Best Cooling Mattresses | Top 6 Beds For Hot Sleepers! (UPDATED 2023)

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Best Cooling Mattresses | Top 6 Beds For Hot Sleepers! (UPDATED 2023). In this video Wes, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his picks for the best mattress for hot sleepers. Although sleeping temperature is often affected by other factors such as your home environment, sheets, comforter and pajamas, Wes covers six beds that will hopefully help you sleep a little cooler. All of these online bed in a box mattresses, incorporate special cooling materials or technology to help warm sleepers stay comfortable. Wes talks about how each of these beds are constructed, what they feel like and how firm or soft they are. He also talks about what types of sleeping positions (side, back, stomach) each mattress is ideal for. Thanks for watching this best cooling beds video. Hopefully it helps you select a mattress that fits your sleeping temperature. Sleeping hot can be miserable so it’s extremely important you get the right mattress to sleep on.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – General Mattress Policies
2:03 – Eight Sleep
4:19 – Helix Luxe
5:58 – GhostBed Luxe
7:45 – BB Aurora Luxe
9:03 – Tempur-Pedic Breeze
10:30 – Allswell Cool
11:38 – Conclusion

If you're a hot sleeper that's Constantly getting woken up because your Bed isn't cool enough well then this is The list for you because I'm talking About the best cooling mattresses that You can buy hey there I'm Wes over here It's the Slumber yard and we review all Things online mattresses and we Basically want to help you with your Mattress purchasing decision and in this Video we're talking about the best Cooling mattresses that might help out If you're a hot sleeper now since this Is a video I'm probably going to go Pretty fast over each individual pick on This list but if you need any more Information about any of the best Cooling beds check down below in the Description or go to our website and if you happen to Enjoy this video be cool and hit the Thumbs up but let's get into it [Music] To find the right bed for you [Music] Alrighty so before I get into each Individual best cooling mattress pick I Do want to preface this all by saying All of these Brands did send us these Beds for free to review and tell you Guys about them but we compiled this List completely on our own and to start Off this video let's talk about the Policies what are you gonna get if you

Do decide to order any of these beds Online and to start they're all going to Get to you with completely free shipping Some will ship in bed to box format some Will ship in multiple boxes and one even Comes with white glove delivery but no Matter how you order it it should get to You completely free now once any of These beds are in your possession you Get a sleep trial with at least 90 Nights some go above and beyond that but Basically you're gonna get at least Three months to test the bed out in your Own home and basically formulate a Decision of whether you want to keep it Or send it back now if you do decide to Keep it that's great they're all backed By a warranty I'll get more into that on Each specific bed but if you do want to Return them they do have a return option Some might cost you a little bit to Return but in general most mattresses Are are free to return now if you need Any more information about any of the Policies or warranties or sleep trials Check down below in the description We'll have all of them for each Individual bed so you can read up on Those but let's start off this list and Talk about basically the coolest Sleeping bed you can get and that would Be the eight sleep pod Pro now this Mattress is available as a bed or you Can even get it just as an additional

Cover accessory that you just put on Your existing mattress but basically Both devices will do the exact same Thing and that's cool your bed down a Lot in terms of construction for the Eight sleep pod Pro it's a simple 12 Inch all foam mattress that'll basically Have a neutral foam feel and in general We would place it right at a medium on Our firmness scale so it should work for All sleeper types back stomach side and Combination now since this bed is high Tech the cover does have a kind of Interesting feel water is actually Pumped through the bed from The Hub System and that's how they are able to Regulate temperature so well so they can Make your bed extreme really cold Extremely hot or right in the middle if That's what you're into and the bed is Even split down the middle so you could Have one side that's a bit colder and You could turn one side up to be a bit Warmer if you have two different people Who like two different temperatures now The whole bed is actually also a smart Bed so it's going to track your sleeping It comes with an app you can set alarms It has even a vibration alarm and I did Try a version of this mattress around Last year slept on it for the whole Summer and I do have to say that that Thing gets pretty darn cold definitely The coldest thing I've ever slept on

