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How to Sleep Well at Night – Learn 3 Tips Now!

If you have a regular issue in getting to sleep, you might wonder what is the best way to learn how to sleep well at night? I put together 3 tips that have worked for me over the years. Now, obviously, each person is different and each of my tips may not work for you.

Why Snore? When You May Be Able to Reduce or Stop It With an Air Purifier?

Snoring affects an estimated 30-50% of adults in the U.S., with the percentages generally increasing with age. Though chronic (all the time) snoring can be the sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or developing heart conditions (and should be taken seriously), in many cases, a good portion or all of the snoring can be the result of irritation in the air passageway, irritation sometimes caused by air contaminants that can be removed by a quality air purifier.

Is Hypnotherapy the Answer to Insomnia?

If you suffer from insomnia, you know how debilitating it can be. Everyone suffers from sleeplessness sometimes, after drinking too much coffee or from a bout of nervousness before an important exam. However, not many people understand what it’s like when you suffer from sleeplessness on a nightly basis.

Snore Like A Banshee

Does the above title refer to you? If you snore like a banshee, or any other loud critter for that matter, you should really consider trying to find out why. Here’s a true story.

How To Avoid Snoring

Lots of us snore. Some of us go through our entire lives with this habit and don’t pay any attention to it. Perhaps your partner is aware of your snoring but it doesn’t really disturb their sleep?

Reviewing the Sleep Apnea Exercise Program – Help or Fantasy?

On reviewing The Sleep Apnea Exercise Program I found Marc MacDonald M.Sc an independent Sleep Apnea Researcher, has researched this problem extensively before writing this book to help people with this annoying problem.

Anti Snoring Devices

Your quest to end your snoring once and for all has set you on the hunt for a cure. There are all kinds of anti snoring devices available in the market, but are any of them any good? Do anti snoring devices work?

Ways To Avoid Nightmares

Learn how you can avoid having sleep nightmares. Read here to learn more.

Sleep Apnoea Linked To Heart Disease

In a detailed study of over 4,300 middle aged men, obstructive sleep apnoea has been found to be a predictor of Ischaemic Heart Disease and stroke. According to the researchers there is a clear link between sleep apnoea and arterial hypertension. The study findings have been published for peer review in the British Medical Journal.

Supporting Your Sleep Position

What kind of position do you sleep in at night? Ones sleep position can be the cause of many health problems including neck pain, back pain, and premature wrinkles especially if it is not properly supported. If you are dealing with health issues caused by your sleep position but can’t seem to change the way you sleep, consider supporting your sleep position to prevent associated health problems. There are four main sleep positions: back, side, fetal and stomach. Each has their pros and cons that can be improved with the proper support.

Will Your Company Spare You For A Few ZZZ’s?

With all of the research that shows that taking a daytime nap can improve cognitive function, mood and heart health, some employers are just now realizing that allowing snooze-time in the workplace can benefit employees’ performance and productivity. Some companies that have become nap-friendly include Google, Zappos, Nike, and the Connecticut-based Yarde Metals. Across the country, “nap boutiques” are popping up – here in New York City for example, Yelo a day spa on 57th Street, offers clients “YeloCabs” to retreat into for 40 minutes for $24, and MetroNaps has EnergyPods on the 22nd floor of the Empire State Building for daytime siestas.

Memory Foam Mattresses Help Everyone Get A Sound Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of good health. Unfortunately, too many people don’t sleep well because of a mattress that causes them more pain when they sleep than relaxation. Memory foam mattresses are the answer to this problem.

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