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Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers | What are the best beds for back sleepers (2020)

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Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers | What are the best beds for back sleepers (2020)

Check out our best mattresses for back sleepers!
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Tuck’s Top Six Picks for Back Sleepers mattress reviews

╔ Editor’s Pick╗
⇨ Leesa mattress deal: (use coupon code = TUCK ) :
⇨ Watch our full Leesa mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full Leesa review:

╔ Best mattress for lightweight back sleepers╗
⇨ Novosbed mattress deal:
⇨ Watch our full Novosbed mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full Novosbed review:

╔ Best mattress for average weight back sleepers╗
⇨ MemoryLux mattress deal: (Use code: TUCK200)
⇨ Watch our full MemoryLux mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full MemoryLux review:

╔ Best mattress for heavyweight back sleepers╗
⇨ Saatva mattress deal:
⇨ Watch our full Saatva Classic mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full Saatva Classic review:

╔ Best luxury mattress for back sleepers╗
⇨ WinkBed mattress deal (use coupon code: TUCK20 ):
⇨ Watch our full WinkBed mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full WinkBed review:

╔ Best value mattress for back sleepers╗
⇨ Nectar mattress deal:
⇨ Watch our full Nectar mattress video review:
⇨ Read our full Nectar mattress review:

We’ve reviewed the best of the best, and selected the six best mattresses for back sleepers, based on body weight, budget, and all-around customer satisfaction. All of our picks are based on verified customer and owner experiences, as well as intensive product research and analysis.

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*Please note: When readers choose to buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

╔ Background Information╗
Did you know that fewer than 10% of adults in the U.S. sleep on their backs?

Back sleeping is fairly uncommon among U.S. adults, but this position carries certain health benefits. One of these benefits is natural alignment of the neck, spine, and pelvis; this alignment can minimize aches, pains, and pressure points throughout the body.

In addition to proper spinal alignment, there are other benefits to sleeping on your back. The position does not require any additional support pillows, unlike side and stomach sleeping.

Mattress support is key for back sleepers. A supportive mattress will have a flat, even surface that will conform to the sleeper’s body and align the spine without sinking too deeply. How supportive or unsupportive a mattress feels will largely depend on two factors: the firmness of the sleep surface and the sleeper’s body weight.

The best mattress for back sleepers provides even, consistent support that conforms without excessive sagging.

Back sleepers should also look at mattress firmness; the optimal firmness for average-weight back sleepers falls between ‘Medium’ and ‘Medium Firm.’ Lighter individuals often prefer softer surfaces, while heavier individuals tend to feel most comfortable on ‘firm’ or ‘extra firm’ mattress because softer sleep surfaces sink too deeply; this also compromises support.

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