Over here at the slumber yard and just To clarify I did sleep on the eight Sleep pod Pro cover the thing that Attaches on top of your existing bed but It does the exact same thing as the Eight sleep pod Pro mattress now the Main reason why these two will differ Comes in terms of price for the eight Sleep pod Pro cover you're looking at Around the 2300 mark for a queen size But if you go for the eight sleep pod Pro mattress it's going to run you Around the thirty four hundred dollar Mark for that queen size and we should Have a discount for 8 sleeps products Down Below in the description and if you Do decide to use those that helps us out Over here at the slumber yard and we Really appreciate it basically the eight Sleep pod or the eight sleep pod Pro is Going to be a really cool mattress that You can even customize with that app so I would definitely check it out if You're an especially hot sleeper and Maybe even if you're a really cold Sleeper and even if you sleep with a Partner and you both like completely Different sleeping temperatures this is Definitely the Top Choice in my opinion But let's move on to another great Option and that would be the Helix Lux Mattress and that would be with the Cooling cover now Helix as a brand makes A ton of different mattress options all

With pocketed coils but that's kind of Their draw because if you want a really Soft bed more aiming for side sleepers They have it and if you want something Firmer they'll definitely have that to Tailor for back and stomach sleepers so In terms of firmness you can basically Get anything in the Helix Lux lineup now Over here at the slumber yard we have The Moonlight Lux the sunset Lux and our Buddy D Payne the Pain Train actually Sleeps on a version of the Moonlight Lux With the cooling cover are in a king Size so I feel like he should be doing This review not me but he's not here Right now so let's just look at how Happy he is right there I love this bed Oh Now some sort of X factors for Helix is They do have a sleep quiz that you can Take and it'll basically pinpoint which Mattress should be right for you based On the stuff that you like in a bed like Firmness or if you have back pain or Anything like that so check that out if You need some more help deciding which Version to go with and that cooling Cover that I mentioned is basically the Reason why it's on this list it will Cost you around 200 bucks to upgrade to That cooling cover but we think it's Definitely worth it if you are a hot Sleeper in terms of feel and firmness They should all have pretty much a soft

Accommodating neutral foam feel and Obviously the firmness will differ Depending on which model you go with now For a queen size Helix Lux you should be Paying around the 18 to 1850 dollar Mark After discount again you will have to Upgrade to get that cooling cover which You know you should at least consider And after which you should be paying Around the two thousand dollar Mark when All is said and done and again we should Have some discounts for Helix those will Be down below in the description as well But let's move on to the next bed on This list which is the ghostbed Lux and While the last bed was being slept on by Our buddy D Payne in this current bed I'm going to talk about the ghostbed Lux Was actually a bed that d low used to Sleep on and that's another one of our Buddies over here at the slumber yard I Wonder what he's doing right now oh look How sad he is why is he so sad crying I Miss you Now in terms of what the ghostbed Lux is Made up of it's an all-foam bed with Some cooling elements and some of those Top Comfort layers and it's wrapped up In a nice cooling cover as well which is One of the reasons why it made this list Now in terms of firmness we would place It right around a medium firm on our Firm to scale so it should work for all Sleeper types but it might be slightly

Better for strict back and stomach Sleepers because what we noticed over Here at the slumber yard is that strict Back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer Firmer mattresses now in terms of feel This bed pretty much has a memory foam Feel it's not going to be super dense And viscous but it's also not going to Be super springy and responsive it's Kind of right in the middle it'll have Those memory foam qualities that you'll Know and love and while it may take a Minute to conform to the shape of your Body it's definitely not going to be a Slow conforming as something like a Tempur-Pedic or a nectar now some X Factors about the ghostbed Lux is that All the beds are made in either the United States or Canada so if you like Either of those two countries maybe a Reason to buy and they often bundle in Stuff like free gifts free sheets free Pillows something like that with every Purchase now in terms of price you Should be paying around the fifteen Hundred dollar Mark after discount for The ghostbed Lux at the moment they're Offering a pretty nice discount almost Half off so I don't know what it's going To be when you're watching this video Because mattress brands do like to Change their pricing and promotions from Time to time but if you would like to Use that discount it'll be down below in

