BC50 50L 72 HOUR TACTICAL BACKPACK Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

BC50 50L 72 HOUR TACTICAL BACKPACK Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

This 50 Liter (3100 cu in) military-style backpack is perfect for hiking, Camping, Prepping, Bug-Out Bags, and Go-Bags. Measuring in at 23”H x 16”W x 14”D when full, it comes with 2x swappable faces (Traditional MOLLE or “Grab’n Go”), 14x separate compartments, an expandable main compartment with separate shoe compartment, a laptop / CCW pocket, an Admin Pocket for maps, pens, documents, a sunglasses / electronics pocket, and gear loops under the pack.

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Hi guys and welcome back to Uh the another video for titan survival So uh let me just go ahead and um Give you a heads up i was not able to Indicate uh if you already watched the Canvas brush craft bag For paracord uh i forgot to mention you The price So uh the price for that one is 26.98 Uh just you can see here here already The price so yeah so now uh uh the Second item that i will be Actually Uh That will be that i will um Give you a review for is The bc50 50 liter 72 hour tactical backpack so The price for this one is 147.98 So let me click on that one All right so again this is under Container All right We’ll see we’ll see [Applause] Oh there you go so this is what it looks Like it’s so nice i love the color It’s just Really nice this is i really like the Color There you go tacoma Titan survival There we go All right it says here this backpack

Punch is way above its price point super Heavy duty material and stitching the Zippers are just as great plenty of Features and pockets to organize Your Gear so because you could definitely see That there is a lot of pockets and the Zippers are also great as well So yeah Let’s go ahead and proceed so again this Is 147.98 So let me click on the other one so you Can see uh The whole Bag so this is Really nice Wow i like it such a great bag Okay That’s nice And this one wow so you can see here Uh this is the um Brush Uh The paracord Bag So you can easily hang it here In this bag So it’s really organized One you can hang it like here So this is really nice if you really Wanted to be like an organized person Especially if you’re going camp if You’re going for For camping or out you’re going outside

Uh this is really nice You can definitely put a lot of things Here There Really nice So that’s what it looks like So Let’s go proceed on this one so the Premier features here which the Titan survival Morel patch included which is this one They have a durable utx buckle used Throughout Which is this one the buckles And premium Ykk zippers used throughout Okay That one Um Compression uh compression straps on Sides and bottom so You can see here There you go And They have Two Uh separate faces grab and go with D-rings And traditional tactical mole Which is This one oops That one Or that one Okay

And male compatible bar tact pals Webbing on front Sides bottom and waist belt There we go So it says here it’s durable teflon Coated waterproof 1000d cordura nylon Perfect for camping hiking go bags and Bug out bags and it is a 50 liter Capacity So it says your lifetime Guarantee All authentic tacoma products come with A lifetime guarantee Which is great so tacoma is a u.s Veteran owned and operated business There you go So there’s tons of room here you can see That there is An admin compartment with a zippered Mesh Pocket there That’s what it looks like Wow Next Um Main compartment with bladder attached And zippered shoes Pocket there you go See Side pockets Padded laptop ccw pocket Large front Pocket expands main compartment

Wow 15 Separate compartments so this one is Sunglasses or electronic pocket There you go So there’s tons of room that uh there’s Tons of things and tons of room where You can put your items here which is Great And Yes again this is a u.s veteran-owned Business Free domestic shipping and easy returns There you go So for the 50 liter 72 hour tactical Backpack Whether you’re looking for a backpack For hiking Military backpack or just more tactical Gear this is one of the best backpacks You can buy and perfect for hiking Camping the range or even preparing your Bug out get home or go scenarios uh the Bc50 is what you’re looking for so from The one fabric uh to the ykk zippers and Utx buckles To the internal water resistant nylon Linings um This hiking backpack is 10 out of 10 and This bag also comes with a free Free 3-liter water hydration bladder And a titan survival morale patch and Two separate swappable front faces that Allow you to choose your favorite look

