Best Mattress For Kids – Top 5 Beds! (FULL GUIDE)

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Best Mattress For Kids – Top 5 Beds! (FULL GUIDE). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his list of the best beds for kids and children. Choosing a mattress for a toddler or little person can be difficult. You want to make sure your kids are comfortable and properly supported but you likely also don’t want to break the bank knowing your kids is growing rapidly. Luckily, Wes talks about five bed in a box mattresses that are great for children. These online beds are affordable and all offer something different. Wes talks about the construction of each bed, what they feel like and how firm/soft they are. Thanks for watching this best child mattress guide. We hope you find it helpful in your search for the perfect bed for your child. Good luck!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – General Mattress Policies
1:55 – Saatva Youth
3:45 – Helix Kids
5:20 – Nest Bedding (Puffin & Lark)
7:53 – Tuft & Needle
8:35 – Conclusion

So if you're shopping for a bed for your Kids this might be the best list on the Internet hey there I'm Wes with the Slumber yard and over here we review all Things online beds and for the purposes Of this video we're going to be talking About the best mattresses for kids now If you do have a kid this video should Have everything that you want to know About finding their next mattress and Hopefully you do enjoy this video if so Hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe To the channel but just know that there Will be tons more information Down Below In the description box if you want to Learn more about any of these mattresses But let's get into the best mattresses For kids [Music] To find the right bed for you [Music] All right so before I get into all the Mattresses on this list I do want to Preface this list and say that the Mattress Brands did send us these kids Beds for free to review and tell you Guys about them but if you order any of These beds online they'll be backed by The following policies starting with Completely free shipping these kids beds Like any bed in a box mattress will show Up to your house in a big old box you Basically just drag into your home rip Off all the packaging you might want to

Do it with your kid because that'll be Pretty fun and the bed will expand in Front of your eyes and pretty much be Ready to be slept on within the next Couple hours now once one of these kids Mattresses are in your possession you'll Get a sleep trial but since they are for Kids the minimum night trial period will Be a little bit different I'm seeing 30 For some beds some do have 100 night Trial periods and one even has a full Year 365 night trial but you'll Definitely want to look at each Individual bed and see what those sleep Trials are now if the beds aren't right For you in your situation you should be Able to get free returns with all the Beds and they're all backed by a Warranty of some sort I'll get into that A little bit more on each individual Mattress as well now if you need any More information about those policies That I just mentioned feel free to check Down below in the description box we Always have helpful links about each Individual bed down there but let's jump Right into this list and talk about our First kids bed and that would be the Savva youth mattress now Sava as a brand Makes some really great bids and they Also make a kids bed that is flippable And that's why it made this list now I Know I just mentioned that these are all Bed in a box mattresses but the Sava

Youth will actually ship to you via White Glove delivery well the mattress Will arrive at your house full size and A delivery team will likely set it up For you so that's pretty neat and this Bed is the one backed by a 365 night Trial period so your kid can basically Sleep on it for a whole year before you Have to make any of those hard decisions Of whether you want to keep it for the Foreseeable future or not and it also is Backed by a lifetime warranty so that's Pretty good policies on the sofa youth Now in terms of this bed's construction It has pocketed coils and it is also Flippable but you should flip the bed Depending on what age your child is so There is a three to seven year old side And that bed will be a great firmness For those who were between three years Old and seven years old and then when They get a little bit bigger you can Flip the bed over and then that can go All the way up to 12 years maybe even Beyond it just pretty much depends on How long your kid wants to sleep on the Same mattress but in terms of feel the Bed has more of a traditional inner Spring feel the bed is pretty responsive And those pocketed coils adds a lot of Bounce which your kids should like now In terms of firmness both of these sides Should be right around a medium but the Three to seven year old side might be a

Little bit firmer and it does have a Zone support design just to support the Growing child now in terms of price for The sauba Youth this bed retails for Around the Eleven Hundred Dollar Mark But as of when I'm looking and recording This video you should be able to pay Around the 800 Mark for the full size we Usually talk about queen size for beds But this bed is only available in the Full size as its largest size so if you Want anything bigger you're going to Have to get a real big person's bed not A kid's bed no kids bids if you want a Queen or a king Now moving on to our next bed we have The Helix kids mattress and we really Like Helix as a brand because you have a Ton of different mattress choices if You're going for an adult size bed and When you're talking about their kids bed This is another flippable bed so you get Two firmnesses in one mattress and like The Sava youth this is designed to have An age barrier so again like the Sava Youth there's a three to seven year old Side and then an eight to twelve or up Side this bed is backed by a 100 night Sleep trial so you can test the bed out For about three months or at least your Kid can and it is backed by a 10-year Warranty now in terms of this bed's feel And firmness it has more of a neutral Foam feel obviously the bed does use

