Best Adjustable Bed Frames – Adjust Your Comfort!

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An adjustable base can be a great investment if you want to take your sleep and comfort to the next level. We’ve got the absolute best adjustable bases right here!

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Which adjustable base is right for you? If you need an adjustable base with great functionality for Seniors, consider the Saatva Lineal. If you are a larger person, take a look a the supportive Nectar adjustable base.

Do you snore? The Purple Ascent’s Anti-snore function could do just the trick. And, if you struggle with back pain, give the Avocado Eco adjustable base a shot.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity if you struggle with pain issues Or you just want to take your mattress Comfort to the next level an adjustable Base might be right for you today I want To talk about my top four adjustable Bases I want to take a look at each one By one what makes them so special and Help you choose the right one for you Let's get started [Music] Though I do want to note that we receive Some of these products for free from Brands and we may earn a commission if You decide to purchase them that helps Keep this content free for you and helps Fund our testing operations [Music] So first up we have a savvilineal base And this comes from sofa producer some Very high quality mattresses the lineal Is their adjustable base made to pair With a sofa mattresses or any Comfortable mattress has a very nice Construction a sturdy steel frame sturdy Legs and a polyester cover it's also got Some great adjustability you can raise The head very very far and the legs as Well the special features really stand Out on this mattress specifically the Massage function it has a wave function Targeted massage you can feel it even Through a thicker mattress now this is My top pick for seniors this is going to

Be great at relieving pressure on those Trouble areas it has a great zero Gravity function this is going to Relieve pressure on your lower back and Also help with blood circulation it also Again has some great features like Anti-snore to help with snoring it can Help with sleep apnea as well and lastly It has great wall hugging this means Even you raised ahead of this adjustable Base it stays close to the wall so this Keeps your bedside table relatively Close to you at all times so a great Match for seniors and anyone who wants a Great adjustable base Next up we have the nectar adjustable Base my top pick for larger people this Is rated to handle up to a thousand Pounds of weight so subtract about 200 Pounds for a mattress that's 800 pounds Of extra body weight made specifically With larger people and mine or anyone Who wants some extra supports has some Very sturdy materials a steel frame a Foam top and adjustable legs as well it Makes it a good fit to work by itself or With a larger bed frame have some great Adjustability bring the head up to Almost 90 degrees the lights come up Quite a bit as well also has a great Zero gravity function for more of that Weightless feeling and some great Massage features as well my favorite Part though of this adjustable base is

The TV setting I hit that button raises It up to watch TV great for watching That Burt Reynolds movie marathon [Music] Next up we have the purple Ascent Adjustable base this comes from purple Producer some very unique mattresses They're known for their gel Grid it's a Very durable material it's pressure Relieving and firm at the same time to Pair with the purple mattress definitely Take a look at the purple Ascent Adjustable base it'll also work with any Comfortable mattress what makes a Special is a very durable construction a Steel frame you have foam and upholstery Right on top and some sturdy wooden legs The wooden legs are great but it looks Good by itself even without a bed frame Around the adjustable base it also has Some great features good adjustability Good zero gravity function no massage But it does have USB ports for plugging In your phone while you're sleeping but What makes an adjustable base Stand Out Is the anti-snore function when you hit This button and raise the head ever so Slightly this relieves pressure on your Esophagus and your Airway the idea Behind that is to help curb snoring so Person deals with snoring myself this is Is very important I love this feature so Whether you snore or want a great Adjustable base overall take a look at

The purple ascent [Music] Last up we have the avocado Eco Adjustable base this comes from avocado Producer of some very high quality Eco-friendly organic mattresses now to Pair with your organic mattress take a Look at the avocado Eco adjustable base This is made with some very nice Materials a sturdy metal frame rubber Wood legs and on top some organic cotton Sticking with that organic theme also Has a very Sleek design overall looks Nice by itself with those wooden legs Even without a bed frame this looks very Cool and Sleek also has some great Functionality good head raising and leg Raising as well looking at special Features gonna have some good massage You can feel it even through a thicker Avocado mattress and an anti-snore Function But what really makes us Stand Out is The zero gravity function out of all These adjustable bases this has the best Zero gravity function in my opinion I Can feel almost no pressure on my lower Back when I'm using this this makes it a Great fit if you deal with back pain or You have blood circulation issues as Well so if you deal with back pain you Want something organic something nice And high quality take a look at the Avocado Eco adjustable

At this point you should know which Adjustable base is right for your Situation but if you want some more Information with any of these bases head Over to for the full Written reviews and some great money Saving coupons we'll see you next time [Music]