So do you prefer the traditional male or Plat system or is it the grab and go Handle with Eight By Eight times reinforced fabric during uh Your preferred style And so with the tacoma opc 50 72 hour tactical backpack and the Titan survival’s lifetime guarantee You truly can have it all So Trusted quality and durability so tacoma Bc50 is a tactical backpack from titan Survival that is guaranteed for life and Features the highest quality materials And components available so it is a Teflon coated 1000d waterproof honduran Nylon Heavy duty stitching ykk glove friendly Dual zippers and all compartments Duraflex utx buckles throughout Hook and loop morel patch surfaces and a Free 3-liter water hydration bladder Uh it is also large and versatile Compass capacity uh this is a 50 liter Or 3100 cu in Military style backpack it is perfect For hiking Camping prepping bug out bags and go Bags um Measuring in 23 by 16 by 14 when full it Comes with two Swappable faces which is the traditional

Mole or the grab and go 14 time separate compartments uh Expandable main compartment with a Separate shoe compartment A laptop ctw pocket An admin pocket for maps pens documents Sunglasses electronic pocket And gear loop under the pack Tactical molle system The bc50 backpack features molle Compatible bar Tack pants Webbing on the front sides bottom and The shoulder straps of the backpack Making it Perfect for all of your favorite Tactical gear so like the emergency fire Kits if ifa a Ifaks Paracord bags etc so the backpack also Features adjustable compression straps On the sides and bottom of the bag to Keep things secure and allow for Attaching sleeping bags or pads under The bag when hiking So this this is also designed for Comfort so the document 50 liter piece Of bc50 is designed to be both Functional and comfortable In addition to the many standard premium Features and components This model also includes adjustable and Removable sternum straps and waist belt As well as padded s-shaped shoulder

Straps with integrated d-rings And a padded honeycomb airflow system on The help Keep you cool And for the titan survival promise It says here that they are an american Veteran-owned business operating out of California and all their products come With a lifetime guarantee So you know that they always got your Back and a great customer’s experience Every single time is their number one Goal All right so for the bc50 backpack specs The brand is tacoma Material is 1000d teflon-coated cordura Weight is 5.5 pounds dimension is 23 by 16 by 14. capacity is 50 liters Compartment is There’s 14 compartments and hydration Bladder included Yes so let’s go now for the customer Reviews so based on 14 reviews uh 93 Says It’s a 5 star And only 7 says it’s four stars So not bad so it says here that still Building the contents here of all of the Space i love all of the space and Compartments uh seems very well made uh Should hold up well love your Veteran-owned company products that is Correct And says here everything went well nice

Backpack as you can see there is a Picture Included and this is what it looks like Wow Very very nice and you can see that There’s a lot of areas and a lot of Things that where you can actually hook Or Actually strap on some things there Which is great if you have this will Actually give you A great idea what to put or Yeah what to put there it’s great Uh it says here well the bc50 50 liter 72 hour tactical backpack appears to be Of good quality and is comfortable to Use i do like how i can put the one zip Up flap inside the envelope area and Have additional mole loop system However why not have the mole and not The other stuff additionally down low You have some side pockets with mole That if i add something will make the Back very wide but you have no mall up With on the side What is up with the compartment for the Hydration bladder if i zip up in the Bottom zipper the bladder is too long However you have the very back Compartment very long and then padded Like for a computer I was thinking this was a backpack for Off-road you know tactical enough for Getting on an airplane suggestion i have

Only model every square inch on the Outside well maybe next to our back and Move the water to the air Area next to your back so it says here That This is for off-road and not from Airplane well it depends uh if you Wanted to use it in an airplane because You have your Of a laptop that’s okay But i if you prefer using using this as A tactical bag Then this is this is actually what it is So Yeah it depends so So that is what it says here i mean There’s a lot of Positive reviews for this bag So yeah again this is bc 50 50 liter 72 Hour tactical backpack for titan Survival again this is 147.98 So yeah this is a great great bag I think this will be a great addition to Your survival Toolkit so yeah see you on the next Video thanks for watching