Bear Hybrid Mattress Review (2021 UPDATE!)

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If you’re an athlete looking for a great mattress and want a bouncy innerspring feel, look no further. We’re here to talk about the Bear Hybrid mattress!

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0:00 Bear Hybrid Mattress Review Introduction
1:21 Bear Hybrid Construction
2:56 Firmness and Feel
3:46 Sleeping Positions
4:32 Pressure Map
5:11 Motion Transfer
5:59 Edge Support
6:35 Who Should Get The Bear Hybrid?
7:03 Who Shouldn’t Get The Bear Hybrid?
7:44 Bear Hybrid vs. Purple Mattress
8:51 How to Unbox the Bear Hybrid
9:27 Additional Information
9:45 Is the Bear mattress a good mattress?
10:09 Do I need a box spring for the Bear Hybrid mattress?
10:20 How long should the Bear Hybrid mattress last?
10:31 Wrap-Up

If you live an active lifestyle, you especially need to rest and recharge. That’s why Bear designed a series of beds specifically for athletes. If you’re a fan of classic innerspring mattresses, the Bear Hybrid might be the one for you.

As the company’s most luxurious model, the Bear Hybrid has many impressive features. Unlike their other models, the Bear Hybrid contains strong coils as well as foam layers. This gives the bed a traditional bouncy feel, making it super easy to move around on.

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