Best Mattress For Allergies & Asthma | Top 4 Beds (MUST WATCH)

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Best Mattress For Allergies & Asthma | Top 4 Beds (MUST WATCH). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers our buying guide of the best mattress for allergies and asthma. Wes talks about how the mattresses stack up against each other in terms of feel, firmness, and construction. He also talks about whether side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or combination sleepers will like these bed in a box mattresses. Thanks for watching this best mattress for asthma and allergies buying guide. Be sure to stay tuned and see if these mattresses are on our best mattress for 2023 list. Hopefully this video helps you decide which bed to go with for your next mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
2:05 – MyGreen Mattress Natural Escape
4:12 – Brentwood Home Oceano
6:02 – Nectar Mattress
8:15 – Zenhaven
10:18 – Conclusion

So if you're suffering from allergies or Asthma you might want a bed that will Accommodate that you definitely don't Want a bed that'll make that worse so That's what we're going to be talking About in this video we're going to be Going over the best beds that you should Maybe look at if you suffer from Allergies or asthma hey there I'm Wes I Work over here at the slumber yard and Over here we review all things online Mattresses and for the purposes of this Video it is a best list talking about The best options for you if you suffer From either of those two ailments now in This video I'm going to go rather Quickly since this is a video and I Can't go into every single little detail About the beds but if you do need any More information about them you can Check down below in the description We'll have some helpful other content For you down there now if you enjoy this Video hit the Thumbs Up Button we would Really appreciate that or subscribe for So many other best lists from the Slumber yard but let's get right into This one [Music] To save your money All right so before I get into each pick On this best list I do want to preface This part and say that these mattress Brands did send us these beds for free

To review and tell you guys about them But if you order any online they'll be Backed by the following policies Starting with free shipping now three of The beds on this list are going to be Bed in a box mattresses one will get to You through a process called White Glove Delivery but I'll get into that a little Bit more later but anyway you go the Bed's gonna be shipped to your house and You basically just get that thing inside Your room and you'll have a brand new Bed that will be ready to sleep on now Once these mattresses are in your Possession you get at least a 100 night Trial period some of the beds do go Above and beyond there's a couple that Have a full year trial period of course I'll get to those when I get to them but At least 120 nights to test out the beds In the comfort of your own home with Your own sheets pillows and whatnot now If these beds aren't right for you Within that trial period there is a Return option with all of them some will Be free one does charge a slight Transportation fee but again I'll get to That when I get to that specific bed and If you do like to keep these beds they All come with a warranty if you need any More specific info about the policies Check down below in the description box But enough about all that let's get into The first pick for this list and this

Would be the my green mattress natural Escape so this bed uses pocketed coils For support and then has Dunlop latex as Its main Comfort foam layer and the Whole thing is quilted in an organic Cotton and wool cover and this basically Adds up to give the bed a distinct latex Foam feel now latex foam is a pretty Unique material it's basically like the Opposite of a memory foam now with Something like a memory foam when you go To lay down on it you'll slowly sink in As it'll conform to the shape of your Body you know make a little cocoon or You know obviously I'm sure you've tried Any memory foam thing before but with a Latex foam it's a lot more responsive so You will kind of be floating on top of The bed and the material will bounce Right back into shape rather quickly as It's almost spongy for lack of a better Term now latex foam in general it's a Really unique style of mattress but it Might even feel like something kind of You've tried before if you've ever had a Really responsive spring bed that you Grew up on with a nice inner spring Chassis it might feel like that but Since the foam does respond back into Place almost immediately you can change Between sleeping positions throughout The night and know that your bed will Adapt to you now in terms of firmness The migraine mattress is right around a

Medium firm on our firmness scale Meaning it should work for all sleeper Types back stomach side and combination And since that bed is a little bit on The firmer end of the spectrum it might Work great for any strict back or Stomach sleepers since those kind of Sleepers tend to prefer firmer beds you Know since you have more surface area That you're touching the mattress with Now this bed also has a ton of Certifications it's made in the United States so if you like American-made Products that might move the needle for You and the whole conception of this Mattress came because the owner you know Has a relative that suffers from severe Allergies and he wanted to make Something that would support her and Ultimately this mattress was created now Let's talk about pricing and I do want To preface all pricing sections that I'm Going to go over in this video and say The mattress brands do like to change Their pricing and promotions constantly So this is as of when I'm recording this Video but you should be able to pick up A queen size natural Escape for around The 1800 Mark MSRP but yeah check down Below in the description if you want to Save some money with the my green Mattress natural Escape now let's move On to the next bet on this best list and That would be from Brentwood home and

That's the Oceano mattress and our buddy Theron who works over here at the Slumber yard he actually sleeps on this Bed and he loves the thing and a cool Thing about Brentwood home is that they Offer a 365 night trial and they have a 25-year warranty which is above and Beyond and this bed is also made in the United States and a little thing about Brentwood is that their mission is to Use natural recycled and Innovative Materials in their beds so that's Definitely something that should move The needle for you if you do like you Know supporting this planet and that Also adds to helping out anyone who Suffers from asthma or allergies now This is another hybrid bed that uses Pocketed coils and it actually has a Layer of micro coils so that's two Layers of coils and then some various Comfort Foams mixed in but in general The whole beds feel adds up to be an Inner spring feel top with a plush soft Pillow top we kind of think of this bed As like a cloud you know since it does Have those two layers of coils it will Be a little bit responsive and springy But you will sink into it and it is Pretty soft and plush basically a nice Pillow top feel now in terms of firmness This bed's between a medium soft and a Medium on our firmness scale meaning it Could work for all sleeper types back