Pocketed coils but those cover Foams Will provide more of the dominant feel For the mattress and in terms of its Firmness the three to seven year old Side will be around a medium firm for The child of that size and the 8 to 12 Year old side should be right around a Medium so again it should work for all Sleeper types and all kids whether they Like to sleep on their back side stomach Or a combination of all three should be Set some cool X factors about the Helix Kids mattress is that it has a Hypoallergenic breathable cover and a Water repellent finish and in terms of Its pricing you can also get this bed Only in up to a full I believe they only Have a full and twin size for the Helix Kids bed but it should cost you around The 800 after discount for that full Size if you do want a bigger Helix bed Like this one right behind me you can Definitely check out some of the other Videos we've done over here at the Slumber yard but we really like Helix And this kid's bed is no exception all Right moving on to the next couple of Picks on our list that would be from the Brand Nest bedding which obviously makes Some really good beds that's why they Got two entries they have the Puffin and The Lark so the Puffin mattress is more Of a memory foam bed and then there's The Lark which is a more natural

Inorganic that uses latex foam as its Main Comfort layer now both of these Beds are backed by that 30 night trial Period so you get a little bit of time Not as much as some of the other beds on This list but your kid can sleep on the Bed and start to formulate his opinion On whether or not they want to keep it For the 4 foreseeable future but if you Do they're backed by LifeTime warranties So that is something cool about those Policies on these beds now both these Beds are made in the U.S and the Lark Kids bed is more of a natural and Organic option it kind of resembles the Owl or the finch mattress which are Their full-size versions from Nest Bedding and then in terms of the Puffin That bed is more like a quail or a robin Just this one is not flippable like the Robin is now if you need any more Information about those adult size beds That I just mentioned you can definitely Check down below in the description box Because we've done a ton of Nest bedding Reviews and content but in terms of These the Lark and the Puffin those are Available in up to a full as well like The other beds I've mentioned on this List so if you do want a queen or bigger You're going to have to look elsewhere In the nest lineup now in terms of Construction these two beds from Nest Bedding are both all foam mattresses so

With the Lark you have a layer of latex Foam for support and then Eco Flex foam For comfort and that thing is all Wrapped up in an organic cotton cover And for the puffin it has a dense Support layer of foam and then a Interjects foam for comfort and this is Dubbed their memory foam option but we Would say that the Puffin has more of a Firmer neutral foam feel for most kids Now the Lark will have a slight latex Foam feel but since it does use that Energex foam for its main Comfort foam Layer it might also be kind of a soft Neutral foam combined with that latex Foam but that'll kind of depend on how Heavy your kit is now in terms of Firmness both these beds are around a Medium firm on our firm to scale so they Should work for all sleeper types back Stomach side and combination but again If you're looking for a more specific Firmness option you might want to look Outside of the kids realm in the nest Bedding department now in terms of Pricing these beds are pretty much Coming in at two different price points The Lark is going to be a little bit More expensive since it is the more Natural and organic option as of when I'm recording this video you should be Able to pick up a full size for right Around the 1100 Mark after discount now In terms of the Puffin the retail value

For that full size is around the 750 Dollar Mark and there might be a Discount if so it'll be linked Down Below in the description for you now the Last bet on this kids bed list isn't Actually a kid's bed but it is a bed That we think would work great for any Kids out there and that would be the Tuft needle Original Mattress this is a Simple two layer all-foam bed it's got Dense support foam on the bottom then a Comfort layer on top of that but in General this is just going to have a Soft neutral foam feel something that we Think that most kids will really enjoy Now this bed is also right around a Medium on our firmer scale so it should Work for all sleeper types back stomach Side and combination and since this Isn't a specific kids bed you can get it In any size whether that be a queen a King or even a twin now in terms of Price for a queen size tuft and needle Mattress you're looking at around the a Thousand dollar Mark and they might have Some sort of discounts if they do They'll be linked Down Below in the Description for you but that's going to Do it for this kid's bed bestless video Hopefully you enjoyed it if so hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe to the Channel for so much more and if you need Any more information about any of the Beds on this list check down Down Below

In that description box but for the rest Of the Slumber yard team I'm Wes wishing You a good night's sleep [Music]