Bear vs Nectar – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

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How can you decide between two similar mattresses like the Bear and Nectar? With my help, of course.

I’ve compared and contrasted the Bear mattress and Nectar mattress so you can make the right decision.

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While these two mattresses are similar in firmness and construction, the foam mattresses are different in a few ways.

The Nectar is thicker than the Bear and has a thicker comfort layer as well. This gives it a classic memory foam feel, while the Bear has a balanced foam feel. The Nectar is also cheaper than the Bear.

The Nectar is also a bit softer mattress than the Bear. I felt good support when I was lying on my back on both mattresses. I felt good pressure relief on both, but it was somewhat better on the Nectar.

I do think both mattresses may be too soft for some stomach sleepers, but the Bear did give me better support when I was lying on my stomach.

Do you sleep with a partner? Well, you’re going to want to think about motion isolation. If your partner moves at night, are you going to feel that on your side of the bed? If that’s the case, I would lean toward the Nectar. It has a thick layer of memory foam and cuts down on almost all motion transfer. It is the better choice for couples.

At the same time, it is easier to move around on the Bear because it is more responsive and the comfort layer is not as thick. You will have less of that feeling of getting “stuck.”

If you want a bit firmer mattress, sleep on your back or stomach, or like a balanced foam feel, I would choose the Bear mattress. If you want something a little softer, you sleep on your side, or prefer a classic memory foam feel, I would choose the Nectar mattress.

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