Bear Cub Mattress Review – Best Bed for Children? (NEW)

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Bear Cub Mattress Review – Best Bed for Children? (NEW). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our brand new Bear Cub mattress review. This is a hybrid bed made for children from the popular online bed in a box company Bear mattress. The Bear Cub is made of high-quality individually encased pocketed coils and various comfort foams. It also contains a Celliant fiber and phase-changing material cover. This Celliant material is supposed to be nice for athletes as it helps with recovery. In terms of feel, we think the Bear Cub has more of a hybrid neutral feel. In the video, Wes covers these topics as well as firmness and what types of sleepers (back, stomach or side) this hybrid bed is best for. We’ll see if the Bear Cub mattress makes our list of the best kids bed. Thanks for watching this Bear mattress review video. Hopefully we helped you out in some way in your search for a new online bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:25 – General Mattress Policies
2:34 – Construction & Feel
4:00 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
5:00 – Other Bed Options
5:28 – Other Factors
7:18 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
8:15 – Final Verdict: Bear Cub Mattress Review
8:29 – Conclusion

So we just got the new bear cub mattress Over here at the slumber yard and I'm Going to tell you all about it so this Is mainly a kid's bed but since it is Available in a twin or a full Technically anyone could sleep on it but What do you got to know about this Mattress before you buy it for yourself Or your kid hi there I'm Wes with the Slumber yard and over here at the Slumber yard we talk about all things Online mattresses even kids beds and for The purposes of today's video we're Talking about the bear cub mattress We're going to talk about everything That you need to know about this bed Starting with its policies we'll touch On its construction feel firmness at the End I'll touch on price at the very end I'll try to have a final verdict to Answer some of the questions that you Still might have about this bed like who Is it right for is it right for your Child and would it fit in your bedroom Now if you need any more information About the bear cub mattress feel free to Go down below in that description box We'll have so much more information About this bed and the other beds from Bear down there but without further Ado Let's get into this video [Music] To find the right bed for you [Music]

All right so before I get into the bear Cub mattress review I do want to say That we've done a ton more content about All the bear beds on our YouTube channel So you can always check that out and if You enjoy this video along the way hit That thumbs up or maybe it's more of a Bear paw up you know editor let's get a Fun bear Now bear as a brand did send us this Mattress for free to review and tell you Guys about it but if you order it online It's going to be backed by the following Policies starting with free shipping so This is a bed in a box mattress that'll Ship right to your home in a pretty big Box all you got to do is just drag that Thing inside rip off all the packaging And then the bed will expand in front of Your eyes since it is a hybrid bed with Coils and those Foams you want to give Those Foams time to fully inflate and Breathe before you start judging them Now once this mattress is in your Possession you get a sleep trial of 120 Nights that's basically your chance to Test the BET out in the comfort of your Own home or have your kid test the bed Out and start to formulate whether they Like it or not now if not within that Trial period you can get free returns With bear but hopefully you do enjoy This mattress and if so it's backed by a Lifetime warranty and if you need any

More information about that warranty or Those policies you can check down below In the description box of this video for So much more and that does remind me JD Uh how does a bear catch fish I don't Know Wes how with its bear Luckily those Bear Paws can grab them [Music] All right but now let's talk about Construction if you use those Bear Paws To rip open this bed what would you see Now on the bottom it has pocketed coils They have a six inch pocketed coils Which are the main support layer for the Mattress then above that there is a Transition layer and on top is a memory Foam Comfort layer for the mattress and The whole thing is wrapped up in a Salient cover now this construction all Adds up to give the bed a pretty neutral Foam feel or a neutral hybrid feel when You lay down on the bed it'll be pretty Neutral you know that memory foam Combined with those coils will make it Responsive you'll get a little bit of a Sink in but instead it won't be super Memory foamy instead pretty neutral so If you or your kid just are looking for A mattress that will be pretty much Accommodating this bed should be right Up that alley since this bed does use Pocketed coils for support it'll pretty Much work for all body types small Medium and large we pretty much say that