The description now the next bed on this List is also made in the United States I Think Arizona to be more specific and That would be the Brooklyn betting Aurora mattress now this bed has Pocketed coils and a nice Euro pillow Top as its main Comfort layer that Ultimately gives the bed more of a Neutral foam feel it's a really soft Accommodating coil mattress that we Think most people will really enjoy and It has cooling cover by default so a Reason why it made this list and another Reason why it made this list is that It's available in three different Firmness options you have their soft Their medium and they're firm they're Soft is actually around a medium soft on Our firmness scale so it probably should Work great for any side or combination Sleepers now the medium is right around A medium so that should be a good option For all sleeper types or if you don't Really know what kind of furniture you Like you can always go with a medium and That's a pretty good safe pick and the Firm version will be right around a Medium firm so again it could work for All sleeper types just slightly on the Firmer end of the spectrum may work Better for strict back and stomach Sleepers now in terms of price a queen Size is usually going for around the 14 To 1300 Mark after discount so that's a

Really affordable price to be paying for A luxurious cooling bed such as this and Again that discount will be linked Down Below in the description if you do want To apply it basically the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a really Great cooling bed one of our favorites Over here at the slumber yard it sleeps Cool and it is available at a great Value but if money is no object to you The next beds I have for you are going To be right up your alley and those Would be from the Tempur-Pedic and more Specifically the breeze line so the Tempur-Pedic Breeze beds are available As the pro Breeze and the Lux Breeze but Both of them are going to have a really Dense viscous memory foam feel they're Available in a couple different options The pro Breeze you can get as a medium Or a medium hybrid both are around a Medium firmness on our firmness scale And one will be an awesome and the other Will be a hybrid mattress with coils now If you want to look into the Lux Breeze Model that's available in a soft or a Firm and this is tempur-pedic's top of The line bed and that's all due to its Special cover now tempur-pedic's website Advertises that the pro Breeze will Sleep three degrees cooler and that the Lux Breeze will sleep eight degrees Cooler so definitely going to cool you Down and we tend to agree with this now

A lot of different mattress Brands Advertise their beds to sleep super cool But with Tempur-Pedic you're actually Probably going to notice this but you Also will notice the price point for a Queen size you're looking at around the Mid 4 000 range for the pro Breeze and The mid 5 000 range for the Lux breeze So definitely know that going in you're Getting a quality product but there is a Lot of marketing and hype following the Tempur-Pedic brand but some people Really like that and some people really Like that dense viscous memory foam feel And that cool sleeping surface now we Should have a discount to save you some Money with that price point for Tempur-Pedic Look Down Below in the Description if you want to use it but Let's change from the expensive choice To a more budget pick something that Most people should be able to afford and That would be the allswell cool mattress Now allswell as a brand is owned by Walmart and they're basically going for A good better best model and this new All's well cool is pretty much on the Best end of the spectrum it's got Pocketed coils it's got a soft neutral Foam feel it's right around a medium on Our firmness scale so it should work for All sleeper types but the thing that Makes it cool is its new cooling cover It's cool to the touch they Implement

Some more cooling features inside of the Mattress and it should help you sleep Temperature neutral or cooler than that On a regular basis but again temperature Regulation is subjective a lot of stuff Comes down to how hot you keep your room The types of pajamas you're using or Even where you live in the world so keep All that stuff in mind but the all is Well cool is one of their newer beds That we actually like so much that we Pretty much will recommend it now over Their Supreme mattress which is Something because we did like that bed As well now for a queen size you're Looking at around the one thousand Dollar Mark for the allswell cool and we Might even have a discount to apply on Top of that so definitely check down Below in the description if you want to Apply that if you do decide to go this Route but in general that's the best Cooling list hopefully you enjoyed all Those picks if there's any that I missed Write us down below in those comments And if you need any more information About any of the beds on this list go Down below in that description box or to Our website you can Always learn so much more about beds if You enjoy this video hit the thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and like always Sleep right sleep tight and have a good One

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