Bear Pro Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy

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Bear Pro Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy. In this video, Wes, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our updated review of the Bear Pro bed. Bear is a popular online mattress brand that has 4 current types of beds: Bear Elite Hybrid, Bear Hybrid, Bear Pro and Bear Original. The Bear Pro mattress is the company’s premium foam mattress. Like the other Bear beds, the Pro model contains a Celliant cover which is supposed to help with recovery. The all-foam bed design helps with motion isolation for those worried about their partners waking them up in the middle of the night. Thanks for watching this Bear Pro mattress review video. Hopefully it helps give you some insight on this upgraded all-foam mattress from Bear.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – General Mattress Policies
2:05 – Construction
3:23 – Feel & Firmness
4:36 – Info for Couples
5:54 – X-Factors
6:31 – Pricing
7:13 – Final Verdict: Bear Pro Mattress Review
7:35 – Conclusion

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So bear mattress makes four different Mattress options but if you're looking Into the bare Pro mattress what do you Need to know about it hi there welcome To the Slumber yard over here we review All things online beds and in today's Video we're talking about the bear Pro Which is an all foam bed from the brand Bear and it's a bed that we over here at The yard really kind of like in this Video we're going to talk about Everything that you need to know about The bear Pro mattress starting with its Policies then we'll talk about the Construction the firmness the feel and Everything else you need to know like Price and at the very end I'll try to Have a final verdict and answer some of The main questions that you still might Have like who is this mattress best for But hopefully you'll stick around and Enjoy this video if so hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe to the channel for More but let's learn about the bear Pro Mattress More Real hard to find the right bed for you Your money honest Alrighty so before I get into all the Stuff that you need to know about this Mattress like How firm it is what it's Made up of and all that I do want to Touch on the policies and I do also want To say that bear as a brand did send us

His bed for free to tell you guys about Them but if you order it online it'll be Backed by the following policies Starting with completely free shipping This is a standard bed in a box mattress That you basically drag in your house Start ripping off all the packaging and Then it will expand in front of your Eyes now since the bear Pro is an all Foam bed you might want to give it a day Or two to fully inflate and get to its True firmness level but that's just Pretty much standard with all all foam Beds now once the bear Pro is in your Possession you get 120 nights to test This thing out in the comfort of your Own home and that's basically your Chance to sleep on the bed and decide Whether or not you want to keep it for The foreseeable future and if you do That's great but if you don't the bed is Backed by free returns within that trial Period but hopefully you do end up Enjoying this bear Pro mattress and if So it is backed by a lifetime warranty So obviously you're going to to read up On that lifetime warranty and see what It all covers and if so you can check Down below in the description for more Information about that warranty or any Of those policies that I just mentioned All right now let's get into the bulk of This mattress review and talk about what Exactly the bear Pro is made up of

Because once you know all that that'll Also help inform you of what it's going To feel like so starting on the bottom There is a thick layer of support foam Then above that you have a transition Foam layer above that it's another Transition foam layer but this one's Made up of a gel memory foam then you Have a copper infused foam and the whole Bed is wrapped up in a Salient cover now That Salient cover is something Interesting not something that we see on A lot of mattresses in the space so I Will talk a little bit more about that Later in the video but in general an All-foam bed like this is probably going To be best for medium and petite size Individuals if you happen to be a much Heavier person you might want to go for A bed with pocketed coils just because They will provide a lot more long-term Support and durability for The more mass That you have but you know if you're Under the 2 200 or 250 pound Mark you'll Probably be A-Okay on the bear Pro but Bear as a brand does offer some bed Choices that do have pocketed coils you Can go the bare hybrid mattress route Which is something that's always made Tons of our best lists they also have Bear Elite which is kind of their top of The line bed and they even have their Bare Original Mattress which you can now Get as a hybrid bed now if you need any