Stomach side and combination but Compared to the first bed I went over This one is on the softer end of the Spectrum so this might be a better Option for any side sleepers or Combination sleepers that like to rotate Between different sleeping positions Throughout the night you know in general We usually find that most side sleepers Tend to prefer softer beds now in terms Of price a queen size will run you Around the 1840 dollar Mark somewhere in There that's MSRP but you should be able To save a couple hundred bucks with this Bed as well and any discounts that we Have with Brentwood home will be linked Down Below in the description for you as Well so basically with the Oceano you Get a supportive bed with two layers of Coils between a medium soft and a medium On our firmness scale with a soft pillow Top feel but the next bed I'm going to Cover has more of a memory foam and that Would be the nectar mattress it also Comes with a 365 net trial period and it Even comes with a forever warranty but Unlike the beds that I've mentioned on This list so far this is an all-fo Mattress so it has dense support foam on The bottom then a transition layer and Then on top of that is a memory foam Which is the bed's main Comfort foam Layer which will ultimately add up to Give the bed a dense viscous memory foam

Feel so when you do go and lay down on The nectar mattress it will feel a Little firm at first but you'll slowly Start to sink in as the bed will conform And kind of you know cradle your Pressure points and make a little Nook For you to sleep in when you push down On a memory foam bed like nectar you'll See it slowly respond and come back to Its shape rather slowly I guess that's Why they call it memory foam and some People really like this feel I know our Buddy D Payne on the team used to sleep On a memory foamy bed but some people do Not like memory foam at all like JD so Definitely know what you're getting into Before you jump head first in something That's this dense in this and for the Nectar mattress we would Place its Firmness right at a medium firm on our Firmness scale meaning it should work For all sleeper types back stomach side And combination but since again it is a Little bit firmer maybe it'll work Better for strict stomach or back Sleepers but something also to note that Since nectar is an all-foam mattress it Might be better for medium and petite Size individuals if you're extra heavy Above the 200 to 250 pound range you Might want to look into a bed with Pocketed coils just because coils Provide a lot more long-term support and Durability for bigger body types but

Nectar does have the new nectar hybrid Mattress so you can get the same bed With coils instead of support foam so That's an option for you now one of the Main reasons that nectar did make this List is because it has a washable cover So you can unzip that thing throw it Through your washing machine and you Know get a brand new spank and Clean Cover and that's something nice if you Suffer from those allergies or you just Want to keep a nice and tidy bedroom now In terms of price you can usually pick Up a queen size nectar for around the 800 Mark after discount and again any Discounts that we have will be linked Down Below in the description for you And if you're ordering during a major Holiday or something like that you might Even be able to save even more money or Get something like free sheets or Pillows with every purchase so Definitely check out that description Coupon code and use that if you'd like And the last bit I have for you is from The brand sofa and that would be the Zenhaven mattress this one's sitting Right next to me and it also has some Really nice policies that you can check Out down below in the description if you Want to learn all about those but what Makes it so unique is it's a all latex Foam bed that is actually flippable so You basically get two different firmness

Options in one bed in terms of this Bed's feel it's pretty much a latex foam Bed so what I said at the beginning About the natural Escape basically Applies to the zenhaven mattress as well But since this bed does not have Pocketed coils and is an all foam Mattress you know it won't have as much Of that springing back from the coils But since latex foam is so responsive It'll have some of that feeling from the Foam now in terms of firmness since this Bed is flippable you get two different Bites at the firmness Apple so their Luxury plush side will be right at a Medium firm on our firmness scale Meaning it should work for all sleeper Types but when you flip the bed over you Have the gentle firm side and that is a True firm on our firmware scale so maybe Best for strict back or stomach sleepers Since it is so firm but again you can Get the bed in your own home and flip it Over and test which side you like more Now latex foam and other fun fact is That it's actually naturally Hypoallergenic so that's kind of the Reason that this bed made this list so Having latex foam not only is natural But has some of those cool qualities and You know it might help you out if you Are suffering from those severe Allergies now I mentioned White Glove Delivery at the very top of this video

And that's how this bed will ship to Your house so a local delivery team will Deliver the thing full size and pretty Much set it up for you and sometimes They'll even haul away your old mattress For completely free it's a pretty easy Process you know if you live in a High-rise apartment or somewhere that's Really hard to reach they'll do all the Heavy lifting for you and you don't even Have to lift a finger the zenhaven Mattress also has tons of certifications That you can check out down below in the Description if if you're interested and In terms of price a queen size retails For around the thirty two hundred dollar Mark but you should be able to save a Couple hundred bucks with this bed as Well bring it well below that three Thousand dollar Mark after discount and Again if you do want to use any Discounts that will be linked Down Below In the description for you to use or not It's totally up to you but that's Basically the story for the best beds For anyone that suffers from allergies Or asthma what do you guys think were There any beds that I missed on this List or are team missed write us down Below in those comments and if you've Tried any of these beds and have any Opinion on them write them down there as Well everyone in the community would Like to hear from you but hopefully you

Enjoyed this video hit the Thumbs Up Button if that's so and you can always Check down below in the description for So much more about these beds and tons Others that's going to do it for this One I'm Wes wishing you a good night's Sleep [Music] Like And subscribe