People who are above the 200 to 250 Pound range should probably look in two Beds with pocketed coils just because They provide more long-term from support And durability for those bigger body Types and since this bed does have those Cools you know it'll work for all sizes So whether your kit is larger or pretty Petite they can positively sleep on this Bed even if they're a growing child wow You like that one they're really coming Yeah I know that one I was it was uh I Was a little embarrassed to say it Are you stopping oh stop they're just Flowing right out of you now in terms of Firmness we would place this mattress Between a medium and a medium firm on Our firmness scale meaning it should Work for all sleeper types back stomach Side and combination now if you the Parent lays on this bed it might feel a Little bit softer than your kid just Because you have a little bit more mass But we pretty much rate this bed for the Average sized person so that's between The 100 to 200 pound range you know Average if we were rating it for the Average size bear it'd be a much much Heavier you know like hundreds and Hundreds of pounds because they're big Yeah big animals yeah and it reminds me Jdo what does Winnie the Pooh call his Girlfriend oh what honey oh he loves Honey and he also loves his spouse yeah

Yes it's good now you'll notice that This bed is on the firmer end of the Spectrum and that's kind of done on Purpose because they're basically trying To support the development of a growing Child you definitely don't want a bed That's too soft for your kid and going The little bit firmer route is probably The best way to go now bear with me if You don't want this bed's firmness or Feel bear as a brand does make a ton of Different other mattresses they have the Original bear mattress which is an All-foam option really affordable and Nice they have the bear Pro hybrid which Is basically the upgraded version of That bed that has pocketed coils instead Of support foam they have the bare star Hybrid which pretty much used to be the Bear hybrid and they have the new bare Elite hybrid which is their top tier Mattress we've done so much content About these beds and we'll definitely Link some of that down below in the Description if you want to learn more About any of those now at this point in The video we usually talk about Edge Support that's how sturdy the edges of The mattress will support pressure if You do like to sleep closer to the Mattress or your kid does we would say It does fine in this department motion Isolation is also something that we talk About and that's how the bed absorbs

Cross mattress movement and since it Does use those pocketed coils which are Basically individually siled Springs With the combination of those Foams It'll do great in that department as Well and in terms of temperature Regulation we would say this thing Sleeps temperature neutral so this bed Is not going to be very polarizing oh Polar bears you got to stop it you gotta You gotta slow these down now some X Factors to talk about is that this bed Uses a Salient cover and Salient is a Textile recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device and some people On our team have tried it and slept on Beds with these Salient covers and they Claim it makes them feel a little bit More you know awake in the morning it Revitalizes them helps them recover Faster and stuff like that I've never Tried the stuff so I can't really talk Too much about it but you know people on Our team claim it's good so gotta take Their word for it now also this thing is Available in two colors they have their Arctic blue and their salmon I would Pretty much say that this maybe looks More like a blueberry You gotta stop a piece Hey JD what's of a bear's favorite drink What is it I don't know Coca-Cola Coca-Cola All right

You know temperature regulation a lot of Other stuff comes into play like how hot You keep your room whether or not you're Using your bear conditioner oh Yeah or if you go in the shower you also Want to use your bear conditioner No no all right so now let's touch on Price how much are you going to be Paying for this mattress and I do want To preface this section by saying that Bear as a brand and other mattress Brands in general do like to change Their pricing and promotions so this is As of when I'm recording this video and For a full size you should be able to Pick up this bed for around the 850 Mark Before any discounts but Bears a brand Is usually pretty good at offering Discounts after which for that full size Should be paying around the 600 of the 650 Mark somewhere in there but be sure To check down below in that description Box to apply that coupon code and if you Do decide to use it it helps us out over Here at the slumber yard and we really Appreciate that but that's pretty much The story when talking about the bear Cub mattress and at this point in the Video it's time to touch on our final Verdict and we'll do that right after This joke hey JD why wasn't that bear Able to work at the really busy Convenience store why not was because it Wasn't coalified and why was that other

Bear then allowed to work there I don't Know because it was pandemonium Finally the pandas come up what's your Final verdict was well we would say Check this out for you or your kid if You're looking for a full or twin Mattress that has a hybrid design with a More of a neutral hybrid feel and you Like the sound of that firmness between A medium and a medium firm on our scale But that's just what we think over here At the slumber yard what do you guys Think did you enjoy some of those bear Puns write us down below in those Comments we would love to hear from you But that's going to do it for this one If you enjoyed this video hit that Thumbs up button and you can always Check down below in the description for Some more information And feel free to subscribe for so much More from the Slumber yard you know more Bear content is coming as fast as we can Make it and you can always go to our Website for so much More about all the other beds in the Online mattress space but that's going To do it for this one I'm Wes wishing You a good night's sleep [Music] Very hard Like And subscribe