Best Cooling Mattress Toppers 2023 – Our Top 7 Topper Picks!

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If your mattress is too hot, believe it or not, a mattress topper can help out! Be it a gel infusion, perforations for airflow, or breathable covers, we’ve got you covered! Check out our top picks for the best cooling mattress toppers of the year.

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Foam toppers used to trap heat, but not anymore. One of our favorites is the Saatva mattress topper. It has a graphite infusion which will pull heat away from you, so you can sleep cool. If you and your partner want to sleep peacefully without bothering one another, the TEMPUR mattress topper is perfect. It absorbs motion transfer very well and comes in a breathable cover.

Unable to buy a topper all at once? Don’t stress! The ViscoSoft topper has a financing option at purchase. This topper has a breathable cover and a gel infusion which is a recipe for cool sleep. But if you just need a simple, cooling, budget-friendly memory foam mattress topper, the Dreamfoam topper is just for you.

Latex foam is great for hot sleepers because it’s naturally breathable, and is often perforated to allow for airflow. The Avocado Latex topper is just what you need if you like latex foam, which is springy and responsive. But if you’re dealing with back pain and want to stay cool, the Layla topper has that classic, slow-moving feel to it which can help with back pain. And if you like sleeping on cloud-like feathers, the Parachute Featherbed is super breathable and works well all year long!

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What's up world it's Tony with mattress Clarity and it's Elissa if you're Burning up during the night you can kiss A good night of sleep goodbye yeah Sleeping while hot is the worst and your Mattress topper should not be the source Of that that's why we put together a List of the best cooling mattress Toppers for the year wanna see our top Picks you know we do well don't forget You'll find all of our information at along with some Money saving coupons let's get started Before we do reveal our full list of the Best cooling mattress toppers I do need To point out some of these Toppers were Sent to us for free for us to test out And if you purchase one using our Affiliate Link in the description below We may earn a commission this just helps Fund our operation and keeps our content Free for you Here at mattress Clarity we love Software products because they are just The best of the best and here's why the Sofa mattress topper is our favorite Cooling mattress topper this is a three Inch thick memory foam topper that has Been infused with graphite and that's What's going to keep you cool while you Sleep it'll pull body heat away from you Keeping you nice and cool all night long Plus this topper comes inside an organic Cotton cover which is also super

Breathable and being inside a cover adds To its durability so it'll last you a Good while too it's going to provide Really good pressure relief for side Sleepers and their shoulders and their Hips because it's so thick but you're Still going to get really good body Contouring and support if you're a back Sleeper too If you share a bed with a partner motion Isolation is going to be super important If you don't know what this means it Just means if you're resting on one side And your partner starts tossing and Turning are you going to feel that Movement come over to your side of the Bed well if you have an inner spring Mattress already this might cause some Disturbances in the middle of the night However with a temper adapt mattress Topper that can be a thing of the past This topper contains three inches of Their proprietary temper material which Is what a lot of people think about when They initially imagine memory foam it's Super slow moving it's super plush and An added benefit is that it isolates Motion well now don't be scared by the Tempered material it has a nice Breathable cover so it shouldn't trap Heat at night One of the reasons people reach for a Mattress topper instead of a brand new Mattress is their affordability so if

You're on a budget the viscosoft high Density mattress topper is the one for You this topper comes in two thickness Options either three inches or four Inches but no matter what you pick it Comes inside a removable breathable Cover that also has straps in the Corners which will firmly attach it to Your mattress That memory foam inside the cover has a Gel infusion which will pull heat away From your body which is what makes it a Great cooling option and it's going to Provide really good pressure relief for Your shoulders and your hips for side Sleeping but you're still going to get Some good support and body contouring For back sleeping too and even if you Can't buy this topper all at once don't Worry viscosoft will let you finance This purchase [Music] Moving on to our pick for the best Memory foam mattress topper we're Talking about dream foam this mattress Topper contains gel infused memory foam Which helps dissipate body heat another Great thing about it is that it's sold At a really value price so you're not Going to break the bank with this one And it offers really great pressure Relief and body contouring so if your Mattress is just a bit too firm this is A good way to soften it up

Latex is a great option for hot sleepers Because it's super breathable and often Comes to you ventilated which allows for Airflow avocado makes almost exclusively Latex products so that's why its topper Is our favorite latex topper like I said Latex is super breathable and the Avocado topper does have perforated Holes which will allow for airflow latex Is also a really durable material so This topper will last you a very long Time and it's still going to provide Some good body contouring and pressure Relief for back and side sleepers However one unique thing about this Topper is that it comes in two different Firmnesses you have a plush or a firm Option the plush option is going to be Better for back and side sapers who are Looking to soften a firm mattress and The firm option is going to work better For stomach sleepers who are looking to Firm up an already too soft mattress If you suffer from back pain and you Need a bit more cushioning and pressure Relief check out the Layla mattress Topper so much to love about this one Including its copper infusion which Helps dissipate body heat it's also got A bit of their proprietary Therma gel Material which also helps you stay cool And I love that this mattress topper has Straps around the outside so it easily Secures to the side of the bed and

Because you're going to get some really Great body contouring and pressure Relief on this it can help you maintain A nice neutral alignment which is really Great if your current mattress is just a Bit too firm If you're the type of person who loves To surround yourself with plush down Goodness then the parachute down topper Is for you this topper is going to give Your mattress a super plush almost Pillow top like feel when you put it on Top and it's full of down feathers which Are super lightweight and Airy but Donna's also a good insulator so it'll Keep you warm during those cold months But it'll also keep you nice and cool During those hot months too plus it has A breathable cotton cover on the outside So it's really going to keep you cool During those warm months and this has a Baffle box construction so that's going To keep the down evenly distributed While you sleep By now you should know which of these Cooling mattress toppers will work best For you but if you need more information Just head over to And read our full reviews While you're there see you tonight [Music]