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Baltimore Maryland Rent to Own Homes

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Baltimore Maryland Rent to Own Homes

Learn more about what we do and see our available rent to own homes in Baltimore, Maryland.

If owning your own home in Baltimore, MD is a dream of yours but your current credit or financial situation just won’t let you buy right now, that’s where the rent to own program comes into play.

When you rent to own a home (also called “lease purchase” or “lease option”), often times a part of your monthly rental payment can be applied to the purchase price when you decide to purchase the home at the end of the agreement. Plus, our team can help you improve your credit and financial situation during the rental period to help set you up for successfully getting a bank loan and purchasing the home.

How Does A Rent To Own / Lease Option Work Anyway?

A rent-to-own (also known as a lease/option) agreement might be right for you!

It’s easier than you think – and we can help.

The rent to own process is really pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Submit your info on this website

Step 2: We’ll look at your situation, the type of property you’re looking for, and show you your rent-to-own options here in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Step 3: View the local Baltimore, Maryland homes that fit what you’re looking for.

Plus, as we acquire new properties each month, as long as you’re on our Rent To Own / Lease Option List, you’ll get email alerts with the latest properties available.

Maryland has some great houses which are open to be taken up by people who are looking for great rent to own options. The prices are not only competitive but the whole rent to own arrangement itself takes care of the fact that your needs as well as financial situation benefit from your choice to rent to own your own home someday.

Rent to own is a very simple system. There is a contract signed at the very beginning which would clearly stipulate how long you would be renting the house as tenants and then in what amount you would be able to transfer the ownership of the house to yourself after the time period is over.

If you take care of the clauses in the contract and see that they are comfortable for you, there is no reason why a rent to own house would not be beneficial to you. You would be able to save yourself the trouble of running around looking for housing loans or finding mortgages etc.

This method of rent to own lets you have the best of both worlds: you can live as tenants and see how much you like the experience and if it is unfavorable, then at the end of the stipulated time frame you can walk away by terminating the contract and not making the final purchase.

By registering with our website, you would be able to go through the lists of houses according to your preferred state, area code, neighborhood etc. And yes, we have a wide assortment of listings which are specific to the state of Maryland.

The good thing about rent to own is that it does not put an undue financial burden on your shoulder. You would be making payments for which you have opted and are prepared. You also get to have a sufficient time between the dates of signing the contract and the execution of payments to put your finances in order.

The amount of money you need to pay after a year or two or whatever is the stated time, remains frozen and you need not worry about it escalating with the changing trends in the market.

It is time to make you dreams of living in your own house in Maryland a reality.

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