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0:40 Celiant Cover
2:20 Construction and Response
4:15 Heat Retention
4:45 Edge Support
5:10 Firmness and Indentation Load Deflection
6:08 Bounce and Motion Transfer
7:02 Customer Support, Warranty and Trials
7:45 Summary and Recommendations

If you’re an athlete or someone who suffers with aches and pains looking for the right mattress to meet your needs, the Bear Mattress may very well be the product you’ve been looking for. I have had the chance to use this product. As someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, I have found it to be a great option that helps you rejuvenate as you sleep to wake up feeling prepared to face another physically-exerting day.

As you weigh your many options, there are components you look for such as firmness levels and motion transfer. However, there are other aspects that can be a little easier to overlook, and failure to consider them can cause you to make a premature purchase that you may not be happy with in the long-term. Since I had the chance to try this product out, it was my goal to be as thorough as possible, and just a few of the pointers I will walk you through include:

Information on the indentation load deflections and densities on the various layers of the mattress
Tips on how to ensure your mattress lasts
Edge support and bounce tests
A look at heat transfer using thermal imaging technology
Suggestions on who the mattress is made for and who may want to keep shopping
An in-depth look at the Celliant technology infused into the cover that makes it ideal for athletes

It’s my hope that the information I have provided will help you make an informed decision as the investment in a mattress is one you expect to last. Here at The Sleep Judge, we want to help guide you to the best choice for your specific needs. Aside from the price, which is very reasonable in my opinion, there are other factors that I want to help you consider.

From the initial unboxing to what you can expect during everyday use of the Bear Mattress, I have provided you with the key factors you need to be aware of as you consider this viable option. Over the next eight minutes, I hope you can gain a better understanding of what to expect should you decide to purchase this product.

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