want a really Supportive and durable option for Heavier people definitely look into the Avocado green but that pretty much sums It up for our list our updated thoughts On the best beds for heavier people for The year 2022 what do you guys think is There an option out there that I maybe Missed that could have made the cup for

This video rise Down Below in the Comments we would love to hear from you If you need any more information about These beds check in the description box We have a ton of helpful Links full Written reviews coupon codes to help Save you some money on them and the list Goes on and on if you found this video Helpful towards your online mattress Search we'd really appreciate a thumbs Up on this video subscribe to the Channel if you'd like to but that's Pretty much going to sum it up for this One again I'm JD hopefully you're doing Well out there and like always sleep Right sleep tight and we'll see you next Time Foreign [Music]