Bear Pro Mattress Review – The Most Comfortable Bed For Athletes?(UPDATED)

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Bear Mattresses were built with athletes in mind, but you don’t have to run marathons in order to enjoy their pressure relief and support. The Bear Pro mattress has several plush comfort layers and some unique cooling features. Watch our video to learn whether it’s the right bed for you!

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0:00 Bear Pro Mattress Overview
1:27 Bear Pro Mattress Construction
3:14 Firmness and Feel
4:04 Sleeping Positions
4:59 Pressure Map
5:37 Motion Transfer
6:28 Edge Support
7:14 Who Should Get The Bear Pro?
7:49 Who Shouldn’t Get The Bear Pro?
8:43 Bear Pro Vs. Bear Mattress
10:02 Unboxing
10:40 Additional Information
11:08 How Long Will The Bear Pro Mattress Last?
11:21 Is The Bear Pro A Good Fit For Side Sleepers?
11:44 Is Bear A Good Company?
11:55 Wrap-Up

The Bear Pro mattress has a classic medium firm feel, and it provides both comfort and support. Thanks to the celliant in its cover, the Bear Pro helps speed up muscle recovery and keep sleepers cool at night.

This bed has more comfort layers than the Original Bear Mattress, so it can support heavier weights. Side and back sleepers will especially benefit from its copper and gel-infused memory foam.

Like all Bear Mattresses, this bed is backed by a 10-year warranty and has a 100-night sleep trial. For more information, take a look at our full mattress review:

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