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Avocado Green Pillow Review – A Non Toxic Natural Pillow for Better Sleep?

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Avocado Green Pillow Review – A Non Toxic Natural Pillow for Better Sleep?

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In some ways, a pillow is the most intimate sleep accessory we use. We hug them, rub our faces into them, drool on them… So, when it’s time to buy a new pillow, it’s worth finding out if its materials are natural and compatible with your body.

In this review, I’ll be testing the Green Pillow from Avocado (can you already tell it’s organic?) in every sleeping position to find out exactly what this pillow is made of, and which sleepers can benefit the most!


The cover fabric of this pillow is made from organic cotton and uses a poly-blend 4-way stretch-knit rather than a traditional weave. Essentially, this means that the top layer of the cover fabric is made from two layers of organic cotton and the layer below that is made from a polyester stretch knit. This combination is intended to increase the overall durability of the pillow’s cover.


The Avocado Green Pillow is designed to feel soft and fluffy like down, but slightly more dense and supportive. As I mentioned, these pillows are generously stuffed so that you can adjust the loft according to your liking. As a back and side sleeper, I prefer a very supportive and full pillow — so I left every bit of that voluptuous stuffing inside the Avocado.

The minds at Avocado designed this pillow to be temperature-neutral which means it’s not a cooling pillow, it just sort of adjusts to your body’s temperature to keep you comfortable. I found that the fabric was initially cool to the touch. After about 10 minutes of resting my face on the pillow, it had absorbed some of my body temperature and got a bit warmer. It never got overly warm and I certainly never felt uncomfortable, but I did feel like the pillow trapped heat a little bit.

To learn more you’ll have to watch the video or read my written review!

Please leave a note below with some information about yourself and some of your sleep preferences if you’re interested in a personal recommendation or have any questions I didn’t answer during the review.

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