Bear Mattress Review + Casper Comparison (2018 UPDATE)

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We have a 2019 UPDATED REVIEW. Watch it here:

Are you looking for a cool all-foam mattress to help you recover? Take a look at the Bear mattress.

Check out our full written Bear review with hi-res photos and detailed notes here:

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The Bear is marketed with athletes in mind. Just finished a long workout? Bear will get you fully recovered with the help of Celliant technology. Celliant is designed to improve circulation and cooling?

But what about the rest of us? Is the Bear worth it if we aren’t an athlete? I think so.

This all-foam mattress should be a good mattress for back sleepers and a good mattress for side sleepers. It is average in terms of firmness so it is soft enough for side sleepers, and firm enough for back sleepers.

Do you like the feeling of memory foam, but you’re worried about overheating? You shouldn’t have to worry with the Bear. It is a great mattress for sleeping cool.

Also, do you want a memory foam mattress, but don’t want to get stuck? The foam layers are responsive and the support layers keep you from sinking in too far. You should be able to move around easily.

However, this is not a mattress for stomach sleepers. It is a medium-firm mattress so, if you sleep mainly on your stomach, you might need more support. A firmer mattress is probably better for you.

Are you looking at the Casper mattress as well? How can you decide if you are thinking Bear vs Casper? While they have similar firmnesses, they do have different components. The Bear has Celliant in its cover and the Bear does not. It should feel cooler to the touch. The Casper has zoned construction and the Bear does not. It should be a better mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

Do you sleep with a partner? You will want to know how your mattress handles motion isolation. The Bear is a very good at cutting down on motion transfer. It could be a great mattress for couples.

If you sleep on your back or side and like memory foam, the Bear could be for you. If you sleep on your stomach and want a firmer mattress, you might want to look elsewhere.

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