More information about those other bear Hybrid mattresses we'll have some Helpful links for you down below in the Description box including some videos as Well but let's get back to Bear Pro and Talk about feel and overall this bed's Construction is going to add up to give It more of a soft neutral foam one Though this bed does use some gel memory Foamy elements the whole thing is pretty Much balanced out nicely and the whole Bed's pretty accommodating it's kind of A bed that we think that most people Will lay on and just think that it's Going to be a comfy foam bed we usually Say that beds with this type of a feel Are pretty much going to be a safe pick You know something that most people will Find to be comfortable and it'll also be A great potential option for either a Kid's room or some sort of guest room Now in terms of firmness we would place This bed right between a meat medium and A medium firm on our firmness scale so It might be slightly better for back and Stomach sleepers since it is on that Firmer end of the spectrum and based on What we've found out over here at the Slumber yard strict back or stomach Sleepers tend to prefer firmer beds but It should work for all sleeper types Just fine just know it'll be between That medium and medium firm now also do Note that firmness is subjective you

Know if you happen to be a much heavier Person you might find beds to be softer Just because you have you know more Weight more mass on the bed and if you Are a little bit more petite you might Find beds to be a little bit firmer just Because of the opposite reason but know That firmness is subjective and we're Pretty much judging on the average type Build person and if you happen to be Sharing this bed it might feel different Between the two of you sleeping on it But that brings us to our next topic Which is couples if you happen to be Sharing the bed with someone else what Are you going to need to know in terms Of edge support and motion isolation and Temperature regulation well Edge support Has to do with how sturdy the perimeter Edges of the mattress handle pressure When you're close to them and for the Bear Pro it does pretty good in this Department it's a little bit better than The original original bear mattress but It's not quite as good as the bear Elite Or the bare hybrid mattress because they Do use pocketed coils but it'll probably Be just fine and I really doubt you're Going to be falling off this thing if You do like to sleep close to that edge Now the next thing to talk about is Motion isolation and this has to do with How well the bed absorbs cross mattress Movement so maybe if your partner is

Getting up in the middle of the night to Grab a drink or go to the bathroom are You going to be woken up by them just Getting up and we pretty much think no This bed does a pretty good job and that Gel memory foam will also help to you Know keep the bed from moving and Reverberating it should do a really good Job of deadening cross mattress movement Now the last thing is temperature Regulation so how hot or cold is the bed Going to sleep and in general we think This one will sleep temperature neutral And there's a lot of other factors that Play into the whole temperature Regulation thing more than just the bed Itself like what kind of sheets you're Using what kind of pajamas you're Sleeping in and how hot you keep your Room so pretty much think about that Stuff more than the bed itself but we Think it'll sleep temperature neutral And another thing I want to talk about In regards to the bear pro has to do With some X factors and mainly the one I Alluded to earlier which is the Salient Cover and Salient as a material is Recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device it's supposed to help Your sleep quality and promote Restfulness and some people on our team Have tried it and actually swear that it Works so it might be something that Moves the needle for you in terms of an

X Factor now bear as a brand uses Salient covers on all of their beds and They're basically Target at people who Lead more of an athletic lifestyle it's Supposed to just help with recovery but You know something to look into if you Do lead that lifestyle now the last Thing I want to talk about is price how Much are you going to be paying for the Bear Pro mattress and I do want to Preface this section by saying that Brands like bear like to change their Pricing and their promotions from time To time so this is as of when recording This video but if you order a queen size Bear Pro mattress you should be paying Around the 1500 Mark before any Discounts but they usually offer some Pretty nice deals and as of when I'm Recording you can usually pay closer to To the thousand dollar Mark for the bear Pro which is a pretty good value for a Bed like this and sometimes they even Bundle in stuff like free pillows or Free sheets with every purchase so That's something to look forward to Check down below in the description Because we will have that coupon code Linked for you so you can save the most Amount of money with the bear Pro Mattress but that's basically the story When we're talking about bear pro at This point in the video it's time for a Final verdict of answering the questions

Like who should go with this bed and for What reasons well I would say look into The bear Pro mattress if you want more Of an upgraded all foam mattress that Has more of a soft neutral foam feel That's around a medium to a medium firm On our firmness scale and you like the Sound of that Salient cover but that's Just what we think over here at the Slumber yard what do you guys think have You ever tried a bear Pro mattress or Would you like to write us down below in Those comments we would love to hear From you and if you need any more Information about this bed or any of the Other beds from bear we've done a ton of Stuff about that including videos Comparisons and so much more those will All be linked Down Below in that Description box box along with that Coupon code so you can save some money If you do decide to go with bearpro but That's basically going to do it for this One I'm Wes wishing you all a good Night's sleep Now like And subscribe