Bear Mattress Review – Made for Athletes? (NEW!)

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If you’re an athlete looking for a great mattress, look no further. We’re here to talk about the Bear mattress!

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0:00 Bear Mattress Review Introduction
1:02 Bear Mattress Construction
2:18 Firmness and Feel
3:00 Sleeping Positions
3:25 Pressure Map
4:00 Motion Transfer
4:34 Edge Support
4:54 Who Should Get The Bear Mattress?
5:22 Who Shouldn’t Get The Bear Mattress?
5:38 How to Unbox the Bear Mattress
6:10 Additional Information
6:25 Is the Bear mattress a good mattress?
6:53 Is the Bear mattress good for back pain?
7:02 How long should the Bear mattress last?
7:13 Wrap-Up

The original Bear was what started it all–and it was started with athletes in mind. Athletes will love it’s Celliant cover which is meant to provide muscle recovery and pressure relief. This all-foam mattress will provide a good night’s rest. Because of its balance of comfort and pressure relief, many types of sleepers will enjoy this mattress.

The Bear has a balanced foam feel. When your head hits the mattress, you’ll slowly sink into its soft foam layers. Thanks to its supportive transition layer, you won’t feel stuck in this mattress.

What really sets this bed apart, though, is its Celliant cover. This cover was made for athletes and allows for you to sleep cool while experiencing muscle recovery and pressure relief.

It also has a versatile construction which makes it great for many types of sleepers. Back sleepers, light- to medium-weight side sleepers, and those who love a firm foam feel will enjoy this mattress.

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